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  1. Oh, I definitely agree with that. But, no one can help Falk win with this team. lol There is only so much Gase can do....even if he isn't doing much at this moment lol
  2. I trust Darnold with Darnold. Great QBs are great in spite of coaching. Darnold will make Gase look good.
  3. Give Falk the keys to the Patriots offense and he would lose there too. I am fully confident in that. We will never know but I believe it.
  4. This is what you said. Agreed. Disgusting. However, Gase can't be blamed for Falk's ineptitude. Which is what you were talking about and what I responded to. lol I think we are in agreement. Results have been terrible. I just think you can't FULLY judge Gase until we get Darnold back. If Sam comes back and the results are the same....fire everyone. ASAP.
  5. I am not trying to argue that Gase isn't a problem. I think to this point he hasn't done this team any favors by leading with his ego. Play calling is terrible. The decision to give Falk no 1st team reps this week was terrible. Bell is phenomenal but you need to get creative and not just run him up the gut all game. HOWEVER....you can't sit here and blame Gase for not making Falk our savior. You either got it or you don't. Great coaches can mask some warts but eventually your true skill will show. And Falk is simply terrible. Could Gase game plan a little better? Sure. Call better plays? Sure. But the difference would be losing 31-14 not 31-6. lol The fact is the talent just isn't there and Sam covered up a lot of warts on offense.
  6. Just because a qb is an unknown prospect doesn't mean he is a bad qb. Just because a qb is a known prospect doesn't mean he is a good qb. Minshaw is just head and shoulder above Falk....who should have never left the practice squad. Plain and simple.
  7. I really dont know what is exactly going on. No time to watch film but I do watch every single game. And this isn't just a problem where our oline is physically getting beat but time and time again I see the oline have trouble picking up defenders off stunts, letting defenders get free rushes, and lineman looking lost with no one to block. All of those issues stem from coaching and communication. Not skill. Mind boggling when all I read during the off season was how great of a pickup our new oline coach was. Not sure what the fix is but there are people in that building getting paid a sh*t ton of money to figure it out and it needs to happen fast if we have any chance at salvaging the season.
  8. The perfect storm... New offense Years of bad drafting (maybe a decade?) Bad oline Our entire starting linebacking core out due to injury or suspension More injuries Our starting tightend out Mono Emotional head coach with limited people skills when emotional Bad contracts Rabid jet fans desperate for any type of success
  9. I didn't want to see it. But I have to agree. Gase is not what a great leader sounds like, doesn't matter if he's brilliant (questionable I know), but if you can't lead the team you're in trouble.
  10. Yea, I think this magnifies two things: 1. If last year didn't convince you, a healthy Sam is a forced to be reckoned with. He covers up a lot of holes and actually makes the team better. When he isn't in there and healthy, we have no shot. 2. There are A LOT of holes. I think a lot of people coming into the season and after the preseason were thinking "okay we have holes but we look pretty good with Sam so it can't be that bad." Yes, this team is that bad. Fooled me that's for sure. I definitely think for once that we have a solid GM, but its going to take time or a spectacularly good draft and free agency next year to really turn this thing around. All that said.....I will sit in front of my TV next game and still expect the Jets to snap out of it and start winning games.....and probably be disappointed until Sam comes back.
  11. Take away most coach's starting qb and there is trouble. However, this is pretty horrible. I was hopeful but it's clear Douglas has some work to do. Darnold is real, Leveon is real. Everyone else is expendable. EVERYONE.

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