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  1. Rosen, Darnold, or this trade was an epic fail!

    They made this move with the understanding that it was worth it to them even if they get the number three QB target on their list. I'm fine with any of the 4.
  2. If you get lucky enough to select a 15 year franchise QB there is no cost too great to do so. They need to get this right and there's no way to know for years to come. Let us pray.
  3. Trading Up Will Happen

    The only QB guaranteed to be gone by #6 is Darnold. I think there will be two of the four still on the board at #6. There could be three left, but definitely one will be left at a minimum. I'm fine with any of them. It's a crap shoot anyway.
  4. Bridgewater 1 yr deal

    Because those two veteran QB's are coming off injuries. Who knows if either one could play 16 games if they had to.
  5. Jets bring back McCown

    This is exactly what I thought when I heard this.
  6. I would have preferred McCarron plus a QB pick at #6, but this is fine so long as we hit on that #6 pick.
  7. Sign McCaron and draft a qb at 6.

    It figures that the one time an athlete isn't only about the money it happens to us.
  8. Sign McCaron and draft a qb at 6.

    McCarron plus any of the 4 hotshots in the draft is a home run. Trade for Foles plus one of the 4 would be even better. I'll cheer for Teddy or even Bradford but that isn't likely a winning move.
  9. Foles or Cousins

    If the Jets could get Foles for a 2nd round pick I would drive to Philly to pick him up and bring him here. Philly would never make this trade. They would surely ask for at least a 1st rounder. And that I wouldn't do.
  10. Yes, it sure does. I don't think the Vikings would go anywhere near where the Jets will go with this. We'll know in a few weeks.
  11. If the player that the organization believes is the next Aaron Rodgers is sitting there at #6 I can't see how they pass on that. It really depends on how much they love the player. If they were willing to trade up to #1 for him but for the fact that they signed Cousins and he is still there at #6 I would think they do it.
  12. Broncos all-in on Cousins

    If the Broncos get Cousins they would most likely trade the #5 pick to a QB starved team for an outrageous price. Cousins signing with the Broncos could force the Jets to jump ahead of that #5 pick and it would cost a fortune to move up one or two spots. The thought sickens me, actually.
  13. YOU are Kirk Cousins

    Yes. This is why he won't be going to Jacksonville. Minnesota might just stick with what they've got and keep two of the three QB's on the roster. NY, Denver, Arizona and Cleveland will make strong runs at Cousins. I really want him playing for us next year. I just don't see him passing on Denver or Arizona if all else is equal. The Jets would need to make the highest offer with the most guaranteed money. If they do that then there is a reasonable chance he signs with us.
  14. I wanted Foles at the time as well. But this Eagles team is loaded. We don't have this kind of talent top to bottom. You can win with Foles if all else is in place. That's not where the Jets are at the moment.
  15. All three Vikings QB's will be free agents this offseason. I like what Keenum has turned into and have always thought Bridgewater could play. Bradford is talented but made of glass it seems. I read that the Vikings would be interested in trading for Alex Smith so whatever happens there will be several of them available. Thoughts? I would still draft the best available QB with the 6th pick if I liked the guy. I wouldn't expect him to start right away.