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  1. The owner didn’t want Revis back, it was only after the outrage by fans and media about the Jets not bringing back Revis that Woody changed his mind. Dropping Revis when we did in hindsight was the correct move he had 2 more decent seasons afterwards and has been done since.
  2. He never sabotaged Rex, he was rebuilding with a roster of young players and trying to develop talent. That team was not going to be a playoff team. The real issue is that Rex was on a different time table than Idzik, Rex needed to win in order to keep his job, while Idzik was in rebuild mode and that never was going to work. They should’ve either kept Rex and Tanny and gave them another year or two. Or fire both back in 2012. As for the 12 draft picks there are variables in play, like for example had Idzik stuck around a lot of those 12 players would’ve stuck around a lot longer and a few more might’ve been able to develop into good/decent players. What if Macc never saw anything in Enunwa, he would’ve been just another “bad draft pick”. Pryor was shaky in his rookie year but came on strong in year 2, and then had a bad 3rd year, if Idzik was around they hold onto him longer simply because they have a vested interest in his development, look at Darron Lee is he that much better of a 1st round pick? No but he’s still here because Macc isn’t giving up on him. Amaro had a promising rookie year, then missed an entire season the next year and gets cut by year 3? Why didn’t they at least give him a shot in his 3rd year? See my point?
  3. 2013 was a rebuild too, we just overachieved and rather than be suckered into a false pretense of what the team was they stuck to their guns which was to rebuild and develop young players.
  4. But we were rebuilding in 2014. We sign Desean Jackson and Revis and maybe go 6-10, 7-9?
  5. August

    Case for Teddy?

    We tried that before with other quarterbacks and it didn’t work because the fanbase has zero patience for players having growing pains. What the Jets are doing is smart.
  6. August

    For the "Trade Teddy" guys.....

    You don’t put all your eggs into one basket on one guy. That’s the reason they resigned McCown and signed Bridgewater, it gives the Jets the luxury of having decent quarterbacks on the roster to stay competitive while Darnold develops. If (when) he gets a shot in regular season games then you can look to move on with him.
  7. August

    For the "Trade Teddy" guys.....

    We do not know what Teddy and Darnold will look like in actual games, so why trade away anyone?
  8. August

    For the "Trade Teddy" guys.....

    I never thought I’d see the day when the Jets would trade a QB away to a QB needy team when we’re still a quarterback needy team ourselves.
  9. August

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    I’m surprised they got anything for him.
  10. Taylor vs Bridgewater hopefully
  11. The good thing is that he’ll get to sit and not have to play before he’s ready.
  12. The same people that thought we were a few pieces away from being playoff contenders were the same ones that flew banners and put up billboards, in other words, idiots. No sensible person thought nothing more of that 8-8 season other than we overachieved, hence why the gm didn’t go on a spending spree, instead he focused on low risk high reward players while focusing on developing young players.
  13. Yup nothing else to speak about sir.
  14. A win is a win. How many close games did those Jets teams won that you could’ve easily nit picked could’ve been losses if those teams we played did things differently? All the stats showed was that we got blown out but won the majority of our close games.