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  1. I didn't say he was Brady. He plays with the same fire and competitiveness and he wears it on his sleeve...like Brady. Also if you listen to him speak, it is clear he processes things at a high level. Trust.....he is far, far, far from being anywhere close to Brady.
  2. I see Favre with Brady's competitiveness/mental make up. Favre wasn't as cerebral as ZW. Hopefully he can put it all together.
  3. Imagine getting paid millions to learn a playbook and not doing it.
  4. Think you're giving the Johnsons a bit too much credit here.
  5. Drafts are crap shoot man. Our roster was soooo bad that it's gonna take time to build a pipeline of players that develop on our team. Majority of players drafted are not ready to play season one. That is accross the league. We can agree to disagree but I think JD has done a great job considering where we were at. The draft is not the only think a GM is responsible for either. He can hire new scouts if need be. He has a plan....something no other Jets GM has had in a loooooong time. If you have the right people, you let them grow. We are finally doing it the right way but doing it the ri
  6. Lol so who in the Jets organization explained to you why Gase was brought in?
  7. Which is why they won't be dumping JD anytime soon just because you're crying about it. They are finally sticking to a plan...the good, the bad, and the ugly. Development takes time man. Gase had to go. Lol "great demolition coach".....he was great at being terrible. Your spins are great man. You gotta be an attorney or something.
  8. Next debate....when he goes off this Sunday....did he go off because he would have been making plays if he would have just been given the opportunity the last two weeks.....or did being a healthy scratch for two weeks motivate him to get his act together and learn the playbook?
  9. I honestly have no problem with what QW is saying. Although he isn't the most articulate (honestly this is probably why he is getting so much flack for what he said) I agree with him. Our frustrations are irrelevant because fans will love you one second and hate you the next. Sure fans have a right to be frustrated and upset but that doesn't mean he has to listen to us or even take us seriously. Lol we aren't out there practicing or playing games. You don't like the product? Don't watch. Also, as for celebrating after a sack down 17-0 I also have no problem with. You're playin
  10. Lol its still the 1st quarter guys. That was a terrible play design on 3rd down though...
  11. Non-jet fans actively choosing to watch the Jets....your bbq skills are legendary.
  12. I honestly think this is the best way to learn too. Simplifying the playbook to look better for fans and get a few more wins does nothing to help the development of the players in this system. Let them take their lumps. They will be better for it even if Jetnation goes crazy.
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