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  1. Very little wasted movement. Incredible balance. Insane vision. He looks legit.
  2. Seems very genuine. I think he's going to make some noise this year.
  3. We may actually have some WR depth for once fellas. I would not be surprised if we kept Crowder.
  4. Niners want Jones because they know Wilson wont be there.
  5. Even if Darnold turns out to be good/great (which I have my doubts about), this was absolutely the right move. Financially it makes all the sense in the world. If you think Zach Wilson is at minimum what Darnold is, then its a no brainer. Anything better and its a homerun.
  6. How do you even watch that garbage show?
  7. It's hard to say because I am not in the building. However, at the end of the day Darnold continued to make avoidable mistakes in year three. That is not on coaching. There are things that I believe if he had "it", he would have fixed himself. These are multimillion dollar athletes. You don't get a pass because of bad coaching. This is life. You adapt and figure it out. Maybe I am too harsh, but this is what I believe. Gase had a ton of flaws. He couldn't draw up a play to save his life. But to give Darnold a pass even though he clearly left so many plays on the field is crazy. Everyone w
  8. I never said it doesn't matter. All I'm saying is give me a qb that is willing to fight for his career instead of toeing the company line and playing nice.
  9. I think this is so overblown. Was it a tough situation? Absolutely. I don't think anyone can honestly debate otherwise. However, as a man, as a supposed franchise QB, your growth is your own responsibility. If Gase wasn't cutting it, it's up to you to step up and figure it out or speak up. Either you're an Alpha leader or your not. Very few people can grow into that.
  10. Love how he seemed pissed about some of the throws he felt he missed.
  11. You are only as good as your availability. Like I said, he isn't terrible. But he isn't some must sign player.
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