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  1. I hope this is a cheep signing. We already have over 50 mil invested in the DL
  2. I think Fant is the weak link on this line. If the board falls where both Hutch and KT are off the board, I have zero problems taking EK or Neal. You’re supposed to draft players to build for the future not for now
  3. Let’s take it easy guys. It’s day 1. I didn’t see ALOT of guys in the photos.
  4. If we draft IK or Neal I think it’s more a sign to replace Fant, an average T who is a FA after next season not to cut Becton
  5. Elijah Moore Christian Hackenberg
  6. I think we’ll do just like last year. 2 mid to upper tier signings ala Lawson & Davis. Then add a bunch of bargin signings for depth and hope one or two of them have good years.
  7. The signings should start coming in fast now !!!!
  8. Cooper is VERY realistic. If he’s not traded he will be cut. He costs Dallas too much $ and they’re over the cap. If we’re willing to absorb the 20 mil a year ( all non guaranteed) I think he can be had for our third rounder Ike. Also VERY realistic. Neal, Hutch $ Trib will all be gone by 4. Unless a trade down presents itself he’s our pick at 4 Schultz not happening. He is staying in Dallas. Jackson is not coming to the Jets Dean also not happening . Al least not at 10 Ike @4 JJ @10 McBride @35 Kendrick or McCreary @38 TRADE 69 for Cooper
  9. What no lingerie shots ?
  10. Cincy proved that once you have a QB, your rebuild is over Because they’ve been rebuilding for decades
  11. Isn’t there a way to reduce Coopers per year by converting it to bonus. I know teams do it all the time but not sure how ?
  12. My first option FA. AllenRobinson, DJ Chark, maybe Godwin If not, the only WR I’m interested in trading for is Cooper hopefully a third will do it.
  13. Carolina WILL draft a QB at 7 this year. BOOK IT
  14. If you trade Fant your only OTs under contract are Becton and Edoga. Are you high !!!!!
  15. Anybody who watched every game knows … Some of you fans SUCK
  16. I’m very curious what their thoughts on Sherwood a Nasirldeen. Will these guys be counted into step up next season or will we bring in some solid LBs
  17. As a season ticket holder I really don’t have a problem with this. We actually had a price reduction 2 or 3 years ago so a small increase just brings us back to where we were.
  18. God damn. We gotta start winning division games
  19. I still think we have to trade back with one of our picks. We’ve done such a great job of stacking picks the last two years and I think we should continue to do the same. We all know one or two of these QBs are going to go top 10, maybe even top five. I would LOVE to trade down with one of the QB needy teams and acquire another second rounder this year and a first next year. We can still get a WR like Burk or London in the teens.
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