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    compression, overdrive, chorus, delay and reverb

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    1. Namath coming on the field vs SF in '71
    2. Todd to Barkum vs Miami in '81
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    waitlist '66-'75; tix '76-'16 and done
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    The announcement that they were moving to GIANTS Stadium
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    ... and saw with my own eyes that Matt Snell was the real MVP

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  1. The Crimson King

    This is who Chris Johnson is! I told you.

    Chris Johnson was a disappointment but it was mostly the way Rex Ryan used him after he came here from the Titans. Oh wait, you mean the useless brother of the Jets' incompetent owner? Oh sorry … nevermind
  2. The Crimson King

    Word Association

    Wild Thing (juuuuust a bit outside)
  3. The Crimson King

    Do I Sell My Tickets to Patriots Fans As Protest?

    I certainly feel your pain A bit along the line of tilting at windmills though. The only thing that works is not buying to begin with (we cancelled after 40 years before last season) but just a few people doing that has no effect. It needs to be done en masse and let's be honest , that will not happen suddenly, it would be a long term thing. One way or another, there will be enough Pats fans there that it will almost seem like a Past home game. Once the Jets start winning and NE falls (maybe in our lifetimes even) it will be the same thing going on in Foxboro On the other hand, just going to a game where the Jets beat the Pats in front of visiting those fans would be memorable and it would suck if you miss it because you deserve to be there for it. You know, any given Sunday and all that
  4. The Crimson King

    Word Association

  5. The Crimson King

    So when Bowles and Bates get fired today:

    We the People of the Meadowlands, in Order to form a winning football team, establish an powerful offense, insure making the post season annually, provide for an impenetrable defense, promote creative and successful coaching, and secure the JetsNation board to ourselves and our posterity, or at least those posterity that aren't fed up already and rooting for the wrong teams, do ordain and establish the Cree that the Jets Need To Get Rid of Bowles ASAP.
  6. The Crimson King

    Word Association

  7. The Crimson King

    Word Association

  8. The Crimson King

    Word Association

    (preceded by) baroque music
  9. A couple of things that might discourage any coach form coming here: 1. The New York Media 2. The New York Fan Base
  10. The Crimson King

    Interim Head Coaching Options

    In the early 60's, the Chicago Cubs decided to forgo having a manager and instead had a "College of Coaches". They had 8 guys that they rotated and each got a chance to be head coach. The experiment resulted in total chaos. That would fit well here, total chaos. 6 games left, 6 head coaches. Start with Josh and end with, just for the experience, Darnold. Throw Buttle in the mix just to shut him up for a week. Just like Delta House after Dean Wormer dropped the big one, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part!
  11. The Crimson King

    Word Association

    Chambers Brothers
  12. The Crimson King

    Our Last In-Season Firing?

    Wasn't the Charley Winner firing in '75 the only time that happened with the Jets?
  13. Todd Robert Bowles (born November 18, 1963) is a former American football head coach of the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL) You're right, that is what it says. What a riot .
  14. ever see the movie "Scanners" where they made heads literally explode?

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