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  1. Which would you prefer? Sack or an INT? Answer: Yes!! With our secondary, the Jets just need a little pressure. And, by and large, they are getting it. I think (ok hope) that the Cleveland game was an aberration brought on by three-games-in-10-days fatigue. The difference I hope I see with the team is that even if they don't get sacks they get INTs because I believe the coverage is going to be lights out soon (Johnson will play better).
  2. Because to some fans, any praise or defense of Anderson puts the focus on Sam Darnold underwhelming start. Darnold and the offense will be fine with time. A poster said, rightly, that the offense looks like every Bowles/Ryan offense (which I said also). I think it's actually the right way to go, right now. We have a rookie, Franchise QB. The need is to get him experience--solid, non-desperate experience--winning is not as important as building the chemistry with each other. And there's no need to get him injured playing desperate!! I think the Jets will eventually open up the offense. I think the first step I would do is to NOT call the WR screen. I think it became a crutch for Darnold to lock onto Enunwa. Time to make him go through progressions instead of going with first reads. Now, that will require the OL/RBs to block. So, that's not proven either. I'm encouraged with the improvements in the team I've seen. But there's still a long way to go and I hope the team doesn't get demoralized before that improvement occurs. Time will tell.
  3. Damn, a couple of fumbles and an incorrect route and he's ready to say they can't do anything. It's 3 games, and really, two bad games. How many mistakes has Sam Darnold made that we don't know about? Well, hell, we know of several or at least one more than Anderson has made. So maybe you're being overly critical of the WRs and a big ol' homer for Darnold.
  4. I'm like Sam Darnold. I'm my own harshest critic. Of course, I'm the best critic and make the best criticisms. For example, I often use the same word, over and over and over again. But I think people really like my opinions because of their quality.
  5. Wow, it's like talking to a mirror. My feeling is that fumbles are inexcusable, BUT... Maybe he wouldn't fumble as much if they threw more to him. Inexcusable, but what is equally inexcusable is him having no more than 10 targets in three games (ok, I'm guessing). The Jets treat passing as a necessary evil instead of the only way to win. If you're No. 1 in passing yardage, I guarantee you score more than if you're No. 1 in rushing. So, I really don't understand why they seem so fixated on running when they absolutely need to pass better. Ooops, I digressed...sorry.
  6. I think Anderson is being used incorrectly. The ONE time they used him appropriately, he caught a 41-yard TD pass. Intermediate-deep is where Anderson should be catching balls. But Bates' offense is the same crappy dink-and-dunk, get the ball out quick, run at least once each set of downs no matter what, offense. So, Stick Anderson is getting mauled underneath by LBs and multiple DBs. I've been saying, if Darnold's going to make a mistake, let it be downfield vs. near to the line of scrimmage. I understand not wanting negative plays. But there is reward where there is risk. And the major problem is, they take the gas off the pedal too soon, a problem we've seen a lot the last couple of years. It's definitely not Darnold's fault we have such a conservative offensive game plan. If anything, Darnold's proven that it almost doesn't matter who you have under center if you're not confident enough to let your receivers work downfield.
  7. phill1c


    Brandon Marshall is a borderline hall of gamer?! Do you mean HOFer? Even then, maybe YOUR hall of fame, but I dont' see Canton calling anytime soon. BTW, did he make those stats playing with the 32nd ranked passer that year? How can you even try to compare a full season to 3 games anyway?
  8. phill1c

    Bowles, or Bates, or both?

    I thought the game plan was to lose this year to land another stud, OLB, OT, whatever. You can't land a great draft pick without losing. Certainly Todd Bowles is living up to his part in achieving that objective by being conservative--not getting the franchise killed--and not winning games that might be winnable if an more imaginative and daring coaching demeanor were assumed. Todd Bowles: even when he loses, he loses...
  9. phill1c


    I'm happy to disagree and move on from this discussion with you. Thanks for a spirited discussion and I hope we have to disagree more about who is better, our SB QB or Defense.
  10. phill1c


    Then I guess we disagree. I saw two INTs when the game was on the line. I saw, after Mayfield scorched our defense, that we had some pathetic FG response, when it was clear to most people that that TD was needed. Again, the Jets Defense is playing at a high level, as are the Special Teams. The offense is not. Let's stop trying to lay the problems of the offense, which includes the 32nd ranked passer, onto other units. OR describe sh*tty QB play as "ok" and the problems lain at the feet of the rest of the team. Do you understand what it means to an offense to have the 32nd ranked QB leading it? It means that you're not going to win until that QB starts playing a helluva lot better.
  11. phill1c


    This was just as pedantic and uninformative as your last post. Receivers aren't getting separation because they are mostly blocking and the QB is doing 3-step drops. MOreover, they're not getting separation (not that I truly believe that because I haven't seen it) because they aren't taking deep shots and forcing the defense to cover deep. If defenses suspect that you're not going to throw deep, they're not going to cover it and are going to prevent WRs from separating because they aren't going to respect the deep route. Seems obvious, once you stop trying to explain what the West Coast Offense is to someone who has been watching it since it came out more than 30 years ago. If you're trying to make the 32nd ranked passer's issues the WRs, fine. I certainly don't want to ruin the fantasy for you. But the problems with the Jets offense has to do with two people: Bates and Darnold. period. It seems unlikely that receivers who have made plays in the past, 4 800-yard receviers, are suddenly unable to get off the line. It's an assessment only Darnold Apologist would even think to make.
  12. phill1c


    Actually, I said that Darnold played like a bitch once Mayfield came in, not that he goes down like a bitch. It was humiliating as a fan to watch Mayfield come in and inspire the Browns. In contrast, Darnold played like a bitch, scared and ineffective. Sorry, it was humiliating and he needs to way improve for me to get back on that train. Darnold has the skills: arm, mobility, quick brain. But he needs to show me more than he showed in Cleveland. That was a demoralizing loss that has me questioning his fire.
  13. phill1c


    Yeah, dude, I watch the games. Do you even know what you're watching? I think there's a calculus you haven't considered. For instance, if the ball is late, you're not going to have much YAC. And even Darnold himself has said he's not processing as fast as he needs to. But, to be sure, if the playbook is mostly short, risk-averse passing, the ceiling for the offense is going to be low, no matter who is QB. So, IMO, the playcalling and philosophy is a hinderance not really a help to developing a QB. Geez, nobody is throwing anyone under a bus. At 1-2, there's no bus to be thrown under. But he's not playing at an elite level and the assertions that all these other players are the problem when they aren't ranked 32nd in a 32-team league is kinda homerific isn't it?
  14. phill1c


    Thanks for the pedantic explanation of a WR screen and how 'difficult' it is followed up with a the notion that a WC offense can't be imaginative and not prone to the quarters-long stagnation plaguing the Jets in the last two games. Newsflash: most offenses are mostly short and intermediate passes. Anyway I'm not sure what we're arguing here. The offense has been the weak link. I think the other units have played better than last year. The offense, about the same as last year, which, given Darnold's potential is probably ok...for now. It's a shame, really, that the defensive and special teams improvements are being lost because people have to defend Darnold.
  15. phill1c


    It's pretty easy to be open on a WR screen, with another receiver blocking for you. I feel like the talent to be open is there. All these guys have size and/or speed. The TE position seems talented too. I believe the issue is the same as it perennially is: an OL that does not inspire confidence, hence the scaled back passing offense. WRs aren't given time to be open because the plays called all are about getting the ball out early. And then there's the always running at least once during a set of downs. What I don't believe the Jets brain trust understands is that you need to be aggressive to get a defense on its heels. You can't just be predictable and expect to win the battles, especially when the OL talent is not elite.

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