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  1. I’m not familiar with college players like that. Is this a good pick?
  2. It’s not the greatest group of WR’s in the world, but that is still a good group of players for any competent QB to work with. The wildcard is Mims if he can overcome his issues from last season and the coaches find ways to get him the ball he could make this group look a lot better. Of course Moore has the highest ceiling of all the guys.
  3. I’m not giving up assets when I’m not sure about what we have at QB.
  4. He’s not coming here to back up Wilson.
  5. I don’t know if we have the QB. The playoffs showed us that you need a QB to elevate the team, we have a QB that needs everything to go well in order to perform adequately.
  6. Defense played well today this team fought hard in general.
  7. Zach hasn’t been lighting the world on fire but he’s been doing a better job these past few weeks.
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