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  1. Don't know if ya heard but the Bills have won 4 straight since Fitz had his fluke performance against us.
  2. Oh the joy of sitting back and watching Fitz destroy another franchise. He is the problem but he has the fan base wanting everybody else fired lol. And to think that most of you wanted Fitztragic back this year.
  3. Part 1 http://forums.theganggreen.com/threads/fitzpatrick-a-bills-fans-perspective.84703/ Part 2 http://forums.theganggreen.com/threads/fitzpatrick-a-bills-fans-perspective-pt-2.86982/
  4. mynmisoli tried to warn you guys about Ryan Fitzpatrick. No one wanted to listen to me. Now you suffer.
  5. I hope Geno and Fitzpatrick each get extensions in the off season. They deserve it.
  6. He somehow convinced another franchise that he is somehow worth 8 figures even tho he he's a backup talent with a third string arm. I tried warning u jets fans on various other boards and was blasted and called an idiot troll. I predicted exactly what was going to happen and warned against putting ur trust in him even when he does have a few good games. Just google "Fitzpatrick, a Bills fans perspective." For a guy who had proven for the past decade that he is not a franchise qb it just amazes me that your head coach still sticks with him knowing that he is going to get fired with Fitztragic a
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