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  1. funny, Personal Choice: Always stupid Always dangerous Always something the taxpayer has to foot the bill for NEVER anything of value to the person or society
  2. disagree with? lol how about don't respect and don't see any redeeming qualities in...while I have to support their no account @sses.
  3. this is a PANDEMIC. It's not a choice, like abortion. It's a PUBLIC HEALTH issue. Since when is it a right to be highly infectious or to be in a position where you're more dangerous to others or contributing to the danger to others because you don't want to take a shot? This is the end of civilization (being civil at least) where people feel no obligation to do anything regarding the betterment of society. Oh, these "liberty" douche bags are all about personal liberty, except when they need society's help, some Monal Clonal Antibodies, some "free" care at the hospital, a new house after a tornado in december blew down their PennsylTuckey McMansion. Then they're all "FEMA come help me, my Governor can't do dick!" And for what? By the time the race war is won, your property values will be sh!t and you'll be dead anyway. Oh, to tie it back to Rodgers...He's a liar. A lie is ANY attempted deception. And mostly a choker.
  4. I'm in no hurry to sign Cole. Crowder either. The Jets are little small at some key skill positions. And we've seen that these guys are not that durable. So, I'm definitely signing Berrios but the other two are fallbacks really. I have Moore for the slot. Crowder is not needed and is kinda in the way at this point. I'm looking for size and speed.
  5. Seriously, why would the Jets be looking to pay a lot of money to a non-impact player coming off an Achilles injury when they've shown that they can unearth young, cheap guys to play the position? It's not like Maye is a thumper or interceptor. He was pretty good in coverage, I'll give you that. Smart player. But I'm very skeptical of a DB coming off an Achilles injury. If I were to devote a lot of dollars to the position, it's not going to be for someone coming off injury. Who I didn't draft and who doesn't have size.
  6. lol Wise enough to be employed in the job. Smart enough not to be sitting the #2 pick in the draft for Mike White.
  7. I think the Jets should draft more size at the safety position. Marcus Maye was a decent free safety, but not really an impact player. Coming off injury, not sure he's the future.
  8. First off, you aren't the decider of what the 2nd pick earns a 2nd pick. The team that picks him is. And for THIS pick, he's earned the starter's job. No doubt you may have some wisdom in other areas. This post is not wise or smart or accurate.
  9. lol I really thought the Jets threw this game. The defense sure seemed to be quite compliant, especially the last two plays. I mean, so Wilson screwed up, for whatever reason: he's a douche or he's as dumb as a post or a rookie/mental mistake... WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE??? It's not spoiling any playoff berths (for the Jets anyway). It's just a lesson. And, btw,... There are plenty of Class A douche bags under Center and in Canton for that matter. There are plenty of mental midgets playing well on plenty of teams. This is a lesson. And the kid learns his lessons.
  10. I mean, he WAS the 2nd pick in the draft for f*ck's sake. Did you forget that?! You act like the starting QB for the Jets is something great players are desiring. The last great QB who wanted to play FOR the Jets was Dick Pic Brett Favre. I mean, just because I love Braxton Berrios doesn't mean the Jets have anything anyone covets. Yeah, he's starting because he earned it by being the 2nd pick in the draft. If you don't think he earned it at BYU, where the heck were you before the draft? And even if you did believe this, it's stupid. Of course he earned it, parents notwithstanding. And do you really think most great QBs don't have rich/wealthy parents who give them all the advantages? Did you just migrate to this country? I like this kid. He's learning. He's saying everything right. He's not perfect, but so what? this is what watching a player develop is all about, not looking for reasons to NOT like him.
  11. you probably weren't talking to me or any comment I made. I'm sorry, I was too aggressive. I don't think we need as much as you mentioned. ONE 1st/2nd round target should be sufficient. It's about keeping the guys we have on the field, Jets need consistency at each positions. Seems like just as soon as the OL started playing well, the WRs went down. But I think that is common in first-year teams: there's no rhythm the body is used to. I'd like a nice large/fast WR added. But I also believe a priority should be on defense: tall, rangy safety. I'm not sure what else the Jets need. But those two things would be a start. I'm never sold on the notion of "needing" a TE. In my offense (the one I don't actually have) the TE's main responsibility: BLOCK. Every skill player should be able to catch, but if your WRs are great, I don't think you need a great TE. So, maybe it's flexibility in the 1st/2nd round for that skill player. I also admit to seeing the Jets pick a ton of TEs that just didn't work out all that well: Johnnie Mitchell, Anthony Becht, another name escapes me.
  12. the guys, Bart Scott, Colon, and Duesible, REALLY don't like Wilson. I trust their judgment but I don't agree with A LOT of the criticism. For example, earlier in the year, Wilson was criticized for his "let it rip" mentality. Colon and Scott especially were all, "it's not about throwing it as hard as you can...it's about throwing a catchable balll...he's making it about himself...etc...." I thought Wilson was saying that he should just trust his instincts, not throw the ball really hard. I think they somewhat don't like the entitled aura they feel Wilson displays. I don't know or care. I like the talent and I think we're looking at a league or at least division where he wouldn't have to be Dan Marino to give the Jets a shot. Just don't be Sam Darnold or Mike Glennon.
  13. From what I've seen these last few games, why would I be looking to make excuses? Zack Wilson seems to be way more comfortable with the NFL game than even a month ago. So why is anyone looking for excuses? You're building a case that really doesn't exist. Zack Wilson played a good pro game these last few weeks. Nothing suggests that he won't continue to grow as long as he has weapons. Dak Prescott is throwing to a trio of #1 #2 guys. So, the Jets should continue to pursue quality size at the WR position. I'm thinking the Jets really need size at safety and WR. I'm happy with the cast at RB.
  14. A LOT of brain cells have died here...only to be reanimated as posts.
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