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  1. By the time day 2 comes to an end we better have a new LT , WR , C & G Couldn’t agree with Big Wood more focus on your offense
  2. Now I know there’s a good chance THOMAS isn’t available at 17 and some of these guys will be long gone by the time my picks came up but as long as Joe Douglas likes Josh Jones enough to gamble on him this trade makes so much sense
  3. I personally think adding 2 more picks in this draft will be incredibly beneficial. All the talk is the draft is very deep at OL WR and CB. All huge needs for us. If we could double up on all three maybe even triple up on OL that will go a long way toward rebuilding this roster Using the Dallas trade back scenario we trade our 11 or their 17, third rounder (82) & Fourth rounder (113) this is the draft I had using the draft networks mock simulator We end up with Andrew Thomas. Day 1 starter Noah Igbinoghene. Day 1 starter Donavan Peoples Jones. #1 Wr potential Darrell Taylor. Very good pass rusher Tyler Badass. Day 1 starter Solomon Kindley. Very above average guard Bryan Edwards Very capable Wr Ezera Cleveland Quality depth piece or better..Has played all 3 positions on the Ol Nevelle Clarke a good project corner..
  4. So I’m beginning to think that we’re sitting in a pretty good spot for a trade down. Here’s my thoughts Justin Herbert is still on the board @11 , we have 3 teams right behind us who should be very interested in getting him ( Raiders, Colts & Tampa ) should make for an easy trade down of just a few spots to pick up maybe a third round pick or Jerry Jones has be rumored to want to make a splash at the draft this year, Dallas looses Cooper to free agency, Jerry Jeudy and or Lamb are on the board. They’re gonna want to get in front of the Raiders to either have their choice of the 2 or take who’s left God I wish the draft would just get here already, the anticipation of what could be is killing me.
  5. As crazy as this post seems to be, I kind of agree with it. While we can never know what teams Big Boards look like, I feel like we should come out of this draft with a starting LT & Center, a Wr who has a legit chance at becoming a #1 receiver. And then because of how week our roster is another Wr who contributes and possibly another lineman or corner who can challenge for significant playing time.
  6. Plus DevinMcCourty, Kyle Van Noy , Jamie Collins & Joe Thouney are all Unrestricted Free Agents Looks like it’s going to be an interesting offseason in NE
  7. I still have high hopes for this draft class. Q will have a much better 2020 than 2019 Polite 🤦‍♂️ Edoga has a very good chance at being the starting RT this season Wesco ... EHHHH Cashman Played well before going on the IR... BUT injuries were his MO coming in Austin I’m praying he can be a good CB2 if not a CB1
  8. Camp body / practice squad player. Move along ! Nothing to see here !
  9. Agreed. And who knows Gase might be trying to trade Herndon
  10. I’m actually hoping Tampa feels the need to trade up in front of Indy for Jordan Love and give us a call

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