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  1. Makes you wonder how bad our organizational reputation has truly been over the years.
  2. OMG lol Jamal Adams would flip. This would be comedic gold.
  3. It is not out of the realm of possibility that we keep Darnold, trade back, AND draft a QB we like.
  4. I think we keep Darnold and still draft a QB. I can see Darnold getting a shot while they groom Wilson/Fields/Lance. If Darnold plays well then we are in a great position to trade him. If he plays bad....well his trade value can't be any lower than it is now. Either way, I can't see us walking away from the draft without picking a QB. We have the cap space flexibility to give Darnold another shot - even if its just to raise his trade value.
  5. I know it is hard to believe but we are one of the best landing spots for a new head coach. If you have a plan that includes in-person interviews with a few finalists, you don't scrap that plan because you fall in love during the first in-person interview. That is called desperation. I think this may be different pre-covid where all interviews were in person - but that isn't reality right now. It is not the popular choice, especially with the media yelling "if he's number one don't let him leave!" But I think you have to see the plan through without fear of losing out on someone. I applaud JD for sticking to the plan.
  6. The fact that we haven't heard anything has to be a good sign I think.
  7. https://twitter.com/ConnorJRogers/status/1348744019497676803?s=19 https://twitter.com/ConnorJRogers/status/1348752415076585477?s=20
  8. The fact he chose to stay loyal and stay just solidifies for me that he is the right choice if he wanted the job.
  9. I saw reports that he may not be interviewing well. Not sure how true it is. But if its true then, who knows.
  10. HC: Campbell OC: Bienemy DC: Aaron Glenn Watch.

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