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    1. Namath coming on the field vs SF in '71
    2. Todd to Barkum vs Miami in '81
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    waitlist '66-'75; tix '76-'16 and done
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    The announcement that they were moving to GIANTS Stadium
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    ... and saw with my own eyes that Matt Snell was the real MVP

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  3. 2018 Road Trips

    There used to be a hotel in Nashville called Roger William's King of the Road (he of the pop hit of the same name). I doubt it is still there. They would have semi-major acts in their main room almost every night. Unfortunately, country has the same effect on me as fingernails on a blackboard (please take no offense, it's just that the construction, rhythm and instrumentation conflict with my inner oscillators ... and yes they do good lyrics). One night I stayed there and had a room right above where they played. I felt like Alex DeLarge (Malcom McDowell in Clockwork Orange) when he inadvertently stayed at one of his former victims house and was tortured by his beloved "Ludwig Von". I did not attempt to jump out the window, however, I did think about it briefly . Of course that was forever ago and there's less pedal steel and banjo these days. Please tell me that you had at least some BBQ in this town
  4. Word Association

    left hook
  5. 2018 Road Trips

    The neck with the bars, we have those here. What we don't have at the level Nashville has is BBQ ! https://www.martinsbbqjoint.com/ https://mission-bbq.com/?utm_source=tripadvisor&utm_medium=referral There used to be a little hole in the wall place downtown. That was some time ago and I don't know if it is still there but it was amazing. If you find the right place and have never been to Memphis or Lockhart, TX, you will remember the BBQ long after you remember the game itself
  6. Part of Namath's worth to this franchise was grabbing headlines, which sells tix and promoted the Jets brand. It takes a special and rare kind of personality to capture the NY press. It seems to me that Mayfield may the only one who might be able to accomplish a small percentage of that here, but none of the four will ever match Joe Willie in that capacity. Indeed, few players in any sport were ever at that level of "broadwayness" As far as making playoffs (which Joe only did twice, as many as Todd and Sanchez), a QB alone can never do this. You need solid lines on both sides of the ball and either a top level defense or several high end skill position players to go along with said lines
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    Bang (a Gong)
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  9. Best Place to Sit in MetLife

    Very good call here, but the 50's are hard to get and expensive. 30's and 40's in the Mezz might be a better buy and are still great seats I am surprised at the end zone in other posts here. We sat in Mezz EZ since the new stadium opened until we gave up the season tix last year and hated it when the play was at the other end. It was just to far away to even be able to see the play. When it is inside the 30 on your end however, they are the best seats in the house except that rarely happens. The only value of the lower bowl and Mezz EZ is that some of the seats are covered For the most part, there are no bargains or values in this overpriced environment. The Upper Deck, unless you have eagle eyes is the cheapest but IMHO, not worth even considering in this stadium unless it's Upper Prime near midfield. It's just way too high up there. Another thing to consider is parking. There is Green, Yelllow and Orange. Green is close to the stadium but as most folks who park there go to the clubs, it doesn't have the same atmosphere as the tailgate rich yellow lots. These are not that much farther from the gates to make a difference. The Orange lot is in another zip code. Just my $0.02
  10. 2018 Road Trips

    There are two seasons in Chicago: Winter and Construction
  11. 2018 Road Trips

    For the record: Driving times between The Meadowlands and 2018 road stadiums Detroit: 9'15" Cleveland: 7'15" Jacksonville: 14'02" Chicago: 12'19" Miami: 19'03" Orchard Park: 6'02" Nashville: 13'31" Foxboro: 3'40" Average is 10'38", but 2019 the average is between 7'33" to 8'56" depending on who the AFC South opponent is. Eliminate Miami and the next longest trip, the averages for the remaining 6 road games fall to 8'40" in '18 and an astounding 4'38" next year. This year, for locals, there us only one game with a short enough drive that you don't have to stay over (Foxboro). Next year, there are 4 such games.
  12. Well then he would fit in here quite well considering the immense patience that the NY media, Jets fans in general (and this board specifically) have Yeesh
  13. ~ ~ ~ 2018 schedule ~ ~ ~

    In many ways, for some of us, this is actually more important than the draft. It actually affects your life personally while the draft has no effect on what you do and when. If you are the type that is dedicated to watching all the games or if you are a ST holder, you can't make vacation plans, don't know which Sundays you have free, which Thursday you don't or even if you need to reserve a Monday for a night game. After Thursday, those so inclined can get concert or baseball tix, schedule outings or plan family events. Those who like to travel to road games can now plan and reserve these weekends (BTW: 2019 will be one of the best years ever for that). Those who can vacation in the 4th quarter of the year (way better than summer) can make their plans around the bye week. One of my favorite nights of the year, can't wait.
  14. Trade Down

    Better idea: Most of the US hates New York, probably part our general attitude and part because it is the only world class city in the country. So why not start a campaign of promoting goodwill and just give away draft choices as gifts? Think of how appreciative other fans will be? After all, someone could make good use out of that third pick this year. We'll force them all to love us, or else they don't get any of next year's picks
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