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  1. Kyle talks about last time when he was a free agent he didn't sign with a team that gave him the highest offer because he felt like they weren't headed in the right direction... Really high on him as well. Seems like we have a good shot at signing him.
  2. You have a team of professionals that surround one athlete," Dr. DeWeese said. "The athlete is the center of the wheel and your cogs are your coaches, psychologists, your nutritionists, your trainers and it's an all-in approach. It's an all gas, no brake approach to an athlete. One thing when Joe talked about improving the development of players resonated with me, you evaluate the player as a person as a whole, what they do in training and what they do off the field as a person. Come up with a way to give them feedback to improve in an area. It shows the athlete that you care about them and th
  3. Simms mentioned on his podcast that if Seattle were to trade Wilson. Cam Newton would be a good fit in Sea.
  4. Simms loves Samuel and also think he's the perfect with the Jets. Talks about it at the 15:45 mark.
  5. Reacting to Zach Wilson's Best Throws with BYU Offensive Coordinator Aaron Roderick
  6. Time to take advantage. Should be able to sign some solid veterans.
  7. 2. New York Jets: Zach Wilson, QB, BYU Wilson was the breakout star of the season, connecting on 74 percent of his passes with 33 touchdowns and three interceptions. Those numbers were a dramatic improvement from his 2018 season (62 percent, 11 touchdowns, nine interceptions). The Cougars’ level of competition wasn’t nearly as tough in 2020 — the pandemic limited their scheduling options — and Wilson, sources close to the BYU program say, was never really healthy for very long in 2019. Wilson’s eye-popping arm talent, the way the ball jumps out of his hand and his ability to make all
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