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    compression, overdrive, chorus, delay and reverb

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    1. Namath coming on the field vs SF in '71
    2. Todd to Barkum vs Miami in '81
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    waitlist '66-'75; tix '76-'16 and done
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    The announcement that they were moving to GIANTS Stadium
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    ... and saw with my own eyes that Matt Snell was the real MVP

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  1. 4 worst QBR's in a game since 2000: 1. Jeff Garcia '14 Clev L 12-19 at Dall (0.0) 8-27-71-0-3 1. Tim Hasselback '03 Wash L vs Dall 0-27 (0.0) 6-26-56-0-4 3. Andy Dalton '14 Cinc L 3-24 vs Clev (2.0) 10-33-86-0-3 4. Sam Darnold '19 Jets L0-33 vs NE (3.6) 11-32-86-0-4 A side note is that Joe Namath's last game as a Jet vs Cinc at Shea was: (0.0) 4-15-20-0-4 but he could hardly stand by then
  2. Did the "Brady! Brady! Brady!" chant come through on TV towards the end? There weren't even enough Jets fans left to drown it out, I thought that it was a new franchise low.
  3. Having a good time talking to a nice Patriots fan in the seat next to me but I imagine that watching this on tv is very painful Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. Refund! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. My goodness surrounded by pats fans in the parking lot Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. OK, time to leave. This is what we'll see. Tonight the Jets will come back after the 4Q 2 minute warning and score on a 35 yd pass with 7" left to make it 24-23 Pats. The extra point attempt will be blocked but the Pats will be offside and the second attempt will be good. Pats will win the toss for 1st possession in OT Brady marches them down to the Jets 25 and goes for the winning TD on 1st down. Maye picks it at the goal line and runs in all the way back for the win that will be looked back at as the turning point for the dominant team of the 20's
  7. Work? Work !?! What's that ??? Oh yeah, now I remember. Getting up early. Commutes. Idiot bosses. Incompetent subordinates. Difficult customers. Quite some time ago but now that I remember it, man did that suck :)
  8. Let's hope we have a close one wherein there are still Jets fans in the stands at the end. We plan on getting there early enough that the "Ramp Open" sign isn't lit yet at the NJTpke south entrance. The wife is hard at work getting the tailgate prepared. She went all out with homemade Greek lemon soup, homemade gnocchi and a homemade Bolognese sauce. I'm making a huge pitcher of martinis. Ending with homemade brownies (no, not THOSE brownies unfortunately) and a big thermos of expresso. It was great news when the weather turned from rain to a virtually perfect afternoon/evening. Perhaps foretelling a memorable night on the field. I want to see a game like the one where Decker caught the pass in OT to win it Life is Good
  9. I'm looking forward to the day that there is a thread that discusses how the predicted snow storm will effect the AFC championship game at the Meadowlands

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