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  1. Watching with pats fans....they cant even believe it, saying awful call.
  2. What did he say to be a keyboard tough guy? Lol you're the one talking about "meeting in person". I dont like oppossing fans trolling either but I think you've really got the wrong target here.
  3. woohoo! lets get just enough wins to get a pick out of the top ten!!!!
  4. Not the point....like he said we are a no chance 1-5 team. why wouldnt you want to evaluate the young ones?
  5. Nothing. He brings nothing. We were all so hopeful and fell head over heals simply because we mistook his dumb silence for strong silence since we were just so sick of Rex. But as to being surprised? Hell no! Dissapointed...yet again. But surprised? Lol they are still owned by woody and are still the jets.
  6. Jets outscored 110-26 in the last 4 losses. They definitely need a change. a few changes. A few big changes. Maybe new qb new coach new gm and woody sells the team.
  7. Outscored 110-26 in the last 4 losses.....telling telling me i should start rooting for draft priority
  8. Deja Vu. I swear i Read this somewhere
  9. He couldnt help it....apart from blindfolding his team and instructing them to backpeddle the rest of the game. Jets are just this bad up and down the roster
  10. Ok Geno should be coming in right? There is no best chance of winning clearly....theres just no chance. lets see how it looks with Gino
  11. bahahahahahaha waaaaahhhh wahhhhhh idk how to respond......i miss rex.......(blows own brains out)
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