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  1. He was on the scrap heap that had 2 starting RB's and a coveted backup behind them and in all fairness, Pope out played them all except perhaps CMike.
  2. Nope, unless Rawls is hurt and the reason why is CMike is a FA next year and if he performs like he did this training camp, he will be hot commodity in the NFL and in all likely hood, will have out priced himself in Seattle. Besides, I'm sure Cmike will want to be a starter. Rawls is still unknown, but the guy is just such a gamer.
  3. He outplayed every RB we.. (seattle) drafted, I can only imagine Pope was cut for political reasons,(pride in that they screwed up with those two RB's, Collins and Prosice). I wouldn't be surprised if he was your #1 back by the end of the year.
  4. It's what one of the scouts said as well, his workout time was a lot slower than his actual game condition time. THere are some players, in any sport that are great practice players then not so much during game time and then there are those who's practice's for what ever reason suck but during game time, excel.. that would be Pope.
  5. http://www.seahawks.com/video/2016/09/01/raible-call-game-troymaine-pope-60-yard-kickoff-return Guess he does kickoff's as well.
  6. I bet they give Pope a tryout at it.
  7. He's can return kickoff's, not sure about Punts. Not sure about his blocking or receiving. All I know is that I"m hoping you guys send him to the PS and we can pick him up because he was our best RB during ex games. Not against 1st stringers, but, the thing is, he has 1st string speed, had multiple speeds, can cut, hit the hole, hit the right holes. I think it was political that we kept Collins, who was slow..way slow. oh, the guy plays with a chip on his shoulder, he's pissed he wasn't drafted. there are some great and touching stories on him if you look it up.
  8. A lot of us compare him to Sproles or Forsett
  9. You all will love this guy, if you haven't seen his videos, watch, they are true. The guy has instant acceleration and hits the holes hard, either passing or hitting defenders. For the life of me, I can't figure out why he was cut in favor of Prosaise, or Collins who were no comparison. My guess is they thought they could sneak him onto the PS. It could be too, that he's a Thomas Rawls clone and, well we already have Rawls. I'm betting he'll be your starting RB sooner than later. Good luck with him, he's electric and exciting.
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