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  1. phill1c

    Robby Anderson doesn't want the RFA tag

    Um, ok. He's got speed and his size, while not prototypical is not all that bad. That's the skills good WRs have. And I think you've used the tired "same old Jets fan excuses..." argument when it's really not warranted. I don't discount Anderson's limitations. There are plenty of WRs over the years of NFL football who have succeeded with far less than the physical gifts he has. I also think that it's smart to recognize the component nature of NFL offense. Your argument somehow suggests that recognizing the need for synergy between units-- and how OL supports ALL facets of offensive football--is somehow not reasonable, which is puzzling to me because it doesn't make much sense. You're suggesting that a great WR could perform well with a poor blocking OL?? Anyway, I didn't mean to pick on you personally, which it seems like you've taken it. I just don't think you can fairly judge any skill position player with the Jets having such a crappy OL and a rookie qb for most of the season. I'm confident that's a reasonable position to have.
  2. Put Darnold on Cleveland and Mayfield here and we're having the same conversation in reverse. I mean, really. Do you think Mayfield would be weaving his magic with our OL? He'd be broken up by now. And don't you think you put some protection and weapons around Darnold and he would be making noise. That said, I didn't like how when Mayfield came into the game against the Jets, Darnold seemed like he assumed a fetal position. And I didn't like all the hype about his "maturity" as a rookie and how so many people bought into it.
  3. phill1c

    Robby Anderson doesn't want the RFA tag

    I think this may be overly harsh. I think Anderson can be better as he matures as a player and person. I would love it if he were more prototypical but I also think his skill set is not featured by the offense. In limited targets, he's underperformed. But how much of that is because most WRs get twice the targets, at least. Guys with his youth and speed don't grow on trees and I'd like to see him perform with a real NFL-quality OL blocking for him. Imagine an offense that seeks to throw 35 times a game and operates 5-7 yards further downfield. Then you could reasonably judge the ability and consistency of Anderson and the other WRs. The Jets offense is prehistoric in its concepts, philosophy, and execution. It seems complicated only to the Jets offensive personnel. Everyone else has it completely figured out: run, run, pass, punt. Anyway, Robby may be all that he's shown this year. but I think no skill player can be judged fairly with a OL that just can't protect one on one. They really need a stud OL somewhere on that line.
  4. phill1c

    Robby Anderson doesn't want the RFA tag

    I wouldn't give one for him. He's produced neither on the inside or outside of the DL. I'm not sure what his position is beyond "being blocked".
  5. Good point...I just don't think they have the will to do that. Whereas with Idzik and Ryan the writing was on the wall month(s) before.
  6. So, that's all you think of Jamal Adams' game? oversimplification much?? That said, I am disappointed in Mac. I look at other teams who have entire units full of athletes and we don't have a single complete unit after 4 years. I've cut him slack because I do recall how pathetic the previous GM/scouting department was. And I think that there are some promising players drafted the last three years. and I feel the team's athleticism has improved. I think Mac has failed in some pretty major things: Has never adequately addressed the OL. Without an OL, the Jets offense is garbage. And the stench of this ineptitude has killed two HCs and counting. Has turned a strength into a weakness: the DL. I cut him a little slack in that he didn't draft either Wilkerson OR Richardson and he was undone by this talent defection, but it did occur on his watch and he hasn't adequately replaced them. He has not obtained an edge rusher: like the OL, how long are we supposed to go without one? Those mistakes aside, I'm not yet ready to get rid of him. it's too late for this offseason and if he's not gone before then, we're stuck with him and his teams for the foreseeable future.
  7. phill1c

    Robby Anderson doesn't want the RFA tag

    I think a modest tender, like the 2nd round one being discussed, is reasonable. That said, here's what I think of Anderson: Robby Anderson has been a disappointment this year. Yes, I fully understand that he is hamstrung by an OL that can't block long enough to let him work in the intermediate and deep levels most of the time. And by an offensive philosophy that obsesses over running the football. I understand that and have taken that into account. That said, I think Robby Anderson with an expanded role would probably be just as incomplete a WR as he is with limited targets. So, I don't think we're looking at Antonio Brown here. We're looking at a one-trick pony, the deep ball. His hands are weak and he's really thin, so I think fumbles would be a concern. And then there's his demeanor, which seems to overestimate how good he is, how reliable he needs to be, and how much people just want production with the catches, not with the mouth. I like Robby Anderson, but his presence does not diminish the need for a reliable, outsized, speedy WR on the Jets. And I really don't care what he'd like to be. I want him as long as he's one of the three best WRs on the team. If Wesley Walker, Keyshawn Johnson, and Wayne Chrebet showed up in their prime, he'd be just another bench guy. Or what jetscrazey ahead of me said with many many many less words.
  8. phill1c

    Hire John Morton as head coach

    I see absolutely no difference in the playcalling under Bates. It's the same as with Morton. Now, I don't know if they are calling plays according to Bowles' direction but the same plays are called game-after-game: fixated on running when passing is what wins games. And both of them act as if a trick play would immediately kill them. I was disappointed in Morton and Bates is the same. They may be HC material but not based on their lack of success with the Jets offense.
  9. phill1c

    Jets OL 5th highest paid, ranks 24th

    Basically, I think you need AT LEAST TWO DTs for it to really gain you anything. I mean, we've all seen it: the Jets had THREE DTs and they still didn't generate all that much of a pass rush. They DID stop the run pretty consistently, but, again, most offenses really don't care to run all that much.
  10. phill1c

    Jamal Adams, you sir, are legit.

    It's hard to play well all game for everyone. Not just Adams. Adams made some statement plays both in run and pass support. Where were those types of plays from any other Jets player? The Jets CBs were invisible in man coverage. It's a joke. It's a joy to watch him. And I hope he gets the recognition he deserves. And a safety should not be the sole guy to make tackles. Lee was invisible. 21 was awful. the inside of the Jets defensive line was embarrassing at times. At other times, they were stout. 10-10 at half is great, isn't it? In the end, if you don't have an offense, your defense--against the GOAT and his palomino TE--is not going to hold up. Did the Jets try any trickery? Not when it mattered...
  11. phill1c

    Jets OL 5th highest paid, ranks 24th

    It's Game 10. And injuries happen all the time--at least on the Jets--it sure sounds like an excuse. I think it's pretty simple: NONE of these guys is particularly physical or athletic. But I'm of the opinion that Winters is the least athletic and is injury prone. I guess I feel like Winters hasn't really earned his guaranteed salary and, as a result, is a logjam on significantly improving the OL. It's not the only reason, by any means. I think the Jets have been hamstrung by having such a paucity of OL talent and draft misses that Winters, at the time, was the most promising asset. But I think that was mostly hope, borne of utter desperation, which has not turned into reality. In the end, you can't cheat on athleticism on the OL. I mean, you can try, but you've seen what that's got us.
  12. phill1c

    Well, then yes, Leonard, you can go too.

    Wouldn't you? Who needs this crap??
  13. phill1c

    Was the butt fumble, a fumble?

    Damn, I thought this was a "second spitter" thread.
  14. Try the 1-15 year...but this would be close if they don't win again. I think this team is much more talented than the Geno Smith teams, minus the OL. They have WRs and TEs, when not injured. Back then, they didn't have starters with talent. Then again, it's not like they have anything resembling Antonio Brown or Beckham Jr. NOTHING. I think the offensive philosophy is outdated and doesn't showcase or tailor plays to the talents, beyond the WR screen to Enunwa. Why do they value defense over offense anyway?
  15. phill1c

    Teddy Bridgewater Trade In Retrospect

    I'm with you, somewhat. I think the Jets should have used the draft capital they investing in Darnold for such things as: OL help: whatever QB we have would have benefitted from 2nd-round OL talent. Pass rusher: the obvious reasons. I think the Darnold pick was a reach in that for a QB to be productive, he needs actual talent to block for him. And, I know I'm in the minority on this one, but I think franchise QBs come around when needed. The rest of the team needs to be ready for one, which the Jets obviously weren't.

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