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    Sufferin' Since 1964

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    compression, overdrive, chorus, delay and reverb

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  • What is your favorite Jets related memory?
    1. Namath coming on the field vs SF in '71
    2. Todd to Barkum vs Miami in '81
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    waitlist '66-'75; tix '76-'16 and done
  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    The announcement that they were moving to GIANTS Stadium
  • Who is your favorite member of the NY Jets flight crew?
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    ... and saw with my own eyes that Matt Snell was the real MVP

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  1. The Crimson King

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    (Gooooooood) music
  2. The Crimson King

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  3. The Crimson King

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  4. The Crimson King

    Honestly, would have rather we lost 35-0

    Well once you realize that this is nothing more than entertainment, tell me that you weren't on the edge of your seat all night? 35-0 games are dull and boring, Winning any way is fun Losing a close game disappointing but full of drama and memorable twists and turns Losing a blowout is a waste of time in this frighteningly short life of ours … and none of these actually impact your life in any way manner shape or form
  5. The Crimson King

    Robby Effing Anderson

    Anderson serves a purpose as the guy needed to stretch the field. A long pass to him every so often doesn't need to be completed but at least gets the safety out of the box Problem is if you never thrown a long pass to him this is not a factor
  6. out of curiosity, what is the media up by you saying about the Bills coach and management after the past two games?
  7. well at least upgrade the hooch at the tailgate
  8. This fella will explain it all to 'ya https://www.britannica.com/biography/Jean-Paul-Sartre
  9. The Crimson King

    Are Jets fans more negative than Browns fans?

    Gotta admit that this fan base is the most negative group of people in any discipline I have ever seen. The reason for this is, of course, years and years of disappointments yet it never affected NY Rangers pre-1994 fans or Cubs fans before this era Someday, this will all turnaround and all you people who suffered through decades of this nonsense will be the minority among the new fans that will jump on the bandwagon. I hope I'm still alive when that happens to see it.
  10. The Crimson King

    Word Association

  11. The part about "there's no getting out" is the key the funny thing is that someday, there will be a Super Bowl team here and after the win, you'll realize that in the end it really didn't matter and it had no real effect on your life, however, that being said, that win will feel great for a little while until you come to that realization and everyone should experience that at least once. hang in, life is as long as it is short
  12. ooooh .. I got it … On the bright side, the Jets beat someone tonight … unfortunately it was themselves but at least they beat someone
  13. well on the bright side … uh .. uh ..hmmm ...uh ...
  14. Darn no way they can beat Jacksonville in Florida and they go into the home stand 1-3

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