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  1. Mims is the most physically gifted receiver on this team he should be playing especially over Elijah Moore
  2. Mims, Berrios and Davis should be the receivers. Elijah Moore gets in where he fits in.
  3. We needed a big defensive play and we never got it in the second half.
  4. I’d let Wilson ride the pine for a few weeks before starting him. So Alex Smith is the starter until Wilson is ready.
  5. What do people see in Sam that I’m not seeing? He had potential and showed flashes. But not enough to warrant keeping him over drafting a new QB. If we were picking say 13th/14th i would understand the logic of keeping him another year.
  6. I’ll give Cam the benefit of the doubt he’s still a dangerous player and he now has a year in the system.
  7. This Browns team reminds me of the 2010 Jets.
  8. Because the game was over and they were running out the clock.
  9. I don’t wanna be 0-16 but I wanted the top pick still.
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