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  1. I'm still lost. I wouldn't want a bowling ball with butcher knives attacking me. Shouldn't this be a good thing. I clearly must be missing the reference.
  2. I don't know if I am giving GW too much credit, but I think he benched Bless to light a fire under him for this year. He made one mistake and was put in the dog house. If I am a player, I am pissed. If I am the "right" player, I make sure I dont make that mistake again and look to come back the following year ready to go.
  3. Thing is, to get to this level of coaching you have to have some type of ego. If you don't it is very rare. Second, he doesn't need to be accountable to the media. As long as he is doing and saying the right things behind closed doors, thats all that matters. Judging by the way the team continued to fight and the praise he gets from inside the locker room and front office, I am sure he is doing just that. He just doesn't give a damn about the media or fans. I don't blame him. No matter what he does, someone will always criticize and complain. It is the nature of the business. Start winning and the narrative changes. No amount of accountability or lack of ego will change that.
  4. I live in Miami. I can confirm. Dolphin fans are worse.
  5. I truly believe that the only reason he is still on the team is because the contract has an injury guarantee. He will get a shot to come back solely because of this. Terrible contract.
  6. lol sure. Although, I think JD is going to be changing that narrative.
  7. Creating our very own linebacker pipeline. I love it.
  8. I think once we have a better supporting cast around him and he doesn't have to be moved around so much playing every damn position on the field, you will see Adam's game changing plays increase. However, I would like to see it before we anoint him as a "star." However, there is no denying his effect on the culture of this team. It is easy to overlook because we have had a bad team. Culture can't turn you into a winner, but it can hold your team together through adversity. If you don't think he was a big part of that last year, you are kidding yourself.
  9. This is why I like the move. Everyone cried all year because we didn't run outside with Bell. It is because our oline was too slow and unathletic to get to their spots. This signing doesn't solve all our problems, but we needed more athleticism on the oline and we got it. At least we are sticking to a plan. Only time will tell if its a good one.

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