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  1. How can I delete my account?

    I doubt it. It's not the team....it's the people here.
  2. I enjoyed some of my time here, but now it is time to move on. I have searched for ways to delete this account but no avail. Please help.
  3. Fire Bowles now

    Those players have ZERO to play for, and the Jets can't field a QB who can take care of the football. People need to get off of TB's scrotum. He's not perfect....but this defense sucked since 2012.
  4. Fire Bowles now

    Quit with the fire Bowles whining will ya! Bowles isn't out there in the Secondary not covering receivers.
  5. 7 easy steps to turn this around.

    Step 3 - Qb not addressed in draft. Petty/hack battle it out for starter in camp. PREPOSTEROUS!!!!
  6. Yes. I was offered the same deal roughly a week ago. I hadn't filled out any surveys though. Some people I know in the 300's were offered free club level upgrades for the Colts game and the Dolphins game.
  7. 300 Level Season Tickets

    Are you serious? Advice on how much you should be paying? Go to the Jets website, click on the appropriate links for tickets. Whatever price it says there is not only the price you should pay....it's the price you will pay, if you're serious about buying season tickets.
  8. Fitzpatrick doesn't get sacked or hit nearly as much behind the same O-line. Some of you are going to have to come to terms with some of these hits and sacks being a current Petty deficiency....and not entirely an O-line deficiency. Unlike Fitz, Petty is struggling to get the protections right I'm hopeful for the kid, but he's still not ready to lead an NFL offense.
  9. If Petty plays "lights out" then Geno is definitely out (which is a forgone conclusion for most people) and there's a very real chance that #14 returns as Petty's back up...and a mentor to Petty and Hack. Since #14 is very familiar with Chan's offense, he can give up the lion's share of reps with the 2nd unit to Hack....and still remain "sharp" enough to fill in for Petty if Petty suffers an in-game injury. #14 comes cheap, and Hack gets reps....sounds plausible to me.
  10. Jets Slap Season Ticketholders Across the Face

    What's all the hostility for???? I didn't ASK them for anything...they called me (plus others I know) and OFFERED it, just like the offer in the original post. GTFOH with your nonsense!
  11. Jets Slap Season Ticketholders Across the Face

    It may not apply to you...or a lot of others here, but they offered a bunch of us STH's in the 300's a free upgrade into the Mezzanine Club sections for the Bills game.
  12. I won't state it as rudely as others have done on this forum but....Run, Run, Pass was a disturbing trend this year. Even with Fitzpatrick's physical limitations at QB Chan could've kept defenses on their toes a little more than he did this year. I'm not ready to fire him. I hope the Jets agree with that sentiment .
  13. I honestly believe that Geno will be back with the Jets, and that he probably beats out Petty for the starting job. I'm comfortable with just the two of them plus Hack. No need to spend a bunch on the position during FA.