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  1. I’ve been hearing all off-season and early this regular season the the Giants OL is probably the worst in the NFL. Admittedly I did not see their game vs Denver but I thought their OL was very good last night, especially when you factor who the were playing. 

    Then you have our OL. I wanted to throw up watching them treat Zach like he was Sam. The line couldn’t have been worse vs Carolina.


    I just hope it’s possible that our OL can make an all world transformation this week like the Giants OL did. If not I’ll have to start questioning our coaching. 

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  2. 20 minutes ago, JiF said:

    Honestly, I'm almost ready to give an all out endorsement to bring it back with Sammy.  2 reasons; this team is terrible, so so so bad.  Like, we're not even a remotely competitive Football team and this division just keeps getting better and better while the Jets kind sit in neutral so trading down and acquiring picks might be the only way this team will ever build a foundation of talent.  Also, I'm scared sh*tless they're going to take Zach Wilson.


    I’m also scared $hit less to draft Wilson or anyone of these QBs. 

    We all know how much harder it is to play in NY than anywhere else. I have ZERO faith that Wilson can succeed in the NY market. I think the media would eat him up

    . Fields on the other hand may be able to handle the media,  but there’s no way to crawl up any these kids a$$e$ with a microscope and determine who they actually are with the cure COVID restrictions.

    I know Sam can handle playing in NY he’s already battled through all sorts of adversity, now he just needs some REAL coaching 

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