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  1. I don’t mind if they expanded the playoffs. But no dice on a 18 game schedule.
  2. They should’ve did this back when they fired Bowles
  3. Why are defensive linemen always the BPA?
  4. His best game in a while. He made plays on the run and in the pocket and he looked poised.
  5. Nope. He and Macc are a package deal, if he goes Macc goes, if Macc stays Bowles stays. So you either give them a chance to right the ship or you let them both go.
  6. Meaning that’s a better option than firing one while keeping the other.
  7. That means that they’re giving Bowles and Maccagnan one more year before completely cleaning house and that’s reasonable.
  8. I’m gonna watch regardless because I’m a fan of the team not a fan of the quarterback.
  9. I’m glad I didn’t post in this thread at the time lol. But I already knew they weren’t going to take a quarterback at all in 2017. They wanted to give Hackenberg an opportunity to win the job and to see how he progressed between year 1 to year 2.
  10. We have talent, it’s mainly the combination of coaching, bad scheming plus trying to develop a rookie quarterback and that combination got us to where we are now.
  11. Macc would be on a different timetable than whoever the new coach is. So if we go 6-10 next year the pitchforks will be out demanding for the firing of Maccagnan. Then you hire a new GM with a coach from the previous regime, it makes no sense.
  12. You either fire them both or you keep them both. No in between
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