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  1. I’m actually hoping Tampa feels the need to trade up in front of Indy for Jordan Love and give us a call
  2. That’s crazy. Just use Bell the way he should be, then if you need to his contract makes him easy to cut next offseason. Even if you don’t feel he fits the running game , use him in the passing game , he’s a great receiver out of the backfield and from the slot. He has enough side to put him out wide, and he’s an incredible blocker in the passsing game.... WHATS THE PROBLEM!!!!!!
  3. It’ll be nice to be surrounded by Jets fans instead of fans from the opposing team
  4. Bell continues to say all the right things
  5. Mac still would have blown at least 2 of those picks
  6. And don’t forget if we ever get to the point where Brady retires the division is wide open and division winners get a home game!!!!!
  7. I just bought season tickets last year. Upstairs is very affordable. My tickets are $75 each per game. The upstairs enzone were only $50 per game.
  8. I would be very worried about his lack of production in college. If you’re that big and that fast and that athletic why were you not the best receiver in college football
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