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  1. Too close. But it’s amazing what competent QB can do for a team.
  2. QB’s need weapons but QB’s are supposed to also elevate the play of their team. Hence why they’re *franchise* quarterbacks. I don’t know what you’re talking about.
  3. Again another positive play negated by stupid penalties
  4. And when the Jets make a positive play there’s a penalty
  5. They should get someone with a little more experience. I’d be ok with Osweiler.
  6. The Patriots have traded with every team in the league under Belichek.
  7. Never thought I’d see the day we trade with the patriots
  8. This is a team that retooled in order to compete.
  9. Mark Sanchez’ retirement officially closes the chapter on those back to back AFC Championship Game teams and its kinda bittersweet in a way.
  10. I don’t mind if they expanded the playoffs. But no dice on a 18 game schedule.
  11. They should’ve did this back when they fired Bowles
  12. Why are defensive linemen always the BPA?

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