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  1. NZ Jets Fan

    Jets Reportedly Want Trubisky

    He won the game for Stanford today single handed. Reminiscent of Sanchez, Geno and Fitz all rolled into one. Even gave up a fumble to one of the zebras. I am hoping the Jets change their strategy away from turnover machines at QB.
  2. NZ Jets Fan

    Head coach Todd Bowles in the hospital...

    Hopefully the rest of the team don't get it.
  3. Giants are playing better on defense with Macadoo but their offence has gone backwards.They have fairly decent QB who they cut a lot of slack to. Not much different to Fitz who gets no slack from fans. Eli threw 3 picks yesterday including a pick 6, basically killed the Giants. Hopefully the Skins beat them next week. Last year Giants lost a lot of close ones, this year they have won most of their coinflips. Nice to see the Iggles ruin their Xmas, but the Zebras did help out a little. Eli imploding is always a bonus. But from 2012-2015 they won 28 regular season games exactly the same number as us despite having the advantage of stability at HC and QB. However, the perception seems to be that the giants are a quality, classy, outfit whereas the Jets, not so much. During that time we had to deal with Geno, Tebow circus, Sanchez, a buttfumble, Rex to name a few. And we play in a much tougher division.
  4. NZ Jets Fan

    Judging draft picks.

    You cant tell how the drafted players will pan out for some time, its a big jump from college from pro and the kids/young adults have to learn and grow. Also the drafted players need to have opportunity to learn from existing players and adapt to the team culture. This is a very important dynamic as it almost completely explains why teams that try to rebuild through draft stay in a perpetual state of rebuild. Browns are perfect example of this. This year they got rid of all their NFL caliber players [except Joe Thomas] and signed all 14 draft picks most of which were acquired from trading down. Good example is wide receiver position they dumped Taylor Gabriel now a star in Atlanta a drafted a handful of wide receivers. If you can name any without looking up their roster you're doing better than me. I can remember the 5'9" 9th pick with 3 TD's for the year, but only because of his height. Out of the 14 they have maybe 2 that look like good prospects, no difference makers and are further away from fielding a competitive 53 man roster than when they were basically an expansion team in the 90's. At this rate they will never be able to field a competitive team. But Haslam, the owner, will continue to get richer while the fans suffer. Even if they get a decent QB next year they will still suck. Main benefit is to the owner as they are now around $100m under salary cap, which flows straight to bottom line. At least Woody is prepared to spend and we have a somewhat reasonable player base to add to. We did win 10 games last year. He's not deliberately trying to field an noncompetitive team like the Browns.
  5. NZ Jets Fan

    Jets-Pats biggest point spread in 3 years

    Jets are now +17. I'm on Green and just hope that Fitz and Bowles are men of their word and are able to prepare Petty and the OL for Cheaters defence..... Money stilling rolling in on NE. Not certain Jets will cover but IMO definitely value at +17 or better. Petty looked good in hurry up offence. Hopefully Jets can put a few lumps of coal in the Xmas stockings of all the Cheaters homers.
  6. NZ Jets Fan

    Coughlin possibly to replace Rex Ryan...

    NY doesn't seem to miss him this year. I don't think Rex is a great NC but he does get effort out of his team. If true should be good news for us and Dolphins, NE not so much, Coughlin has done well against Belichick
  7. NZ Jets Fan

    Interesting situation

    Last thing we want to see is a Cleveland style rebuild, at least we have a something to build on. The strategy of finding 53 NFL caliber players in the draft by trading down doesn't work. Cleveland [arguably] went 2/14 in this years draft, if they miss next as badly could almost kill the franchise similar to how 76ers have f'd themselves in the NBA. And at least our owner may be going to London in a political role wheres the Browns owner may want to go to avoid jail time.
  8. NZ Jets Fan

    Interesting situation

    If we can close out the year with a decent performance against NE and beat the Bills it should be enough to set Petty up as starter for 2017. Also we should be able to find out if Fitz is actually able to help Petty, and if so he would make a good backup for next year, but not at starter money. Jets have enough needs so a slight change in draft position shouldn't hurt us. Its way more valuable to be able to evaluate Petty's improvement/coach-ability etc. Bills game should be good ie division rivalry, vs ex old HC, new QB, Bowles trying to save job.
  9. NZ Jets Fan

    Jets-Pats biggest point spread in 3 years

    Line opened at +14 and has moved out to + 16.5, probably when Petty was confirmed as the starter Bet volume ts split around 60:40 in favour of NE. I would take those odds with Fitz as starter but I think Petty will struggle bigtime against BB.
  10. Fish adjusted at halftime. In the first half the Jets outgained Miami by a significant margin 200 vs 120 or something and were probably unlucky to be behind. Petty looked good in hurry up offence when the defence had no chance to adjust or make changes at LOS. He missed a couple of open guys but that's hardly unique to Petty. Coming from college Petty has no or minimal experience reading defenses and making adjustments at LOS under center, similar to Goff. Can see why Bowles didn't want to play him as after they have called in the play he is on his own, and if he gets it wrong he ends up making everyone look bad. Teams now have a blueprint to make his last couple of games pretty horrible, Petty has had nearly 2 years to learn the game so not sure if he'll make it but we should get an idea over last 2 games. Bowles not throwing anyone under the bus which is good. Hopefully Petty will show some progress next week.
  11. Semeni must be worst beat writer in NFL. Also too much emphasis on quarterbacks [but makes good click bait]. Reality is with Tanny at QB the fish would probably be -5.5 ie difference between franchise QB and some random guy is worth around 3 pts. And how many Superbowls have the Colts won with Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck over past 20 years. Ravens have won one more in a shorter time frame with Dilfer and Flacco. Football is a team game and Jets need to improve at all positions. Also OL's take time to come together Kansas, Oakland, and Tennessee are all starting to look good. It's not rocket science it just takes a little patience Its way easier to integrate new players into an effective unit than to try and rebuild so any incremental improvement the Jets can get next year is valuable. Rebuilding just seems to be a scheme to guarantee job security for coaches and front office. Also impressed that the team played hard for Bowles last week. Bowles will improve as coach over the next few years if he gets the chance. RE Fitz The Jets didn't help the preseason by telling the the world Geno was their guy and signing Fitz at last minute. I think their hard ass negotiating strategy backfired. After last year the team knew Fitz was the best option [despite some inconsistent play which happens to all QB's eg Russel Wilson vs Colts last week]. They ended up signing him for what they said they would and for what Fitz said he wanted but just f'd themselves in the process. Hopefully they can get their s**t together with whoever the QB is next year earlier than week one of preseason.
  12. A couple of suggestions on how we could win a superbowl within the next few years 1. Coach hiring frequency The strategy of hiring new head coach every 2-3 years hasn't worked, as we haven't won a superbowl in nearly 50 years. We should hire a new HC every year on 1 year contract until we find one who can win us a Superbowl. If they don't win superbowl in first year cut bait and move on to the next coach. Bowles went 10-6 last year so should have been fired after that failure. 2. Signing of key position players The Jets have demonstrated that it is possible to wait until last minute before signing their starting QB [the most important skill position player]. This resulted in a very team friendly contract for Jets. It was a little surprising that they signed him as they had told us Geno would be the man this year and gave him priority in the pre-season. I'm sure the players all found the pre-season practice with Geno very valuable were impressed with the commitment of the front office to build on the previous years 10-6 record rather than penny pinch on most important position. Also shows that Macc is a tough negotiator and not someone to mess with so should help Jets when looking to sign FA's and resigning existing players. This move was so successful it should be used for all skill position players. 3. Draft strategy Taking Hack in the 2nd round and not dressing him for season may have provided the blueprint for development of superbowl calibre quarterbacks. Other teams are almost certain to copy this move as we have seen with Eagles and Rams actually playing the QB they drafted is unlikely to result in superbowl victory this year. So the evidence definitely supports us. Exception may be Dallas who have played the QB they drafted because of injury. Also Dallas is not really comparable as they went 4-12 last year and failed to fire their coach. They would have been much better off firing Garrett last year and hiring a rookie Head Coach . Football is a simple game and smooth transition from a co-ordinator role or college coaching should be achievable during OTA's in preseason. No evidence of learning curve as 31/32 coaches fail to win superbowl each year regardless of what experience they have. Hopefully not to long.
  13. Broncos have a pretty tight management/coaching group. Owner doesn't get too involved in football decisions. Makes a big difference.

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