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  1. RE: Tanking (which I do not believe in) So let's take the leap of faith that the team wants to do this and decides that the resultant loss of revenues, damage to culture and diminution of brand value will be offset by the benefit of increasing the possibility acquiring a can't miss prospect (which I also do not believe in). On the face, a disasterous business decision. The only way to do this is through purposely reducing the quality of coaching and the product put on the field, al la the Indians from the movie Major League However there is no possible way the players themselves would try to lose games. They are, if nothing else playing for their professional lives. Underperform and NFL stands for Not For Long. No one would ever give up money and career so a team could tank. No one, ever. The whole idea is insulting to me as a fan. So if this is indeed the truth about the team, fine. In that case I want to see Willie Mays Hayes steal bases, Wild Thing find his control and Raul Serrano stop relying on Jobu. (expeltive deleted) the Tank. May any team management in any sport that evens consider tanking be (expletive deleted) in the (expletive deleted) in (expletive deleted) for eternity
  2. play hard, always and forever Nietzsche or Kierkegaard? (HA just kidding) 50's or 60's ?
  3. Just a reminder that it is National Boss Day (at least according to the calendar) MO-2 on the way. Videos look cool. Should be useful. Not sure if it goes in the lead line or rythm line, Anyone ever try one? Kinda nice how Musician Friend points work, only paid half price and still earned full points on it
  4. Just my luck too. Huge long shot and I wouldn't be able to collect !
  5. Thta is EXACTLY why I want to see a win Gase is toast one way or another sooner or later anyway
  6. Jets to win, this game, every game no matter what. Other players performances are unimportant. Seeing them beat the Chiefs as a huge underdog would be fun and memorable Sincere apologies for being a fan
  7. Before the season I thought that this was going to be a bad team ... I overestimated
  8. Dolphins 27 Jets 23 Chargers 14 (who somehow manage to score 2 touchdowns on the Jets even though they got rescheduled to another day)
  9. Quando para mucho mi amore de felice corazón Mundo paparazzi mi amore chicka ferdy parasol Cuesto obrigado tanta mucho que canite carousel
  10. I say release everyone and play with Rock-em-sock-em Robots Probably would be an improvement
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