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  1. Hell yeah! I'm a believer. As a jets fan, I know we aren't familiar with greatness at the quarterback position. So I definitely understand some of the skeptism but I think we got a great one on our hands
  2. you are implying that Adams or anyone for that matter has the ability to change anyone. That is just not true. Great leaders lead those who want to be led and sniff out those that aren't ready to take the next step. It's not his job as a leader to change people. As for his on field performance, if you watch the games and can't tell Jamal Adams is a great ascending player, I can't help you.
  3. I love how united our team seems to be. For the first time in what seems like a long time it sounds like the entire team from coaches to every player interviewed is on the same page. I may be biased but everyone sees what they want to see, and I see a hyper focused team and head coach that just want to get back to the field and work. Every question not football related was directed back to football. Nothing was said that could be misconstrued. Side note: Manish is annoying. I'm impressed with Gase's restraint tbh...
  4. This guy is officially trolling jet fans at this point... https://twitter.com/MMehtaNYDN/status/1130929509958606848
  5. lol I feel like the front office keeps letting out false information inside the organization to find everyone that is feeding Manish. If true, its hilarious and genius.
  6. I thought Lee screamed potential but immaturity and ego kept him from really taking the next step. He did improve every year and his coverage improvement was a nice surprise last year, but if he wasn't a "dawg," I see no problem with moving on. This team needed a culture change SO bad. So I can see Gase wanting to ship him out of town asap so he can have his guys in here that fit his vision of the team. If he isn't in your plans, why allow him to take away reps from others who you want to see grow and step up. Also, I agree 100%. I don't think anyone wants Gase to be GM long term lol
  7. Where is the proof that we could have gotten more for Lee though? Personally, after years of indecisiveness I am glad we have people in the building willing to pull the trigger and move forward. This is a small league. You are not going to get the best deal every single time, and if you hold out for the best deal every single time (Macc) you are not going to be very popular. You need to make friends in this league if you want to be successful. I get the feeling Macc lacked in that department. Plus, reality is, we do not know everything that goes on behind closed doors. Leggett was nothing more than a JAG and dispensable once we drafted the Wesco. And, I am with you. Douglas needs to get in here. However, all the moves being made by Gase right now are being waaaaay overblown by the media and its pretty ridiculous.
  8. I think Bowles problem is that he trusts his players too much. Particularly on defense. As a former player he expects them to pull themselves out of bad play and self-correct during the game. As a head coach you need to be able to separate yourself and protect players from themselves. They are always going to think they give the team the best chance to win because that's how players are. You need to be able to adapt and make changes on the fly and he just simply does not do that. He puts all the pressure on the players and that's not what great leaders do. Great leaders make the tough decisions to pull the starter out because hes made bad plays all game. Even if its just for a few plays to shake them up. You must adapt....Bowles does not. If things don't work..."we need to execute better." Yea sure, but if that doesn't work maybe you should go back to the drawing board and help the players execute better.
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