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  1. I mean, if Davis catches that dropped 20 yards, Wilson keeps both feet in bounds and Moore catches that bomb.....we would all be singing a different tune.
  2. Am I the only one that didn't know DJ Reed was related to Revis?
  3. Can I get more of these practice updates....
  4. Yeeeeeeppppp that's what they said about Baker. No Baker is just an idiot
  5. Having a personality doesn't mean you have maturity issues.
  6. Fair point but I think you're using a very bad example. Saquon's issues aren't related to his skill set. He's just been injured. His rookie year he had 1300 rushing yards and 11 rushing tds. He also had a whopping 91 cat he's for 700 yards and 4td receptions. If he stays healthy he is head and shoulders above Chubb. And if you look at some of the top rbs selected I'd say they fair pretty well. I do think value can be found later but look at Hall's tape and stats. The kid is a beast and a star in the making in my opinion.
  7. A lot of you sound like babies. Good teams find a way to beat good teams. Many of you were hype for the season just a day ago. Now you're scared? It's time for this team to grow.
  8. He is a killer. Hopefully it translates.
  9. I dont know. I know the jury us still out but Wilson's tape is crazy. He has a chance to be a star in my opinion. Definitely not as much hype as last years class though, that's for sure.
  10. Both him and his brother are terrible lol
  11. I think its just the way he looks when he runs. RBs without breakaway speed don't have runs of: 80, 47, 75, 70, 42.
  12. Seems like he's also meeting with them individually and not all at once.
  13. Zach is running backwards because there is no where to go with the ball and he is praying someone shakes free....instead....you got Mims jogging around back there like a bum.
  14. He has to learn how to run an offense, go through progressions, etc. All the "boring" stuff first. There's a reason why you see some rookies fizzle out after their first year....they don't learn how to do the "boring" stuff and the league catches up with them. I like how they are slowly bringing him along. It's a slow process but once he gets it (and it looks like he's getting there) he's gonna explode.
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