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  1. I wanted Elijah on the roster but I understand. Disappointing news for sure.
  2. Jets and Giants at most will be a 4:25 game. In all my years I never recall them putting a Jets/Giants game on national tv.
  3. vs Chiefs SNF within the first 5 weeks at Cowboys Thanksgiving at Bills SNF vs Dolphins MNF at Patriots TNF
  4. I support it because we’ve failed to develop our own QB so therefore we need to go after a veteran. This roster is a playoff roster, we just needed a QB. Hopefully Rodgers doesn’t fall off suddenly.
  5. vs The Cowboys for sure on Thanksgiving
  6. I just did a quick search and you’re basically scraping the barrel. Might as well be Zach.
  7. He had his moments last year. He’s worth keeping around for depth purposes.
  8. He’ll look good in SF throwing to wide open receivers an elite run game and a defense that will give him short fields and a lead.
  9. Sounds like a man who wants to stick it to the Packers, and doesn’t want to play for the only team that is interested in his services. If that was me i’d be “undecided” too.
  10. If another option doesn’t materialize he’ll reluctantly sign with the Jets.
  11. Those guys except Favre made their decision quick and painless as possible.
  12. The only option is the option he dislikes. He’s hoping the Jets lose interest (not happening) or a more preferred option swoops in and makes a deal. If not he’ll reluctantly go to the Jets.
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