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  1. NO, it's the A-gaps mostly. Yeah, the edge had some issues, with exceptional DE talent especially. and last week every position seemed to get beat. but definitely the C and RG positions are very weak. and the C position also hurts the LG position if it's not being played well.
  2. I think that a) Carpenter could at least run block, I can't speak to this abilities to pass block and b) Carpenter was a journeyman whose best days were behind him, like most Jets OL. I mean, the only OL we've had who was "home grown" is Brian Winters. And he most definitely sucks!! So, as everyone keeps saying "the OL was better than this with the same people..." they keep forgetting that "the same" Beachum is probably not as good as he was last year, never mind the stupid acquisition of retiree OL, who KNOW they aren't sh!t anymore. On needing a "probowl" qb, he doesn't have one on the roster, so I hope he's not needing that. The thing I've seen from ALL recent Jets HCs: they can't coach up the offense because, IMO, they never have a) studs up front, and b) receiving threats. And they STILL don't!
  3. Gase makes Todd Bowles look like Bill Walsh...
  4. There is much truth to what you say. That said, out of all the ills on this team, can you even say edge rusher is in the top 5? My Top five: OL OL CB CB WR Edge rusher is a luxury, a vanity. When you have the rest of the puzzle. The best way to get to Brady? A-Gap pressure. I'd love an edge rusher. But I'd love an effective OL before anything I can get from existing personnel and scheme.
  5. Look who Bosa plays with...It's pretty easy to be great when the entire defense is stacked. Jets fans are like "we have ONE guy and he's not doing sh!t…" That said, Leonard Williams sucks!!
  6. Yes, the Jets passed on an edge rusher. It'd be a waste anyway... Picking a edge rusher when you have a) an underperforming NT that is coming up on the end of his rookie deal, and b) you don't have any interior defensive presence. Edge rushers come every year. you need to shore up inside first. It's like picking a QB when you have the world's worst OL. It's a waste...
  7. an effective OL is physical. NONE of the players you mentioned is physical. And older players drop off, like, say Beachum. It's blocking. I keep hearing it's coaching. I just have my doubts that there's anything special about what the coaches are asking the players to do. When, in yesterday's first 3rd down, the RG gets beat like he wasn't even there, it's not coaching. It's getting beat. I can't believe people so hate Gase that they would inflate the quality potential of this piece of hand-me-down, Goodwill, and retired players. The OL is garbage. If it were coached to its maximum it would still be trash.
  8. I don't doubt that there's some of that. But, c'mon, let's stop with revisionist history here: the Jets line sucks and has sucked forever. Either you can block or you can't. So much over analysis. THEY SUCK. doesn't matter if this guy or that guy is supposed to be an upgrade. THEY AREN'T ANY UPGRADES in the starting unit the jets trotted out there the first 3 games. THEY JUST SUCK. Right now, thank "god" for mononucleosis. Otherwise Darnold may have already lost a spleen. I mean Jets QBs have just as much time as Geno Smith had that first year: NONE!! They get beat outside, they get beat inside. They get beat outside and inside at the same time!! Falk didn't even get what could be called a pocket the entire game. It was the worst OL effort I can remember seeing...and that is saying something considering I've been watching the Jets. Unbelievably bad, considering they were coming off a bye. Your point is taken. It's not like I see any great coaching genius from Gase. The Jets are comically bad this year. It's really sad how they treat their fans...
  9. But we have to get to 7 losses first. You're acting like we're already 0-7. And our OL would have to improve at two positions to be considered mediocre. Our OL is horrible. You're just used to seeing it year after year and think it's mediocre. It sucks!! and has sucked since 2010.
  10. Kalil isn't much of an improvement. Osellem is barely an improvement. Beachum a year later is not an improvement. Winters as a starter is not an improvement. Shell at RT is not an improvement. You gained one player who is a physical improvement. And you start two--Kalil and Winters--who are not even playing as physical as they have in the past.
  11. My Aunt Eleanor is better than Winters.
  12. It's Kalil and Winters. Neither is physical or very bright.
  13. Was it?! I remember the same inability to pass protect and to generate any push in the running game. What Jets season did you watch?

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