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  1. NYG Observations

    Haven't seen this noted anywhere, but was pretty impressed with Marcus Williams last night. Revis actually stayed primarily on the left side with MW on the right and ODB spent most of the night on the offense's left side, thereby avoiding Revis. Williams, probably with some help over the top and a dline that made things very uncomfortable for Eli, rendered ODB almost invisible. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Agree that the oline is by far the most concerning unit on these team. They've built quality and depth everywhere else, but basically have 3 reliable players for 5 spots on the oline or maybe even 6 spots if you include the inline blocking TE. Even QB is less concerning at this point. If almost rather see Fitz go down than Mangold, Clady or Carpenter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I know Forte is considered #1 and Powell #2 but don't de surprised to see the usage reflect the opposite. Powell is in his prime, healthy and has gotten better every year. Forte is 30 and dealing with an injury. I think they'll end up using then similarly to how they used Jones and Tomlinson. Tomlinson was primarily a third down back and got one or two series per half. That sounds about right for a 30 year old running back. Jones got the bulk of the work and while Powell is a different back than Jones, I think he'll be fine. Expect Powell to have 15-18 runs and few targets per game and Forte 5-10 runs and most of the targets. Khiry should chip in another 3-6 runs, primarily short yardage and goal line. If the oline is good, no sure thing, this could be an explosive offense, assuming their passing game is similar to last year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Rex should have not even commented or said something to the effect of ... I don't care what he said; I prepare my team the way I want to and let them prepare their team the way they want to. But of course, Rex being Rex, just couldn't refrain from responding and becoming defensive
  5. Petty to the practice squad. No one will pick him up. Every team has a Petty that they've put some time into and is their project. No one wants our project.
  6. Fitz Rated 25th out of 33 NFL QB's

    Fitz got his 12 mil because he played chicken better than MAC and Mac blinked first. There were no other offers out there and Fitz would have eventually signed for what was being offered.
  7. Fitz Rated 25th out of 33 NFL QB's

    How could one make that case? They've hardly played and there is zero basis for that case!!! Fitz is the best QB the Jets have had since Chad. There was an article somewhere today comparing him to Rich Gannon, who had a similar career and then became elite at 34 and an MVP at 37. We can only hope. He surely benefitted from Marshall and Decker, but the defense also knew exactly where he was going with the ball and he still put up great numbers and won 10 games (albeit against a weak schedule). Also, nice to hear Geno's looked good in camp. With the recklessness in Fitz's game, I think we may need Geno for some games this year. I'm hoping he benefitted from sitting and watching a year. After being forced to start before he was ready with terrible weapons and lousy coaching, maybe the IK punch was not only good for the Jets, but ultimately good for Geno too.