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  1. None of this means a thing if Bowles continues his awful display of coaching. Revis's biggest strength is off the line of scrimmage and you have him constantly playing 30 yard cushions. No adjustments. Horrible TO management.
  2. A big problem is #2. Bowles deserves A LOT of the blame. Plays soft corners and doesn't make adjustments at all. Doesn't go for the kill. Putrid. Bad head coach. This is Mangini part II Mac has done a great job rebuilding
  3. The average football poster here is dimwitted. Please forgive them.
  4. IGNORANT statement. How did Pryor do covering Gronk? We're ok with that?? Pryor is 5'11" and 207lbs while Lee is 6'1" and 232lbs. Pryor ran a 4.58 and Lee a 4.47. So what are you talking about??
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