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  1. If the option of the sneak wasn’t eliminated by Saleh and Lafleur prior to the play, it’s 100% on the coaching staff. Listening to Zach’s post game conference makes it seem that the sneak wasn’t ever eliminated. If that’s the truth, the blame should fall entirely on the coaching staff. Not on a 22 year old rookie.
  2. Saleh is the problem. Even LaFleur had made major adjustments since Zach went down (play calling has changed dramatically over the past two games, moved upstairs.) Saleh “you should see how good we are in practice” makes no adjustments. Not sure if he is stubborn or clueless or both. He is the problem. I believe the offense will turn around quicker than the defense. Until he is gone it will be more of the same.
  3. I am not sure if it was discussed elsewhere, but did Saleh incorrectly use his timeouts? He used one of his three in Atlantas final drive. Atlanta was burning clock between each play. Knowing the Jets needed two scores, and the only hope was on onside kick, the Jets could have saved over a minute which would have been key should the Jets have recovered the onsides kick? As it was there was 17 seconds on the clock when the onsides kick failed making it nearly impossible to win outsides of a Hail Mary.
  4. Undisciplined football. That’s on the head coach 100%
  5. DarthVitreous


    Joe Douglas will be given the benefit of the doubt because of the way he looks, by the fans and by the owners. He looks like a football player. Looks mean a lot. Saleh also looks like a football player so I imagine he too will be given some extra time. Unfortunately the way they look has little to do with success in either of their roles. If this goes poorly, I expect their tenure to last a while.
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