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  1. Mine is more than half full. I mean, if you believe that the Jets will never get anything right, what's the point of following them, in rooting for them? I'm not sure if this is the thread but there was one recently where each successive post was more negative than the last. "You've killed the horse; he's long since dead; stop stabbing him and claiming you've killed him..." Anyway, I like the moves made. They seem logical and appear to significantly strengthen the roster. I'm actually on record as NOT liking a trade up for a QB. I think the position is overvalued and I can't tell a sure thing from Dak Prescott. I was salivating at having two picks in the 2nd round, of drafting the best non-QB or trading down and addressing the OL. But, I think he can still address the OL and anything else using the remaining draft capital and free agency at the end of training camp. So, if drafting a QB can stop the incessant "need to draft a QB" arguments, I'm happy for that at least.
  2. phill1c

    New Unis?

    That is not bad actually. All I was saying is that the 80s uniforms had Jets in the shape of a Jet on the helmet, which seems appropriate. I remember back in the day, growing up, I thought the Jets helmet was stupid and not really appealing. The modern version you showed in your post was aesthetically appealing, whereas the uniform Joe Namath is wearing is ugly and dated in my opinion. I'd rather have the Jets play with a Jet in the uniform somewhere. It was on the Helmet and that seemed to make sense AND was an aesthetic improvement over the dumb and ugly football shaped background with Jets and another smaller football with Jets written in the middle. It's a very 60s-era logo.
  3. NO, NEVER!! I'd sooner drink a cat piss martini than admit ANY and I mean not even ONE IOTA of optimism or ga a ga ga...TRUST in the organization. You'll have to kill me first.
  4. phill1c

    New Unis?

    I hated the original Jets logo back in the day. It's even more stupid when you consider what it actually is: a football with the name "Jets" on it. It screams "1960s Warner Bros. cartoon art". It's not the logo for a football team. It's a logo for tires or for, maybe, a bar for Jets fans, It's not something a fan should have to see 16 times a year. The 1980s logo, by contrast, is a depiction of an actual Jet. So, of course, most Jets fans want the dumb football-thingy that makes no real sense, the thing that created the Patriots dynasty. YUCK!!!
  5. phill1c

    Demario Davis To The Saints

    I recall that Davis had a phenomenal few games in the beginning of the year. After that he somewhat tailed off. Not that he didn't have tackles but the tackles were not for loss or after significant gain. I think the Jets aren't just thinking it's a one-for-one swap as they have boodles of cash and draft picks left to spend. I liked Demario, but in the end he didn't convince me that he wasn't just a little better than the Demario I hated when they let him go the first time.
  6. Morton is garbage. Morton was helped by McCown, who made it work in spite of the ultra-conservative playcalling, which cost the Jets several games in the middle of the season. I can't say I'm sorry the Jets won't be drafting in a good position, but there is really no way that Morton is a good playcaller. His schemes shrink the field and allow defenses to play downhill. Moreover, Morton sticks to a formula, regardless of whether it makes sense to follow it. I'll explain. Morton's run at any cost scheme has cost the jets. the Jets OL is not good enough to make Ground and Pound an efficient offensive scheme for the personnel the Jets have. And I don't think running the football really is all that advantageous in the modern NFL. Bottom line, Morton is not innovative, nor does he take enough advantage of the personnel he has; his strategy is not made for scoring. Morton is about exerting his will. And, quite frankly, he hasn't done that. I'd much rather have an OC whose major strategy is to score. If that means running the ball because you have the personnel to do it, fine. But if you have the personnel to be successful by taking what the defense gives you, then that's fine too. The Jets mostly did well when they employed an aggressive playcalling strategy early, but they abandoned that in favor of conservative, predictable unproductive play calling. That makes me think that Morton is not the answer.
  7. WTF, there's a "philc1" ??!! Is this like when Kirk beamed up from a planet and the transporter created two Kirks?
  8. phill1c

    3-4: happy or ANGRY and why?

    That's a really big positive. I mean, it's only a game after all...and I too have that same feeling. Normally, after the NE Official robbery, I would be bitching and moaning about it for AT LEAST the entire week. But, really, I understood that the Jets have ZERO respect and the Patriots have all the respect. So, of course the officials are going to call the game as they did--NE had ZERO penalties the first half. yep, zero. So, in the officials eyes the Pats could do no wrong. Conversely, when the Jets were doing well, they had to find something to call because the officials believe the Jets can do no right. This is what a rebuilding team has to overcome. And, again, I really haven't had much of a problem with Bowles. Yeah, the team could be 5-2. Well, really, they could be 7-0, but the reality is that they are a slightly below .500 team. My eyes tell me that's reality. I'm not going to lie, it hurts when they lose, especially like they did yesterday. But, on the other hand, a slightly below .500 team doesn't sweep an equally talented team, they split. But I actually have a lot of players I like on this team. and very few I wish were off it. I was against the Kerley signing. But he catches most everything. I did think it interesting that the Dolphins seem to shut down his main 'route'. But there seem to be targets everywhere. Oh, and looking at the game stats: what modern NFL team throws only 27 times?! WTF is that???!! It's ridiculous.
  9. 3-4: I'm happy. At no point did I expect the Jets to be anything more than this almost .500 record. And I'm happy because, although I see holes, I see some emerging talent. And I see a team coming together. It's the rebuilding experience I've always wanted. Now I have it and I kinda like it. Am I pissed when the Jets get up two scores and--for some apparently nostalgic reason--feel they have to run between the tackles. Yeah, I have issues with Morton's playcalling. But this is to be expected as the OC learns how to be an OC with an offense learning how to be an offense. Yet the Jets have been in most games and, perhaps, had they not been robbed by the on-field and replay officials, maybe at 4-3...or 5-2. But, c'mon. this is a young team, from head to toe. So, of course just enough mistakes are made so that it drives the normally aspirated fan insane. And, I think it's hypocritical to run Rex Ryan out on a rail because he talks too much bullsht but try to run Todd Bowles out because he's not Herm Edwards. And how in the world can people really be saying Bowles should have taken a kneel down just because McCown threw an INT???! I and YOU would be crucifying Bowles if he sat on the ball with 47 seconds and all three timeouts. It was the right call. It didn't work out. And, Bowles was right: it should never have come down to that. I don't see this as a clock management issue as some has mischaracterized it. I feel Bowles has grown a bit. He got bit by McCown's weakness, the long-out route. But, the way the offense had been playing in the 4th quarter--as soon as they got a two-score lead--losing seemed inevitable anyway. In one way, however, he hasn't grown. And that's the dogged need to be a "running" team. What is it with this obsession to be something you just aren't and that isn't really that important anyway?? I know, the need to exert one's will on another team. But I think it's easier to do that by doing stuff you're good at. Namely, passing on running downs. I'm digressing...The Jets don't have the personnel to Ground and Pound. They don't have the personnel to be the Greatest Show on Turf. But they do have guys who can win matchups. I'm not sure what happened in the 1st half--other than the desire to run--that caused the Jets offense to sputter. I just think they believe that they can put in a 270-lb FB and run and, really, you can't do that with most teams in the NFL. And even if you can, you've shrunk the field into a 4-10-yard area. The Jets are effective when they pass on running downs. So, why not make the defense give up COMPLETLY on stacking the box by mostly passing on running downs? They had the Dolphins on their heels and they decided to shrink the field before the Dolphins showed they could stop the passing game. Mind boggling...But, with time, I believe it can be corrected. In the end, this is a growing 3-4 team. I like how little Lee plays, sometimes. I like his crazy demeanor. I like the production I'm seeing from Josh Martin, Damario Davis (a little silent yesterday), the secondary seems much improved, with notable lapses. The defense, I think, has been let down by an offense that has too many 3-and-outs that shift momentum or cause the defense to have to play too many snaps. and sometimes the defense just gives up the entire field in penalties. Not to short the offense, I love Seferian-Jenkins, Kearse, Tomlinson TE, Powell, McGuire, these are pretty decent players. So, they are a team that is fun to watch. The 3-4 record is the fate of a marginally talented team--getting better--that you have maddening losses like these.
  10. sigh... Again, you admonish me for calling you a nutcase, but it's ok for you to suggest that I'm stupid?! You know what? If you won't acknowledge the obvious hypocrisy you won't be convinced by me. I was hoping you'd respond with integrity and class and each of you hasn't. So, at least--until the banning--I know what kind of men I'm dealing with in you three.
  11. Actually, you're taking TheDominator's words (STFU) and tossing them at me. Mine was a response to his original STFU, which you know, I'm sure. And why were you interjecting yourself into it anyway? I wasn't talking to you. Do you guys with similar opinions really need so much to gang up on me? It's hard enough to respond to numerous people piling on the questions, in a respectful and thoughtful manner. I sure as sh!t don't need to deal with multiple people being hostile to me, simply because I have a different opinion than they do.
  12. advice apparently ONLY I have to follow. Make no mistake, If I get banished it's not the end of my world. I just enjoy chatting about the Jets and sports. But if you can't show ANY respect, that's a different thing. I think if you actually read my comments, the overwhelming majority of them are fact-based. There are guys I mess around with, Tom Shane, for example. He can take it and I can take it from him. I'm not going to run the moderator or admonish him for his crazy posts. But you guys made a big stink about me calling you a dick and how fairly objectively the policy against personal attacks is applied and today you, personally, have launched several personal attacks and been extremely hostile. Do you see how hypocritical and disrespectful that is? or you just don't want to see...
  13. again, STFU is not pointing out my faulty logic. "if you can comprehend (i'm sensing you can't)" is not pointing out faulty logic. And, if you really thought I was unable to comprehend what you're saying I suspect you'd be smart enough not to engage with me for the hours you have. Let's not insult everyone's intelligence with that fabrication. No, the simple fact is that you got upset because you can't convince me of the validity of your OPINION and launched a personal attack. We've all done it. I've been admonished for it. I think you should show leadership the moderator role requires and take the same actions you took on me when I ran afoul of policy and not just whitewash my complaint. You don't want me to be a dick, I get it. But then you can't just be a dick to me either, not and be anything close to fair and objective in your role.
  14. So, because you said it, it was "less than nothing..." Slats, you can't have a standard that nobody but me has to follow and rightly call it a standard. But, yeah, I was offended that you felt it ok to tell me to STFU. I mean, we're talking football and because you don't like what I write you feel it's appropriate to do tell me to STFU? it was not appropriate and it certainly doesn't adhere to the policy. There's really no need for personal attacks. I've been told it. You went to great lengths to say the policy was fairly and objectively applied and I just showed how wrong you are.
  15. I was admonished and haven't called anyone anything today. And, of course, two wrongs do not make a right, do they? Personally, I would engage in a free-for-all, but I was told that I cannot or risk banishment. But, apparently you feel it's ok and appropriate that you engage. And for what? We're f*cking talking about a GM of a football team...It's not even Geno Smith or Ryan Fitzpatrick or any political thing. I think I deserve the same respect you demand I show you.