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  1. Damn it's ruff in hear!! BARKIN' DOGS!!! All we really need from Cashman is a game. or a half. EVERY NFL ANALYST PICKED J-E-T-S ??!!!
  2. I was more the "i have a huge dick, bend over" type of guy. And, for you, the offer still stands, though you wouldn't be.
  3. Actually, I think it's because Cashman's father has some papers on Woody Johnson. Nothing else remotely makes sense. As I remember, Cashman would 'assist' on A tackle and all his fans are like, "he's FLYING ALL OVER THE FIELD!!" Then, before it can be posted on Anti-JetNation through their 14.4 modems, he's injured AGAIN.
  4. Wow, you guys made this thread entertaining...you're the best!!!
  5. I think the struggles of the offense revolve around starting hot. They don't. They start cold. Basically, they are working with 2.5-3 quarters. This needs to improve: 1st quarter offense. Try starting off in hurry-up. Because then people will be open and I think Wilson is ready.
  6. That Is true. And they definitely were gassed in the 4th quarter. What made the effort really remarkable was that it was against Tannehill, who is usually very quick getting rid of the ball. To have so many sacks against a pro like Tannehill is pretty good. And, while the 4th quarter run defense sucked overall, they didn't lose. and they kept them out of the endzone in the 5th quarter, when it was gut-check time. It was all about mano-a-mano then. They played with gigantic heart. It feels good to see the improvement and a positive feel building. Let's get this game!!
  7. In your bizarro world Joe Namath would need to say, "we're going to completely fail to win the game!"
  8. First of all, any college QB can carry a team if all the other parts are great. So, not really much praise there. "He can throw really well on the move." that's his extraordinary talent.
  9. Nope, it's not. It's not THE SAME, hence the Jets jettisoning so many of their defensive personnel from last year to this year. But I would also say that there are significant differences in 3-4 defenses so that some of them may be closer to 4-3 and vice versa. I mean, the Flex defense, made popular by Tom Landry, was a 4-3 with alignments more like a 3-4. And so it goes... My point is that Joe Douglass changed coaching and defensive coordinators and that is why some draft picks from his first draft might not be perfect fits for his current team/systems.
  10. To be fair, that was Sherwood's mom who said that.
  11. Here's a question: what metrics support your contention? Last year his PFF grades were very good. Never mind, you ain't got no metrics, Just a big "suck" mouth.
  12. "completely failed"??! look up 'failed" and "completely". Neither of those is true in this instance. In a complete failure, points are not scored...for the offense.
  13. Yeah, I think I'm going to focus on enjoying the ride. Not two years from now or even next year. I like THIS team. I'm rooting for THIS team. After two sucky head coaches in the last 5 years, I'm entitled to enjoy the progress this team is making week after week. I love these kids.
  14. when is a LT responsible for "interior" pressure??? He was blocking his man when someone else rolled up on his leg.
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