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  1. It's cool. They were just afraid he was collecting checks...
  2. I think it all comes down to... Does he look like Rick Mirer or does he look like a REAL NFL QB?
  3. #1 is ALWAYS God...[i'm keeping it 100] #2 is Second Super bowl Trophy baby!!! "We're going to win that game!!"
  4. No. you're confusing me with phillc1 or whatever it is named.
  5. Thanks for what? "Thanks Sam, for missing those games with Mono. Thanks for making it clear early, against Mayfield, that you were NOT going to be competitive. Thanks for getting a spoiled teenage loser's disease "mono" to miss games. Thanks for treating the Jets, and their fans, like you really didn't give a sh*t about winning or playing or competing against elite competition." Is that what we're supposed to thank him for? I'm sorry, this thread makes me want to vomit.
  6. I think you take the best player. Or trade down if you can't use him. But the Jets have so many 'needs'. I mean if the Jets drafted a productive CB who was a leader and productive, I'd be very happy. It would beat drafting a talented guy who we can't really use to his potential (Coples comes to mind).
  7. I kinda disagree. Worst in football?! of course not. Lots of very good defenders. It's not elite, but it's not the worst, as it's been since 2010. I see talent at the skill positions, talent in the front seven. I mean, it seems ridiculous to have been a jets fan for the last decade and look at this roster and say it's the worst. This roster underachieved last year, due to injury and poor scheme. I blame coaching for all the WRs getting hamstrings, btw.
  8. I think it's a heckuva lot easier getting quality smalls than it is quality bigs. And one really has zero to do with the other. Moreover, if you're getting pressure your CBs don't have to cover like Revis.
  9. Trade out of #2, draft an OL with the #1 you receive in trade. Draft an Edge with the Seattle pick. All this talk of needing to draft WRs high is misplaced. The Jets have guys that, if they all don't get hamstrings, are decent: Crowder, Mims, Perriman, Berrios, Smith (either) and I'm sure Jets could sign a FA. Get BIG, athletic guys with high picks.
  10. I really HATE the football logo. It means nothing. I liked the gen. 2 Jet logo of Ken O'Brien, Joe Klecko, and Freeman McNeil. It actually depicts a J-E-T. The Jets do play football, but don't really need a football to remind people. They should have gone with an actual Jet on the uniform somewhere.
  11. I think he is disappointed Josh Allen didn't win. He's got a man crush.
  12. those were just the convenient (to my addled brain) examples. I'm sure there are plenty more, where this or that QB came in free agency or a DL or edge rusher making a big difference. Or a safety leading a defense to the playoffs after a trade. It happens frequently. I stated that FA alone doesn't fix a 'bad' roster. it can be used to shore up specific weaknesses. And, really, most rosters around the same, talent-wise. You have your outliers, like, say, the Jets. But even this roster is really not all that far, with the draft and FA capital the Jets have, from being average to better, dep
  13. Someone mentioned Aaron Rodgers' 6-9-1 season to refute this. I think that if the GM believes the Jets can win with Watson, he pays him. the numbers you've quoted sound way south of Kirk Cousins, so a bargain if you ask me.
  14. Wow, I would mourn that. it would make me that much older...
  15. when I saw that there were no less than 5 threads devoted in some way to Jamal Adams playoff Sunday, it was clear: these guys really hate him. what is it about him that enrages you so much? You didn't like him when he was here and now you hate him for leaving you?
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