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  1. Not a chance. The reason Deebo wants out of SF is that he doesn't want to be used the way they are using him. He wants to be a pass-catching wide receiver. His value is in the pass/run game. I'm not paying 25 million for him to catch 2-3 passes per game.
  2. If the Jets love this player then they have to take him at 10. It's not a given that he'd be there at 10, but I wouldn't risk the number 4 pick on a rehabbing player. Chances are he's there at 10.
  3. Normally I would agree with this take except Bechton played one game last year. He's a very big man that hasn't shown the ability to get back on the field.
  4. Hill is a great player but I'm okay with missing out on him. He would certainly be worth the picks offered but paying him 30MM per year is a team killing number for a wide receiver. Here's to hoping Douglas turns our first five picks into gold.
  5. I can't see Douglas passing on Neal or Ekwonu if either or both of them are available at #4. I think Douglas will go best OL available at #4 and best defensive player available at #10. Hamilton, Sauce, Stingley, Lloyd, Walker, Johnson II. No matter what we do we will get two potentially great players.
  6. I have no doubt this hire would satisfy the minority hire concerns of the NFL. While I couldn't care less about that I'm just happy to have him. It's time to build a winning franchise.
  7. If the team can't be competitive next Thursday against the hobbled Broncos then it is definitely time to fire Gase. The QB situation is becoming untenable. Player development is as important as the player himself and Darnold is on the verge of being a lost cause. It's hard to watch.
  8. He's awfully young at age 20. My inclination is to redshirt him and let him learn. My only caveat is if he blows away the competition in the preseason like Russel Wilson did in Seattle then I would let him play.
  9. They made this move with the understanding that it was worth it to them even if they get the number three QB target on their list. I'm fine with any of the 4.
  10. If you get lucky enough to select a 15 year franchise QB there is no cost too great to do so. They need to get this right and there's no way to know for years to come. Let us pray.
  11. The only QB guaranteed to be gone by #6 is Darnold. I think there will be two of the four still on the board at #6. There could be three left, but definitely one will be left at a minimum. I'm fine with any of them. It's a crap shoot anyway.
  12. Because those two veteran QB's are coming off injuries. Who knows if either one could play 16 games if they had to.
  13. This is exactly what I thought when I heard this.
  14. I would have preferred McCarron plus a QB pick at #6, but this is fine so long as we hit on that #6 pick.
  15. It figures that the one time an athlete isn't only about the money it happens to us.
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