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  1. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000740188/article/jared-goff-to-start-for-rams-against-dolphins Honestly wish we could just cancel the rest of the season. This is embarrassing on every level.
  2. This is going to be as ugly a game as we've ever seen as Jet fans.. oops forgot we have a bye this week.. lol
  3. Browns are officially intentionally trying to lose. 2 punt returners.. lmao.
  4. Lmao Vlad Ducasse.. That moron is still in the league?
  5. I'll cap off this argument by saying this. I think we might have a more potent 1-2 punch with Marshall / Enunwa than Marshall / Decker.
  6. Possession receiver? Dude that is so mind boggling that you think that lol. Not only has Q seen much softer coverage than Marshall on literally every single game this year, he's been the beneficiary of more accurate passes from Fitz / Geno. Marshall has had to reach behind, reach forward, and he even went as far as turning a sure interception into a touchdown. That interception that Q broke up, Marshall turned into a touchdown. Same position, ball placement and everything. I just wish they could switch spots for one game. Q would struggle mightily facing that type of coverage and Marshall
  7. Yes, Marshall is a much more dangerous receiver. Stop mentioning "at this point in this career" and his age because he's coming off a career year showing no signs of slowing up yet. Until further notice, Marshall is our most potent offensive weapon. If Q faced nearly as much defensive attention as Marshall is getting, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. This is not an indictment on Q. He's on his way up and he's doing exactly what he's needed to do; beat soft coverages when Marshall takes on the tougher stuff. That's fantastic. Lets just not blow it out of proportion and ac
  8. Yes, and Revis has been just as bad as them. Arguably worse.
  9. Once again, what has he done this year that makes you say he's the best CB on the team? I'll repeat myself, he's done nothing to separate himself in that category, all while making much more money than anybody else in the secondary. Of course he's going to be targeted.
  10. I just gave you video evidence of a guy who doesn't care about his team, teammates, or the fans. Only about collecting the check every week, making 17 mill this year. Why in the WORLD would he not get criticized?
  11. And no problem with a guy who's making 17 mill to get smoked constantly and exert zero effort to help his team. Noted.
  12. Again, we're paying him the same amount of money right now as a few years ago when he was shutting down #1's with no help.
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