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  1. Sam Darnold is what he is. You protect him and get him weapons, it allows him to be the gunslinger that he is. If you don't then he has to dissect and be patient and he isn't as good at that yet. That grows with the mental part of the game. He doesn't have a lot of experience at the position yet. Gase hasn't helped much.
  2. I don't know if McCarthy would have been the better hire but I found this interesting... "And the Packers were constantly evolving in other areas, whether McCarthy was shuffling the roles of his assistant coaches (and occasionally regretting it, such as when he handed over offensive play-calling to Tom Clements in 2015, only to take it back by season's end) or overhauling their weekly practice schedule to take care of players' bodies." With all the injuries this year, I'm not sure if it is just bad luck or the way Gase runs his practices, but I like that McCarthy adapted.
  3. Gase may be a great head coach down the road. But we do not owe him anything. We don't need someone that is going to grow with Darnold. We need someone that knows how to help Darnold grow. Not someone who is going to sit there and admit that he continuously put his QB in bad spots. Gase should know better by now.
  4. For all of Rex's warts.....you could never doubt his passion and his players always came to play....except AFC championship games. I would still take Rex over Gase at this point I think. I have been trying to stay patient but man...Gase makes it difficult.
  5. Theres no reason that Mac can be terrible AND Gase is not a good coach. Those two ideas are not mutually exclusive.
  6. I don't think you can be mad at Gase for throwing so much. Everyone is trying to make a big deal about playing the worst run defense in the league as if they weren't also the 31st worst pass defense in the league and your qb has been on a confident roll. Put the ball in his hands. What I didn't like was the actual plays Gase chose to run. So much that has been working that he just decided to get away from. Why not put Bell in the slot? Get Darnold on the run, etc. Maybe there was a reason we don't know about...but I doubt it. Also, I understand our o-line is weak running to the outside but you have to at least try. Weakness against weakness. Don't run to their strength. If anything, at least to keep them off balance. However, you can't ignore penalties and drops. The players killed themselves and threw off any sort of rhythm they tried to create.
  7. This can be said about 90% of QBs not just LJ...I mean people in this very forum we're screaming to fire Gase because they felt the system wasn't helping Darnold and he wasn't performing as well as expected. It is just another excuse. LJ is a baller. If you can't see that, there are other issues at play.
  8. Creating a scheme to beat LJ is one thing....executing and actually tackling him is a whole different beast. I hope we can pull it off but I can see things getting ugly if we don't tackle well that game.
  9. Points are points. Something we aren't scoring much of on offense.
  10. Culture only matters when you have talent and good coaching. Period. This isn't a typical business. These are high performing athletes. Culture puts you over the top, it won't be the driving force to get you above 500.
  11. I can see this trade being revisited on draft day. Glad they didn't take just any deal. I like everyone am very curious to see what the offers were. I am sure someone will leak that. As for having to explain anything...this is a business. No need to explain a thing. Adams will continue to play hard to ensure his brand doesn't take a hit. This team will look completely different next year though. Hate to lose Jamal because he is definitely the heart and soul of this team but....his heart and soul has only given us 1 win. You just don't over pay for his position unless you already have a solid team and have the luxury of over paying.

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