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  1. Each year IS different: different levels of suck!! I'm happy 'everyone' is happy with this choice. I was surprised by the firing--and saddened a little; I felt the Jets were inching along, getting better, personnel-wise--but I certainly can't defend Maccagnan's record: it was weak. So, if people are happy then we can pretend that we can be as good as we need to be to show significant improvement THIS SEASON.
  2. in the end, it's hard to compare the two, apples-to-apples, because one of them will play for a team with a demonstrated and virtually perpetual history of winning and the other will play for the Jets. As Bum Phillips said: "he's a great coach [Belicheat in this case] because he can takes his and beat you and he could takes your'n and beat you..." or something like that.
  3. I disagree with your analogy because the premise "boom or bust after a 4-win season" seems a) not accurate: Q Williams and not a boom or bust guy and he's the major asset of this draft, b) your premise ignores all the moves they made in free agency, and c) I think it's exactly the right thing to do to draft a boom or bust guy in the third round, since it's much less of a sure thing even if you chose a "low ceiling" player. Moreover, I think the Jets absolutely need players who are booms. Having a bunch of "meh" players is only going to take you so far...in the BEST case scenarios. So, I'd rather see them take some chances in the draft rather than settling for 'hold the fort' guys.
  4. I disagree. I think the Jets have plenty of "low ceiling" guys. That's why they suck. If you have a team of "low ceiling" guys, it gets you 2nd round exit maybe a championship game. But you don't win the SB with a team full of "low ceiling" guys. The key is to get as many guys as possible reaching their "high ceiling" potential; not maximizing "low ceiling" play.
  5. LOL They said the same thing about Ryan Fitzpatrick, and decades later...
  6. The first issue I have with this opinion is the reliance on "...most people". IMO, most people is not a significant validation of the opinions. "Most people" thought the world was flat centuries ago. Just because "most people" or "a lot of people" think a certain way is not a persuasive argument. Beyond that, I think having a defense that is built solidly up the middle and able to generate a-gap pressure is going to help Darnold, with additional opportunities. I think the Jets have a responsibility to give Darnold weapons, but if Darnold's "all that" he should be able to improve his performance with the healthy weapons he has now. The Jets do need to bolster the OL and certainly another threatening WR would be great. But not with the 3rd pick in the draft. I wanted Josh Allen first. I would have settled for Bosa. But then, right before the draft, Bosa started to fall in my estimation. Injury history and, for me, just his style, really didn't WOW me. When Josh Allen went #7, I feel that was the proper spot for him. I think it would have been overpaying for an edge rusher when the defense would be weak up the middle. And I didn't think much about Q Williams because I hated the Leonard Williams pick and felt this would be the same: an overhyped interior DL who is "the best player" in the draft falling to the Jets. And, IMO, DT is becoming a less impactful position. That said, you have to have a mismatch somewhere, and what better place to have it than right up the opposing offense's a-gap? Especially if you don't have the marquis edge rusher. So, you can see I'm of mixed emotions. But I think this is a little different because I think the team is in a different spot. And I'm of the opinion that you build the OL and DL first, then you get the other pieces. But I sure would like some sacks from an OLB. Maybe Williams and Williams helps get us there.
  7. I think the criticism seems excessive and not even reasonable. Two arguments: 1. "It isn't a position of need..." WHAT?! The Jets weren't consistently able to stop the run. Their best player wasn't effective because they didn't have any other threats inside (or outside). IMO, you build up the middle to win. If you don't have strength up the middle, you got nothing. If you can't disrupt the A-gap pass rush wise, you certainly can't stop Brady. The way a defense becomes dominant is to have dominant units on it. You can't be a great defense with a great player here and there, you have to a critical mass. I'm hopeful, Williams and Williams will be that critical mass to help out the rest of the defense perform better. 2. "Josh Allen would be a better fit..." I don't think so. Without great DL play, edge rushers can be handled. I'm not saying he'd be a bust, I just like building from the middle outward. I guess I've seen the Jets be decent without a marquise edge-rusher for so long, and seen other teams like NE do pretty well without a "name" OLB. And I also believe the A-gap pressure is the most impactful anyway. I wanted Josh Allen. But I really wanted Anthony Barr and Q Williams. I think Williams is the better choice. An edge rusher will be there and, really, with a better interior DL, guys like Copeland and Lee should be able to pressure the QB from the outside better.
  8. "T-14. NEW YORK JETS 2018 pass-blocking efficiency: 85.5 Heading into 2018, the Jets’ offensive line was correctly pegged as an underwhelming unit that was made up of average-level veterans. At the end of 2018, they met expectations. They allowed 17 sacks, 19 hits, and 115 hurries from their 581 passing plays in 2018." Underwhelming is what this OL is. Is it as bad as it has been the last few years? No. But it definitely needs better quality players, especially inside. But the tackles aren't much either. They could use a difference-maker somewhere on the OL. I hope the OG they got from the Raiders is an upgrade but that leaves 3 more positions that could use an upgrade.
  9. I'm not buying this contention. I think there are LBs who can cover RBs, TEs and WRs...for a limited time. I personally saw Demario Davis cover TEs, RBs, can't say WRs. I'm not saying they are shutdown covers, but they all aren't David Harris on a wheel route. Bottom line, I'd take Allen over Bosa. I think Allen is more versatile, whereas Bosa is strictly at the Line of Scrimmage. And I don't think he's as fluid or quick/fast as Allen. I mean, if you're going to pick Bosa, you might as well pick Williams and try for another edge rusher later on.
  10. Winters is a turnstile in both run and pass blocking. There's nothing tough about getting beat 70% of the time.
  11. with the Jets OL and QB situation over this period, it certainly clouds the assessment. IMO, the offensive coordination has been terrible since 2010, the last time anyone was successful running a "Ground and Pound" offense. LOLOLOL
  12. Yes, I'm glad you mentioned that. To me, it's the classic "Nature vs. Nurture" argument: In other words, in the NFL most players have superior talent. I mean, this IS the best of the best. I think it's a big difference to say "Coples Sucks" if he were drafted by the Steelers. I mean, if you can't make it in Pittsburgh, where they have a tradition of winning and a virtual factory of defensive playmakers. If the Steelers had drafted Coples, they would have had a plan for him and he'd be coming into a situation. How much of Coples lack of success due to his own limitations, physical and/or mental? vs. being in a chaotic situation, playing out of position, etc.? Who knows... And then I also believe that second chances really diminish the odds of success, even with superior talent. And that is mostly mental. I'm sure I'm missing a lot of evidence here; I'm happy to discuss further...
  13. I'm a Coples fan, actually. I'm not saying he lived up to potential because he didn't. But A LOT of that goes to the coaching staff, who never had a concrete plan and had the guy playing all over the field in roles he wasn't best suited for. Draft a DT in the first and play him at LB? Ask him to lose weight, gain weight... And, of course, being one of his fans, I thought the claims of laziness or lack of focus were oversold. And the man had some ******* hard @ss hits man.
  14. Seems to offer significant draft flexibility, no? Just keep accumulating athletes vs. busts...
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