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  1. 4 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

    Financial risk is the stupidest context of risk for fans to worry about. It's not our money. In the history of the sport, how many teams really ruin their season by adding an extra rookie contract... the risk ASJ represents is taking a roster spot away from someone more immediately deserving. The risk Gordon represents is spending assets (trading picks) for a player who never plays a game for us.

    If people are complaining about using a roster spot on the rookie QB we drafted in round 2, but advocating dedicating assets and further roster spots to sh*theads who can't play right now... it is contradictory logic.

    Typical of our fans. 

    No trade involved.  He'd be a cheap FA pickup. 

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  2. 1 minute ago, munchmemory said:

    At least The Verve is in good company.  Klein was a shark and used everything in his power to safeguard Stones' material.

    Dude, are you a JI castoff?  Your posts are too good to be coming out of nowhere.

    Nope.  I literally am coming out of nowhere.  This is my first year as a STH so I figured I would join JN so I can chime in on different topics and bond (mourn) with my fellow Jet fans and meet some of the regulars at games.

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  3. Just now, Integrity28 said:

    Gordon isn't low-risk at all. WTF are you talking about?

    The guy is suspended constantly. He's literally the most high-risk player in all of football, as it pertains to getting suspended again.

    ASJ is a never-was. Sure, when you have nothing else at TE, you can justify adding him as low-risk. However, how is having him on the roster, knowing he can't contribute right now any different than having Hack on the roster... which seems to be the complaint du jour??

    It's not.

    I think we mean ri$$$k... not risk of him never playing.

  4. 1 minute ago, munchmemory said:

    That's a great get.  

    I remember the lead singer laughing when they told him he didn't get the rights to that Stones riff.  He didn't know the Stone's legal team was headed by Allen Klein.  Guess what?  Stones made all the money from the song's royalties and The Verve got zero.  lol

    Right after the decision was handed down, the Stones sold this song like acid at a Jefferson Airplane concert.  It was used in almost every commercial.

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  5. SAR:

    Thank you for your very detailed and insightful reply.  Your posts are always the best when it comes to seating choices.  As someone who comes into work on Monday Mornings with no voice and a screaming headache, I can see why my 20-something year old brethren should avoid the club seats when with the boys.  I'll have to behave when taking the wife to club seats.  But it seems like for the one or two games she comes to, it would be best just to grab some seats there rather than make her "suffer" in the lowers.  I just didn't want to be in a totally sterile environment with no life to it (corporates).  Otherwise I'd truly make her suffer down low.  Plus getting in and out of the stadium quickly must be nice.

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  6. I know the "are Mezz club seats worth it" discussion has been had, but I'd like to forget about that and the price for a moment.

    I'd like to just know about the atmosphere and amenities.  I have a wife who reluctantly goes to the cold weather games on occasion and likes to sit for the entire game.  I am a STH in the lowers and love my section and the atmosphere, or "vibe."  Obviously, there isn't the "warm up in the club" perk or "sit down all game in your bigger comfy padded chairs" perk either, but I love being out in the elements.

    I feel like my regular LL seats are proper for when I'm there with "the boys" (most occasions), but concerned my wife may not appreciate them as much, or the occasional profane language used.  

    Is there a completely different vibe for the Mezzanine Club seats?  Do alot of people sell their tickets on the secondary market up there (aka - are there alot of visiting fans)?  Thanks in advance for the responses.

    P.S.  Want to re-emphasize that I don't want to get into the "are they worth it" argument, assume for the sake of argument all tickets cost the same.  Thanks!

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