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  1. I am firmly in the every QB is a bust until I see they're not. I am too much of a sceptic when it comes to the Jets.
  2. Every single rep for Wilson. This is shaping up to be both the best group of WRs and the best OL the Jets have had in a while. I'm not sure its worth waiting for the support system to get even better.
  3. 1. Pass Rusher 2. Center 3. WR 4. CB But I'd also work extremely hard to move back and pick up a 1st Round (or later rounds) pick in 2023.
  4. I'd be very happy if the first five picks played out this way. The rest of the players I kind of just went by position, I didnt really know them. 2. Zach Wilson 23. Alijah Vera-Tucker 34. Caleb Farley 66. Landon Dickerson 86. Brevin Jordan 128. Andre Cisco 140.Seth Williams 146. Khalil Herbert 154. Victor Dimukeje 186. Sage Suratt 226. Erroll Thompson
  5. We might not know who is going to be better of those QBs. I certainly don't. The thing is, Joe Douglas thinks he knows who the best is. Cant trade back and risk losing the guy you think is going to be the best.
  6. Got mine last week. Got the J&J from the Stop & Shop in Long Beach. In and out in about 15 minutes. I had super mild symptoms (tired, dehydrated), and they lasted about two days. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  7. Kiper's argument this whole time has been "Darnold was a better QB prospect than Wilson and Fields, so they should stick with him." For argument's sake, we'll say Kiper is correct. He's literally ignoring three years of pretty bad NFL QB play. At some point, Darnold needs to be judged on his NFL play, rather than college potential. I'm one of those people that thinks the Jets absolutely failed Darnold. They surrounded him with nothing, and he never got better. It sucks, but it is what it is. Now you get a chance to reset the cap and try again with a cheap, blue chip QB prospect. The
  8. Its tough to argue with stats. In addition, the best ability is availability. I dont think I'd give anyone flak if they thought Wirfs was better. Having said that: 1. Wirfs is playing RT. Its a little easier for the QBs to avoid sacks if they can see where the pressure is coming from. 2. His QB is Tom Brady, He makes all linemen look really really good. His ability to read defenses and get rid of the ball really helps the OL The moral of the story is, I'm happy with Becton. I wouldnt be confident in saying Wirfs would be better at LT on the Jets than Becton would be.
  9. This. I do think it will effectively be a three team trade, There is a good chance that whatever the Jets get Darnold will basically be forwarded to Houston.
  10. To me, a big question is, what is more valuable: 1. Darnold and the second pick 2. Tua and the third pick If Houston likes Tua, they have no reason to trade with the Jets. They get the QB they like and a blue chip draft pick. Can probably draft a premier WR for Tua to grow with, giving them a blue chip QB, WR, and LT. If Houston doesn't like Tua, they probably need to trade with the Jets. If you trade with the Dolphins you are behind two teams that are probably taking QBs. If you have a strong preference between Fields and Wilson, you cant really risk trading to three. The Jets can t
  11. For a TE, probably. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to take him with Seattle's pick, but he'll probably be a top 10 pick or so. I'm pretty much all in taking an OL with Seattle's pick. Wherever the value on the OL is, is where I'm going. I've recently been warming on a RT. The amount of times pass rushers have just moved to the other side to avoid Becton has been brutal. This would hopefully eliminate that. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  12. OL and WR If Douglas can manage to pick up another second rounder somewhere (Darnold or potential tradeback), I'd take a CB or pass rusher. I think both OL and WR need to be addressed in both free agency and the draft. With the amount of times that I've seen pass rushers avoid Becton, there's a lot of value in a RT if one falls. If the Jets are going to get Lawrence, they owe it to him to put him in the best situation to succeed. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  13. I think they'll get a mid to late second round pick for Darnold. Probably a fourth or fifth as well. I also think either Seattle's first or the Jets second is going to be traded back, and will net them an additional third. That will give them two first rounders (QB/OL), two second rounders (WR/CB), and three third rounders (RB/Defense/OL)
  14. I don't think it matters what people label him. The fact of the matter is, he's regressed during a year when the Jets are in position to take one of the best college football prospects ever. Not only are they getting a better prospect, they're getting one on a rookie deal. That can't be undersold. This will give them the ability to sign and draft OL and WR. Combining that with a new coach, taking Lawrence is a no brainer. For what its worth, I absolutely think the Jets ruined Darnold. I generally dont blame the team for a player being bad, but I've seen too much good from Darnold to belie
  15. I'm thinking Center or Guard in the first. If we trade Darnold for a second rounder, I'd address WR and Defense in the second. Then Defense and RB in the 3rd. Having said that, I definitely think the Seattle first or the Jets second are going to be traded back.
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