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  1. I just wished we were able to beat him and take over the division but oh well.
  2. Redskins are sorry. I know it’s only a few games but I see nothing from Haskins that suggests he’s a future long term starter for them but it’s still early.
  3. Everything is one extreme on either side. It’s either ALL Darnold’s fault or it’s everyone’s fault EXCEPT Darnold’s. No in between.
  4. He’s the quarterback how is he not a part of the problem?
  5. Ok fine. Why didn’t he then take the sack since according to you “he did not have a grip, did not have leverage and was being twisted”?
  6. Why didn’t he throw it to the sidelines if “he was trying to throw it away”? I sense bs on that one.
  7. I would bring in a vet (Tannehill, Mariota etc) to push Sam and in the event we have to make a change we would be better equipped.
  8. The only thing Darnold has going for him right now is the fact that the fanbase and media hasn’t fully turned on him yet.
  9. Lamar Jackson is a fun player to watch. I wanted us to draft him last year.

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