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  1. "What is your background with football?" Unemployed HC of the NYJ... Same as everyone else. WTF, is there are litmus test for stupid? We're Jets fans. We know nothing. We see nothing. We eat everything!!
  2. "And I said that if Mangini was the coach and Rex the DC we probably would have had a SB appearance..." Yeah, he's the most under appreciated head coach in league history, behind David Shula. The guy was hated by the players and did nothing inspiring or innovative and was generally an arrogant ass. He was a poorly executed plan to weaken the Pats, thereby propelling them to their dynastic status. But, he WAS in a Sopranos episode...
  3. great post!! love the linked table. Yeah, I agree, but I think the Jets need one to two new starters (depending on Beachum's free agency). Watching Jets post game, they were like "Gase doesn't want Bell" and that's part of why his ypc is low and his carries per game down. Powell has looked decent, but that could be because they are playing way better than before. The Jets OL has no mashers and is weak at LG and RG. I mean none of them are excellent players. I think you add an excellent player to the mix it changes everything. And I also think the Jets need only one more potent receiving weapon. Guys are getting open now, Darnold's not hitting all the of open ones. And too frequently throwing into coverage. He just has an excellent arm to get away with it. I like Darnold's chances. He's got supreme arm talent and I think he'll start making more plays with his legs. And, yeah, an offseason with Vincent Smith and all the other guys in the same system should be great. And, I have to admit, he's avoided the killer mistake for a while now. I know he threw an INT but INTs happen. I've never been so upset by risk taking. Just don't like stupid mistakes, which Darnold was making earlier. But I think Darnold's smart enough to learn from experience and, I think, ultimately, he's a winner.
  4. The biggest ridiculous notion is that Rex Ryan somehow coached up Revis. No, Revis's talent is what made him great. That he declined after was because of age, not losing Rex Ryan, who doesn't even coach DBs.
  5. Rex isn't the Rex you seem to think he was. And I would take Gregg Williams over him, every time. In fact, he was always being too aggressive when it wasn't appropriate and doing stupid things like making Richardson play OLB in pass coverage. Blitzing everyone on 3rd and forever...just really had one trick, the overload blitz, and nothing creative or smart otherwise. The Jets literally lost games because of his stupid defensive calls. [they probably won more than a few too]
  6. I think it was more personnel than great defensive genius. I mean, everyone blitzes. It's nothing new. He did have that nobody in a 3-point stance defense, but that's one trick. In the end, either you have the personnel and the ability to win man-to-man, or you don't. Once he didn't have Revis and a great DL, he was nothing and had no answers.
  7. Sure, happy to help you out...Although I would say that I'm just making MY point because who the hell knows what your point actually is/was?
  8. 3 hours ago, JoJoTownsell1 said: When your 22 year old QB goes 20/36 for 270YDs, 2TDs and 1 INT in a winning cause......and the fanbase is furious that he didn't play well, you KNOW you've found your FRANCHISE QB. I'm just glad those idiots are not the GM of this team OK, wait, first of all, who is furious? That said, 20-36 (55%) is not exactly lighting it up, especially for not having 300 yards and having only one more TD than pick. Maybe that's a JETS Franchise QB statistics...not anything to write home about. And, it WAS a gift, but correct, review. It was as feeble a game-winning drive as I've seen recently. BUT, it sure beats losing 21-19 so, yay!!! [hint of sarcasm]
  9. you ARE your Iron Man costume... Seriously, real tool this one...
  10. Wait, did someone actually paint Met Life as some sort of "opposing Fan Sanctuary" lololol [cough]delusional!! They have a jail for people fighting in Met Life for people fighting other people. True story, I went to a Jets preseason game, it was raining, the jets were playing some other green team and there were several fights my wife and I saw...in the rain...in a preseason game. lol Actually, I think those were Jets fans fighting other Jets fans...
  11. Darnold is just fine, for a guy in his second year playing for a new coach and shi1ty OL. That said, his decision making is poor...and slow. But anyone in his situation would be where he is. Because, yeah, it's easy until they scheme against you. Then, it's not so easy. I'm hopeful for Darnold to become the franchise qb the Jets paid for. And he seems headed in that general direction. He needs to start seeing things faster and better than he does now. But that should happen because he definitely has the arm talent.
  12. Demario Davis comes to mind, Danny Woodhead, Snacks, do you doubt it? I'm not saying all-pro in all cases, just that the Jets have drafted players with some measurables that haven't panned out here but who contribute to good teams. What I'm trying to convey is that most players fall within specifications, e.g., 4.3 40, lift this, how high you jump, etc. And most of players drafted have played against each other, so, there's really not a whole lot of difference in physical ability between most players. Yeah, there are freaks outside of the norm. So, with that in mind, I think the Jets have mostly failed to get much out of the players with talent they've drafted. Probably the most egregious would be the handling of DTs Wilkerson, Coples, and Leonard Williams. But Vlad Ducasse comes to mind as well as numerous WRs, Stephen Hill included. Just like any life, the formative years are everything. You mess up a dude's development and he may never recover, even though he has exactly the same talent or more than other successful players. It's all about the system in place for draft picks. And this is where the Jets have failed abysmally over the last decade.
  13. It was ugly. I missed the 2nd quarter. I think it's ok to admit he had a 'meh' game, made easier to stomach because of a penalty at the end. I mean, I doubt you're defending a 21-19 loss so vociferously.
  14. Yeah, the Ravens are more than "Lamar". But, I think we have as good a chance, defensively, as anyone. But, based on today's effort, the offense doesn't stand a chance.
  15. I see progress. I'm happy the jets have a QB with an arm. His brain is a little behind his arm right now, but I expect a big leap next year, assuming the OL issues are resolved.

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