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  1. I just read and hardly ever post because I'm not as smart or witty as most of you guys but I wish I never found this site. I'm a glass half full guy and this place just brings me down. With that being said I'll continue to log on.
  2. I don't know much about these guys. What Hall of Fame players do they compare to? So I can make up my mind who I want come draft nite.
  3. Maybe something with horizontal stripes to make him look bigger.
  4. There's 10 other guys you could pick in later rounds that could get the same results. PASS ON RB IN THE 1st round
  5. Eddy Lacy 2.0 not worth the #6 pick. Way to many holes on this team to waste on RB.
  6. He only excelled against inferior competition. Whenever he went against a good sound defense he got shut down. Watch the Alabama highlights, that will be every week in the NFL . Low character also, who shows up fat at the biggest interview of their lives THE COMBINE. He's not even the best RB in this draft.
  7. Absolutely 100% NO. We don't need another DL. No on the big RB from LSU either he's a bust mark it down.
  8. YES Gilmore and Hooker would make me excited about Jets football again.
  9. Gayle Sayers greatest man to ever run with a football and it's not even close.
  10. I haven't missed a game in 37 years. Tomorrow I'm going golfing. This Jets team gave up so why should I waste a nice day.
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