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  1. The same people that thought we were a few pieces away from being playoff contenders were the same ones that flew banners and put up billboards, in other words, idiots. No sensible person thought nothing more of that 8-8 season other than we overachieved, hence why the gm didn’t go on a spending spree, instead he focused on low risk high reward players while focusing on developing young players.
  2. Yup nothing else to speak about sir.
  3. A win is a win. How many close games did those Jets teams won that you could’ve easily nit picked could’ve been losses if those teams we played did things differently? All the stats showed was that we got blown out but won the majority of our close games.
  4. RGIII is back

    Good for him.
  5. Rex was mishandled for sure. They should’ve either kept Rex and Tanny and gave them a chance to fix their mistakes, or fire them both. Keeping Rex but firing Tanny was stupid. Then we were clearly in rebuild mode in 2013-2014 but yet Rex was coaching for his job. They (gm and ownership) should’ve clearly stated that this was a rebuild and Rex would be safe as a result regardless of the results of the season (like what the Jets did in 2017 for Bowles) Switching coaches and gm’s every few years is stupid and shows the type of impatience that has plagued this team and has contributed to this teams problems for years.
  6. By this logic we should’ve went 5-11 in 2010, and 4-12 in 2015. Except that the gm at the time wasn’t fooled into believing that they were “good” and proceeded with the rebuild as plan. It was the fans and media that expected more that put up a stink and we knew what happened after that.
  7. Lol at non racial reason for Kap. That says everything I need to know. Before we can talk about this you have to acknowledge the problem first if not this conversation will be a waste of time.
  8. Because Geno getting a 3rd chance doesn’t negate the point that black quarterbacks overall.
  9. Baker Mayfield would be my hero if that happened
  10. That may be the case in terms of his ceiling, but he’s the biggest risk due to him having so much going against him.
  11. This means the opposite is going to happen and they’ll take Darnold.
  12. The Jets mismanaged the situation that year. If you’re gonna start a rookie quarterback day 1, then you have to make sure you surround the qb with talent to help take the pressure off, if not then you sit him.
  13. He stunk as a rookie but even in that season he had his moments, enough to at least build off of.
  14. He wasn’t even that bad yet they act as if he stole something from them.
  15. Lamar Jackson's Pro Day

    He’d be a nice fit for the Steelers, he gets to sit for a year or 2, develop without pressure.