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  1. All three Vikings QB's will be free agents this offseason. I like what Keenum has turned into and have always thought Bridgewater could play. Bradford is talented but made of glass it seems. I read that the Vikings would be interested in trading for Alex Smith so whatever happens there will be several of them available. Thoughts? I would still draft the best available QB with the 6th pick if I liked the guy. I wouldn't expect him to start right away.
  2. I know, another Kirk Cousins thread. But which teams could realistically land Cousins next year? I really want the Jets to land him but I'm not sure he would come here as a free agent if given better options for similar compensation. What are the likely teams in the running? Jaguars? Broncos?
  3. Nobody Tanks Like The Colts

    My point of this thread is that if things go south on Irsay after 4 weeks his team will no doubt finish the season no better than 2 or 3 wins. The Jets have shown that they will try and end up with 4 or 5 wins. Don't know what to say other than that. But it is true.
  4. Colts are making the Rams look like the Rams of 1999. It's going to take a 1-15 or 0-16 season to get the first pick in 2018. The owner has shown he will tank like a boss when he has a franchise QB in his sights. If Luck comes back healthy we will have to take another look at this. But until then they aren't even trying.
  5. I like Petty and think with the right coaching he could be a solid player. Since the Jets can't develop QB talent they should trade him for something of value. Even if he blossoms somewhere else doesn't mean he would blossom here. In fact, he is doomed here. Get something, anything for him.
  6. I'm going to break something if the Colt go from Manning to Luck to the next great QB. We can't get a guy who can break the huddle in practice.
  7. I don't see how Bowles or Mac get fired this year unless the team shows itself to be an undisciplined dumpster fire. The team is built to lose. Let's see if they can do that the right way. Going 4-12 doesn't help anyone.
  8. What is Cousins worth?

    I would but this is coming from a 50 year old Jet fan who has suffered for 40 of those years!
  9. What is Cousins worth?

    He is light years ahead of what we currently have at the position and i would take him in a minute. The problem is he will cost a fortune. A staggering amount of money.
  10. Connnor Cook

    Looks like we are going to find out if this guy is any good when he starts for the Raiders in the wild card game next week. I really wanted this guy for the Jets late in the draft and I thought the Raiders stole him with the number 100 pick. He fell in the draft not because of his talent but because his father is supposedly a real outspoken A-hole. In any event we will see if he can play. Basically his first start is a playoff game.
  11. Would YOU fire Bowles?

    It would seem unfair to fire Bowles after two years with one of those years being a good year. But this team could not have been more of an embarrassment in many of the high profile games.
  12. Bring back Rex

    I'd be happy with Mangini. Always thought he got a raw deal. Hiring HC's is such a crapshoot. Even "can't miss" guys seem to miss.
  13. Bowles seems like a good man. But for whatever reason this team continues to get blown out and embarrassed. If today doesn't send Woody over the edge then another embarrassing loss next week surely will.
  14. Amazing what a good team looks like. It's hard to watch the Pats play. Every player makes plays on both sides of the ball.
  15. This team finds it more comfortable to to give up 34 points at home by the 3rd quarter to a back up QB than to face the wrath of the coach. It doesn't hurt enough to make them change. Parcells used to make it so brutal on the players when they played poorly that they just would soon as play well. This is an indictment on the coach and his staff.