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    Bowles' ineptitude - when did it happen?

    I think Bowles problem is that he trusts his players too much. Particularly on defense. As a former player he expects them to pull themselves out of bad play and self-correct during the game. As a head coach you need to be able to separate yourself and protect players from themselves. They are always going to think they give the team the best chance to win because that's how players are. You need to be able to adapt and make changes on the fly and he just simply does not do that. He puts all the pressure on the players and that's not what great leaders do. Great leaders make the tough decisions to pull the starter out because hes made bad plays all game. Even if its just for a few plays to shake them up. You must adapt....Bowles does not. If things don't work..."we need to execute better." Yea sure, but if that doesn't work maybe you should go back to the drawing board and help the players execute better.
  2. I must have watched a different game than most of you in here lol We battled today against a great team in the Bengals. You have to give them some credit. Folk missing the extra point is inexcusable. But realistically we know that probably wont happen again this year. He has never missed an extra point before today. Marshall should have caught that pass on the last drive...again inexcusable...but don't be so quick to forget how much of a monster he is. He will bounce back in a big way. I am not worried. Fitz did not turn the ball over until the last drive when he was just trying to make a play and played smart against a tough defense. I'll take it. We know what he is and we know his limitations so I don't understand why people are surprised he doesn't look like Brady out there. He is what he is. A great leader with some limitations. He played a good game today. Our D-Line is out of this world. Nuff said. I think we could have made some adjustments to the screens but I think after watching film our coaching staff will get it together. Overall even though we lost I think we played a good game against a tough opponent and we will get better as the season goes on. Our offense will start clicking and once it does look out. You can tell Fitz missed some time as him and the wide outs were not in sync the whole game. Hopefully this loss acts as a wake-up call and sparks some fire. We should be fine. Now to take down the Bills!

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