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  1. #2 was where he was drafted. He’ll wear #1
  2. I think Javelin Guidry was the fastest man at last years combine 4.29
  3. Lol. I remember watching him as a rookie and seeing the way he could create separation with a little head fake or be slippery enough to take a 7 yd slant to the house. Hopefully none of the bad stuff
  4. Full disclosure, I didn’t know much about this kid before Friday. Watching his highlight videos and the little film on him he looks like OBJ to me. The dude has an incredible knack for getting open. Very twitchy and explosive. I think we’re gonna be very happy with this pick
  5. No thanks. Let’s draft Schwartz in the 4th and call it a day
  6. I’d like to see one of these guys at 23, but I’d then like to take a risk at 34. I’d love to roll the dice on a falling talent at CB or Edge maybe even one of the RBs Then come back and hit the OL in the third
  7. I can’t believe Mullins is not signed yet. He’d be perfect to help teach Wilson the system
  8. I wonder if he can handle playing in NY & being anointed the savior & being called Broadway Zach.
  9. I’m also scared $hit less to draft Wilson or anyone of these QBs. We all know how much harder it is to play in NY than anywhere else. I have ZERO faith that Wilson can succeed in the NY market. I think the media would eat him up . Fields on the other hand may be able to handle the media, but there’s no way to crawl up any these kids a$$e$ with a microscope and determine who they actually are with the cure COVID restrictions. I know Sam can handle playing in NY he’s already battled through all sorts of adversity, now he just needs some REAL coaching
  10. Does this mean Nathan Shepard will finally get back on the field ? Dudes been a healthy scratch the last 2 weeks
  11. If there was a Mt Rushmore of MAC picks/signings Tru CJ Hack Q
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