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  1. Of those teams, based on personnel, I think I would say the Jets. If Darnold is as good as I think he is, the Jets are going to be very good. The only thing that would give me pause, is that the Giants ownership is better than the Jets. I trust Mara more than Woody/CJ. But that is basically the only thing I give the Giants over the Jets. Maybe RB as well. I don't trust Mets or Knicks ownership to ever do the right thing. Perry is intriguing for sure, but the Knicks could easily sign Middleton and Tobias Harris and ruin the rebuild they're doing.
  2. Baker is crazy talented, but Cowherd is absolutely preying on his thin skin. I believe its been a gold mine for ratings. I do feel like every time Baker goes back after him, he kind of proves Cowherd right, though.
  3. The strategy is sound, if not a bit unrealistic. I love the idea of the Jets dictating where all the QBs go this year though lol.
  4. I'd love Clowney, but I'd want to pair him with Bosa/Allen. I agree with the guy that said a third, future second, and Lee.
  5. I wouldnt sleep on Chicago. Seems like a solid option.
  6. I certainly would. Or at the very least, I wouldn't let signing Justin Houston deter me from draft a pass rusher. Houston, Josh Allen and Leonard Williams is a nice group of linemen

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