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  1. the notion of trading your best player, an All Pro, and Jamal Adams in particular, is the racist part. They don't like him because he's Black and too uppity for their tastes. IF he were White, they'd be wearing his jersey and anointing him to Canton. You really don't see that?! Trading FOR OBJ is just stupid and, again, in keep with the racist profile: they're stupid.
  2. Crowder is better. He was our established deep threat.
  3. I appreciate your argument. BUT I have to say that there DOES seem to be a 'personal' element to many of these criticisms about salary. For example, the same people who are ok with [guess who?] Brian Winters are all hard about how Leonard Williams was overpaid, even though Williams pretty much played most of the snaps he could whereas Winters was injured for much of his tenure and played like dogsh!t the rest of it. But nary a peep about the Jets wasting money on that loser. And before you say "well, Williams was sixth in the draft and Winters was taken..." wherever he was drafted. The facts are that those limited expectations are only allowed for certain pets, not for even the average JAG the Jets employ. In other words, they're ok with wasting Woody's money and ruining the salary cap when the player profile is pleasing. And that's ok. But let's not pretend that posters' motivations are purely about the quality of the roster. It's about keeping our favorites and getting rid of those we disapprove (Jamal Adams) sometimes regardless of performance.
  4. In this fool's duoverse, there are only two possible outcomes...are you really this limited in real life?
  5. There IS no difference. Both guys have limited options. The REAL difference may just be that Mac pretty much went all in for our "franchise QB". The OL is bereft because Mac spent what, #1, 3 #2s, on Sam Darnold. For all your bitching about how incompetent Mac was, he got you your 'franchise qb' when could have drafted OL, EDGE, AND CB. He did exactly what you wanted him to.
  6. "try hard guys"?! Setting the edge is not a "try hard" job. It's a "be the immovable wall..." against the best OL the opponents have job. The Jets employ Jenkins to play 1st and 2nd down defense, primarily. Then they employ an array of pressure packages on 3rd downs. And Jenkins got 8 sacks. Couple of multi-sack games. Playing the strong side. that isn't just "try hard" is it? [the above is a COMPLETE OVERREACTION to Scoop24's comment] I agree about the need for a speed rush guy. But I really only want that guy if he comes with more tricks. Williams and I can get pass rush whenever we need it. We need an every down guy who can rush the passer, play the run, and cover a TE/RB. Jenkins earned his spot and seems to be a real "team" guy to want to stay.
  7. I love this one, it looks like my shoulder tattoo Aries, the Ram.
  8. Anyone who wants to trade Adams is a racist...in my mind. Anyone who wants to trade for Beckham Jr. is just dumb. Hmm, racist and dumb...happens alla time.
  9. You know what, I renounce the name. Even though I've had it for more than 20 years. You have it dude.
  10. I have respect for your talent evaluation acumen but it's hard to fathom someone giving up something for a smallish OG, who has sustained significant injury repeatedly, when they can get him for free later, IF there were any serious demand for him. But I totally agree: ALL blanket opinions are stupid!
  11. WTF is wrong with you? First off, GET YOUR OWN NAME!! Secondly, don't EVER 'fix' anything OF MINE with your unparalleled stupidity. Anyone who supports Brian Winters is a racist in my mind.
  12. Anyone who supports Brian Winters is a racist in my mind...but it was more about the intensity of my forum posting back in the day.
  13. I think Jets fans are more insecure about their small penises [author excluded], not one-trick, game managers.
  14. phew...I'm saving a bunch on commuting with this Coronavirus, but still... What's funny is that something like this, 20 years ago, would have me typing 8 paragraphs of "you ******* racist..."
  15. uh, maybe for an NCAA Div II team. He's not a starter. He's not even a backup because he's always hurt. He has ZERO physical talent. He may have technique borne of several years of NFL practice. But I want my backups to be starters in waiting. Not guys who just aren't good enough... And if this guy's name is Trey Washington, you're not supporting him, you're joking about his numerous baby mammas.
  16. Nah, because of the way my checking and saving accounts are set up...
  17. Ryan Kalil started at C for the Jets. Jonatthan Harrison was better and didn't start. So, kinda NOT a persuasive argument.
  18. Copeland was ok. But not really a great pass rusher or coverage guy. I think some guys coming off of injury can take his place.
  19. Why, exactly? He played like sh!t...healthy or unhealthy, the guy is garbage and I'm to put $50 that nobody gives a crap about him playing through injuries.
  20. The cast is no better or worse than he is. Leveon Bell, NOT garbage. the WRs, NOT garbage. The OL was garbage. But that doesn't excuse all his mistakes.
  21. Who says the replacements are crappy?
  22. Absolutely, but his thinking and processing is at his pro experience level, which is not a lot and he makes rookie mistakes. I believe he CAN grow. We'll see because the OL is fixing not to be a major issue.
  23. THE STUPIDEST... Trading a productive player for someone you'll hate more and who actually has no correlation with winning or improving anyone around him. Just racist stupidity because you don't like black people smarter, better looking, and with a future you never had.

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