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  1. For a TE, probably. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to take him with Seattle's pick, but he'll probably be a top 10 pick or so. I'm pretty much all in taking an OL with Seattle's pick. Wherever the value on the OL is, is where I'm going. I've recently been warming on a RT. The amount of times pass rushers have just moved to the other side to avoid Becton has been brutal. This would hopefully eliminate that. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  2. OL and WR If Douglas can manage to pick up another second rounder somewhere (Darnold or potential tradeback), I'd take a CB or pass rusher. I think both OL and WR need to be addressed in both free agency and the draft. With the amount of times that I've seen pass rushers avoid Becton, there's a lot of value in a RT if one falls. If the Jets are going to get Lawrence, they owe it to him to put him in the best situation to succeed. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  3. I think they'll get a mid to late second round pick for Darnold. Probably a fourth or fifth as well. I also think either Seattle's first or the Jets second is going to be traded back, and will net them an additional third. That will give them two first rounders (QB/OL), two second rounders (WR/CB), and three third rounders (RB/Defense/OL)
  4. I don't think it matters what people label him. The fact of the matter is, he's regressed during a year when the Jets are in position to take one of the best college football prospects ever. Not only are they getting a better prospect, they're getting one on a rookie deal. That can't be undersold. This will give them the ability to sign and draft OL and WR. Combining that with a new coach, taking Lawrence is a no brainer. For what its worth, I absolutely think the Jets ruined Darnold. I generally dont blame the team for a player being bad, but I've seen too much good from Darnold to believe that his regression was entirely his fault. I wouldnt be shocked if we see him go to a team and play significantly better. I'll certainly be rooting for him.
  5. I'm thinking Center or Guard in the first. If we trade Darnold for a second rounder, I'd address WR and Defense in the second. Then Defense and RB in the 3rd. Having said that, I definitely think the Seattle first or the Jets second are going to be traded back.
  6. I don't know enough about the specific players, so the positions I want may not match up realistically to the field of players. Everything is built around Trevor Lawrence for me. For Free Agency, I'm bringing in either the best G or C available (Thuney?). Becton is an animal, and Fant looks to be a more than good enough RT. My goal is to bring in the best OG in the class, and draft the top C with the Seattle pick. Move McGovern to G, and there is your starting OL. 1A- Trevor Lawrence. I loved Darnold, but Lawrence is a significantly better prospect on a rookie deal. Can't pass that up. 1B- Best IOL available. The last thing I want is for Lawrence to be shell shocked by a sh*tty OL. 2nd Round- I think the Jets will be trading their second rounder back, and will be trading Darnold for a late second as well. 2A- WR. Crowder should be back, Mims will be here, and I think they'll sign a starting level WR in FA. Having said all that, the Jets need young WR potential. 2B- RB/CB/Pass Rush- Since currently this pick doesnt exist yet, I'm gonna say any of RB/CB/EDGE is a fine pick here. All are needs and if the draft plays out like mine did, the offense will have been legitimately addressed. I'm OK with defense once the offense has been seriously addressed.
  7. I'd have no issues taking him in the first round if QB isnt an option. Move Becton to RT and not worry about the OT position for a long ass time. Take a WR with the Seattle pick. I'd also be fine taking an elite WR (Chase) and addressing OL with the Seattle pick. With the second round pick, I'd go with edge rusher or CB. Whomever is the better player (although I wouldnt be surprised to see this pick traded) With the third rounders, I'd take the defensive position that wasnt addressed in the second round and WR.
  8. Its a bit of a toss up for me. The logic behind the Jets move was sound. They packaged picks to get a franchise QB, the most important position in the game. I cant fault them too much for that. It remains to be seen if its going to work out (but its looking like it wont). Its tough to part with draft picks, but the one time its OK, is when its for a franchise QB The Giants took a super unvaluable position with an extremely valuable pick. It was not a logical move from my perspective. Giants presumably could have traded back, or taken Quentin Nelson. Both would probably have them in a better position than they currently are. Having said that, they didnt trade up for him, so the cost wasnt as crippling. I thought the Jets going for Darnold made more sense, but probably hurt the team more.
  9. I agree from a Jax standpoint, but if I was the Jets this is what I'd be pushing since he is on the tag and cant be re-signed until the end of the year. Very similar to the Leonard Williams trade this past year. I dont think I'd offer a third and future second for a one year rental. But like you said, I dont think Jacksonville would go for it.
  10. I think I'd throw Jacksonville a 3rd rounder this year, and a 2nd or 3rd rounder next year contingent on him signing a long term contract. That would allow the Jets to use their 1st rounders on WR and OL (Jamar Chase and Alex Leatherwood?). And then use their 2nd and 3rd rounders on RB and CB. I would sign up for that in a heartbeat.
  11. Well than I guess that's worst case scenario. My point was, if Sam doesn't show any improvement and the Jets are near the top of the draft (thinking top 3-5), I'd be shocked if the Jets weren't interested in Trevor Lawrence, even if it requires a trade.
  12. Thankfully, the decision will more than be made for us. If the Jets are in position to legitimately draft Lawrence, than Sam probably had a poor year, and the Jets will look to move on. If Sam has a great year, the team wont be in position to take Lawrence.
  13. I think its fairly crazy. Looking through, its not as crazy as I thought it would be though. Bills- The Jets are probably the worse team, but I dont think its crazy the Jets win 49ers- Don't see the Jets winning this. I could easily see Bosa dismantle the OL. I think the defense can slow down Garrapolo, but I dont know how they'd do against that 49er D Colts- Jets always seem to play them well. I would be disappointed if they lost. Broncos- A very winnable game that would probably disappoint me if they lost. Cardinals- Jets wouldnt be the favorite by any stretch, but I dont think a win here is all that farfetched. Chargers- Rookie QB, could definitely see a win here. Bills- Same as above. They'll probably split Chiefs- Jets lose. Patriots- I have no clue. If Cam is good, NE is probably the favorite. Dolphins- Usually play the Jets hard. Probably a worse team, but wouldnt be shocked if the Jets dropped one. Dolphins- See above Raiders- Always seem to play the Jets well, but the Jets have a shot since its at home Seahawks- Road game in Seattle against a better team. This looks like a loss. Rams- Road game against an OK team. If Goff is as bad as he looked last year, Jets can win. But I wouldnt be comfortable betting on it. Browns- They're good, but I think the Jets could potentially win. Depends on what Baker is. Patriots- See above. I can see anywhere from 6 to 10 wins.
  14. I'd be shocked if he started. They paid decent money to just about every spot on the line. Maybe he could sneak into the RT spot, but according to everything I've read he'll probably be a guard He is in an excellent position to step in when someone gets hurt and earn the job that way, though.
  15. If someone is offering a 1st and a 2nd, I trade him. It would offer too much flexibility in the draft. You could draft a blue chip OT and WR in the first, then package a 2nd and a 3rd to get back into the first to grab a C. That gives you another second and third to address CB/Pass Rusher. I like Jamal, but it would be tough to turn that down. If someone is offering a 1st and a 3rd, I think about it long and hard,then I probably take him. It still offers immense draft flexibility and allows the Jets to rebuild the offense in one draft. If the best the Jets can get is a 1st, I would probably keep Jamal. He's still the teams best player, and he is a joy to watch.

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