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  1. Isn’t there a way to reduce Coopers per year by converting it to bonus. I know teams do it all the time but not sure how ?
  2. My first option FA. AllenRobinson, DJ Chark, maybe Godwin If not, the only WR I’m interested in trading for is Cooper hopefully a third will do it.
  3. Carolina WILL draft a QB at 7 this year. BOOK IT
  4. If you trade Fant your only OTs under contract are Becton and Edoga. Are you high !!!!!
  5. Anybody who watched every game knows … Some of you fans SUCK
  6. I’m very curious what their thoughts on Sherwood a Nasirldeen. Will these guys be counted into step up next season or will we bring in some solid LBs
  7. As a season ticket holder I really don’t have a problem with this. We actually had a price reduction 2 or 3 years ago so a small increase just brings us back to where we were.
  8. God damn. We gotta start winning division games
  9. I still think we have to trade back with one of our picks. We’ve done such a great job of stacking picks the last two years and I think we should continue to do the same. We all know one or two of these QBs are going to go top 10, maybe even top five. I would LOVE to trade down with one of the QB needy teams and acquire another second rounder this year and a first next year. We can still get a WR like Burk or London in the teens.
  10. Don’t ya think Micheal Carter should be on that list instead of Zach ?
  11. There plenty of blame to go around. Zach held the ball too long. But also saved 2 or 3 sacks by avoiding free rushers OL did a terrible job vs a heavy blitz team WRs struggled to get any separation vs two of the best man cover corners in the league. Pre-snap recognition was pretty bad too. Not sure if it’s fair blame all of that on a rookie QB. If Zach was a 5 year vet, then yes but I’m going to blame the pre-snap stuff on our veteran center.
  12. Wilson ,AVT , Michael Carter and Moore will all grow up together. In 4 years we’ll be referring to them as our Core 4
  13. Of our 4 picks in the first 2 rounds Edge CB G TE Drops
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