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  1. It’s only right that CBS is having technical difficulties
  2. Hopefully we can get a TD before the half and make it a one score game.
  3. The refs didn’t really want to call that delay of game.
  4. Two things can be true. The pass could’ve been better but he still should’ve caught it. It happens no one is perfect.
  5. Slightly behind should’ve been a better throw, but he still should’ve caught that.
  6. If Zach is healthy you go with Zach. I’m not saying this because I believe in him. I’m saying this because we need to have a definitive answer on Zach, this team is a quarterback away from being a threat in the league. So we need to know what we’re doing at quarterback next season one way or another. Do we have the guy or do we need to go get someone else like Minshew or Jimmy G.
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