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  1. Nice job. But....Hopefully you’re wrong about a few of these guys
  2. I’ll be there opening day (if allowed)
  3. The problem is these guys come from a very ugly background and are taught to “keep it real” & “don’t forget where you come from” and when you take that mentality and add millions of dollars to their situation you get VERY ugly results. Best thing they could do is move their family out of the area and never look back Sometimes you can take the kid out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the kid Sad but true
  4. Is this the same kid that was shot the night of the draft last season
  5. They should do an episode on the Jets beat writers, highlight how much of a putz Manish is
  6. They should just revolt Wyatts credentials. The amount of bias in his articles is ridiculous
  7. IDK. I really don’t care what mainstream media think. But I think he’s the best QB we’ve ever had
  8. I agree. He’s gotta hit the 4000 yard mark. Maybe 28 TDS 12 ints
  9. I liked it when it was “ Personal foul #73 for giving the QB the business “
  10. Desir & Wilson both played very well 2 years ago when Indy played a press cover scheme. The changed to a zone defense last year

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