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  1. That’s not true either. How many Runningbacks have have came through the Jets under Macc? He might not have drafted one in the first 2 or 3 rounds but he’s addressed the position.
  2. He showed promise last year but got hurt. I’m not saying he’s an All Pro, but Macc did draft a RB in a deep RB draft.
  3. Didn’t we draft Elijah McGuire last year?
  4. August

    Poorly coached team

    But what if they looked at it themselves and saw that it wasn’t a catch?
  5. August

    Sam was really bad

    Those were some 2012/2013 era skill position players we had out there today.
  6. August

    Sam was really bad

    He didn’t play well this week. Hopefully he does better next week.
  7. Roberts is having himself a day.
  8. August

    Jets Releasing Terrelle Pryor...

    I’m surprised but they need the roster spot so...
  9. He’s getting better every week, the offense is starting to gel and Darnold is building chemistry with everyone.
  10. August


    Good win. Imo this was Darnold’s best game, the defense was opportunistic.
  11. August

    The Colts Will Be A Litmus Test

    We should win this game. But the Jets have laid eggs before after good wins. The Colts defense is bad and we should be able to pressure Luck.
  12. This proves that if he had an agenda against Bowles he’d really go after him and set a narrative. The media is a lot more influential in this market than people want to admit.
  13. I acknowledge and admit that the middle of his rookie year was crappy. But in his last 4 games he had 4 TD’s, 2 Int’s, 790 yards, 59% completion, 82.7 QBR, 6.9 yards per attempt. Not earth shattering but solid.
  14. The run game carried us yesterday but Darnold also controlled what he can control and played a good game, he finally was able to connect with Anderson which is key and he even got a td to Pryor. These games will build up his confidence.

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