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  1. Its almost as if Gase is coaching for his job today.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-otn8wl9JJ4 One Jets Drive makes losing look good man.
  3. While I dont doubt there are fans thinking that way. I think most of us just want to at least hit a level of minimal competitiveness. Most people who understand football knew we were in a tough spot when Douglas took over. The problem is, we know what Gase is. And it isn't pretty. I wouldn't mind if we were 0-2 and losing tough competitive games. We just look like we don't even belong right now. When your coach doesn't believe in you, how are you supposed to believe in you.
  4. Only way I see Gase getting fired is if the entire team quits and lays down for multiple games.
  5. The man is going the wrong direction right now.
  6. I see Perine coming in and taking Bells spot sooner rather than later.
  7. Everyone sh*ts on Maccagnan and Idzik for setting this roster back years but then expect Gase to turn the sh*t roster into a contender. I wasn't a huge fan of the hire but he has literally been put in an impossible situation. At least it seems like him and JD are on the same page. You have to give JD the benefit of the doubt and trust his judgment of Gase. Good things take time, especially if you inherit a mess.
  8. I think its less processing, and more Darnold trying to do too much and holding on to reads longer than he should.
  9. I'm still lost. I wouldn't want a bowling ball with butcher knives attacking me. Shouldn't this be a good thing. I clearly must be missing the reference.
  10. I don't know if I am giving GW too much credit, but I think he benched Bless to light a fire under him for this year. He made one mistake and was put in the dog house. If I am a player, I am pissed. If I am the "right" player, I make sure I dont make that mistake again and look to come back the following year ready to go.
  11. Thing is, to get to this level of coaching you have to have some type of ego. If you don't it is very rare. Second, he doesn't need to be accountable to the media. As long as he is doing and saying the right things behind closed doors, thats all that matters. Judging by the way the team continued to fight and the praise he gets from inside the locker room and front office, I am sure he is doing just that. He just doesn't give a damn about the media or fans. I don't blame him. No matter what he does, someone will always criticize and complain. It is the nature of the business. Start winning and the narrative changes. No amount of accountability or lack of ego will change that.

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