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  1. Yes but if Cousins accepts the contract that would not have happened
  2. Much like the Mo Lewis hit turning the Pats franchise around, I think Kirk Cousins rejecting the Jets could be our turning point. We have an awful GM who offers a riduclous contract to an avergae QB, but ihim rejecting it really could be the bit of luck that finally turns this around. If he did not reject it, there would be no Sam, probably no Gase and in turn, no Gregg Williams. We will certainly see!
  3. The jets could draft Rosen, Darnold, Mayfield, Jackson and Allen. I guarantee with the current coaching staff they would screw up all 5 of them. They need a real offensive head coach' OC and QB coach
  4. He just a timeout with the clock stopped!!!! If it wasnt already sealed on punting earlier. He just took a timeout with the clocked stopped. Is there any more proof needed in Bowles. Did kotite ever take a timeout when down at the end of the game with the clock stopped?
  5. He's in over his head. He has no business being and Nfl coach. It was sealed today He conceded the loss by punting. Him and kotite are hand in hand
  6. What hard decision. No brainer to go for it there. Down by 2 scores 4th and 2 at midfield??????? He just conceded the loss
  7. This team is extremely poorly coached! He may be a Parcells guy but he sure ain't Parcells Awful
  8. Y2jets


    I wasnt alive in 1969 so i missed that. I became a fan at 5 years old around 1980 and yeah it's been hell for all that time. However, being a jet fan is still the best no matter what. I love the jets and i wouldnt replace being jet fan for anything. Its the best!!!!

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