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  1. I'm sorry. Rephrased. Would you trade TWO 1st Rd picks (Seattles) if it meant Gase gets fired TONIGHT???
  2. They play like they GIVE a sh*t. Gase's Jets? Not so nuch.....
  3. Keep in mind, we're not talking Jet-level Draft choices here (1st overall, 2nd overall) I was thinking more the Seattle choices (30th overall neighborhood)....
  4. I mean, a Coach with a Brain...and a Pulse. We have the Worst Head Coach in Football....by a MILE
  5. Good recall, but no way did the Jets ever lead the Giants 14-0 in that game. Not accurate
  6. Thursday night is reserved for, shall we say, the lower tier of the League. EVERYONE gets a game on Thursday. So here we go, week 2, Cincinnati at Cleveland. 2 lowly teams but an eminently entertaining back and forth game. Week 3, Miami at Jacksonville, 2 more lowly teams but so far so good, entertaining. Next Thursday? Denver at Jets? Will set Thursday Night Football back to the dark ages. I bet the NFL WISHES,, it could flex out Thursday night games. Jets a serious joke and League Liability.
  7. I know how bad his won/loss record was. If you look at that 96 Season 10 games were tied or close at Halftime. Ultimately, Kotite didnt do much HARM to the organization which was what I'm mainly citing in my argument. I'm worried that after Gase is through with 2020 he'll have turned Sam Darnold into Mitch Trubisky.
  8. All praise and Glory to the 6-2 finish in garbage time of 2019 FOREVER!!! This man can COACH!!!
  9. Garbage Time wins > Ruining Franchise Quarterback Gotcha
  10. Excellent points. Marrone > Gase Shad Khan > Clown Johnson Brothers
  11. Him and many others here just dont get it. It's not the fact of 0-2 (Jets are a bad team) Its the HOW of 0-2. For instance, Dolphins are a bad team and they are 0-2 BUT, close game at New England followed by close game against Buffalo. Coach Flores actually COACHED FOOTBALL and the Dolphin players tried their hardest and nearly pulled the Buffalo upset. Jets are a bad team and are 0-2 and trailed in EACH of their 2 games 21-3 at Halftime. Included in this is an untouched 80-yard run on the first play of the game (Gase must've given a ROUSING Pre-game speech). Coach
  12. Anyone who doesn't call for the IMMEDIATE (Today) firing of Adam Gase is a Moron and doesn't know Football.
  13. One game? 18 games of slog, and the regression and slow death of Franchise Quarterback. Good job Adam!
  14. These "fans" that call him better than Kotite, mainly due to that 6-2 finish in garbage time are absolutely clueless. And to boot, during that 6-2 who cares period, Gase didn't have his team ready to play the worst team in football, 1st overall pick Bengals, when there was a GLIMMER of Playoff hope. That's OK, Crazy Eyes is merely RUINING our 3rd overall pick, hopeful Franchise Quarterback, but you guys (idiots) keep sticking up for him. LOL
  15. Right, cause this 49er game was positively riveting Football played by the Gase-led Home team. Gotcha...
  16. The Johnsons Top 10 Owners!!! LOLOLOLOL Ladies and Gentlemen your winner of Dumbest Post for the Month of September!!!
  17. You keep on supporting the destruction of the Jets Franchise with your blindness, Champ. You're a credit to "pink-hatters" everywhere. Loser
  18. And people STILL dont think hes the worst HC in Jets history, LOL
  19. I honestly believe that even with all the past horrors the Jets and their fans have endured, the most irresponsible and disgraceful thing is the Johnsons putting the development and future of Sam Darnold and the Jets in the hands of an Incompetent, Adam Gase.
  20. Adam Gase. 6-2 in second half of 2019 (when games meant absolutely nothing) Forever!!!!
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