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    1. Namath coming on the field vs SF in '71
    2. Todd to Barkum vs Miami in '81
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    waitlist '66-'75; tix '76-'16 and done
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    The announcement that they were moving to GIANTS Stadium
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    ... and saw with my own eyes that Matt Snell was the real MVP

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  1. - Hey! We have Jan 1969 and Oct 1986 !!!! - Uh, one was 51 years ago and the other nearly 34 - But, but .. (twitch) … - Now , there there, here, have a twinkie and some hot cocoa - (head down) OK ,, (munch, slurp) - Feel better? - … (twitch) … (21st Century Schizoid Man playing in head)
  2. I've been reading that it was a great buy. Pretty too :) Also nice to just bring one unit with pre-setup patches, plug in and go. Good to hear that they are finally getting OD right in the multis. I figure that when I finally come around on the King of Tone waiting list that digital modelling will be so good that it would even better than analog. Besides by the time I come up on the KOT list and the handler at the Elder Care Center tells me, I will just be confused and say "Where's Tone?"
  3. Nope he may turn out to be one of the biggest steals in the draft but the biggest could prove to be a 5th round pick future perennial All Pro ... Bryce Hall
  4. heck yeah … and still the best and most knowledgeable in the $%#%in' country
  5. Shame they couldn't have scheduled the two LA games two weeks apart late in the year, made more perfect if the bye was between them. Could have made nice bookends to a superb parks trip. Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Anza-Borrego, Valley of Fire, Sequoia/Kings Canyon and many others all in shouting distance. Unfortunately, life rarely schedules itself in a nice neat order.
  6. This is cool: didn't notice this until tonight when I was reconfiguring stuff. There is a little sticker underneath the pedal that says: "This pedal is special. It was made in our homes during the Covid-19 Shutdown of 2020" and gives special serial number Let's see Boss or MXR do THAT !

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