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  1. If it's all related to the people around him, then why did Mariota suck so bad
  2. I honestly wouldn't even question Joe Douglass if all of draft picks were OL. Haha
  3. He's the #1 receiver we need on this team
  4. As I watched Rhule speak during gameday this morning, I thought thank goodness the Jets didn't choose him. Why? Because he seems like such a good coach and a great guy, I felt really happy for him that he didn't come to this sh*tshow. Blessing in disguise for him
  5. That's why he's always injured. Never throws it away. Either takes a hit or forces an INT
  6. Oh. I don't care about his coaching. I just want to listen to his press conferences/interviews. He's straight out of waterboy. Love him and his voice
  7. Ed O is the guy I want but he would never leave coaching successfully in the SEC to come to this crapshow
  8. I love Alabama football and I love Tua, but he will not be a good pro. He is a product of extremely talented receivers getting open. As soon as he doesn't have a guy open he consistently throws it up for grabs. He also never throws the ball away causing picks and injuries. His injuries the last 2 years have been directly to him not throwing the ball away. Joe Burrow is the man that will be a great pro
  9. Gase can coach half the team?? Which half is he coaching exactly?
  10. 100000%his fault. Almost everyone knew this would be the outcome of the Gase hire. What did he think was gonna happen??
  11. This is not about wins and losses. With a proper coach, they might have the same amount of wins but you would not see the attrocious bad habits Sam has picked up. Gase needs to go now before Sam is gone so deep, he can't be pulled out. This is really really bad
  12. Y2jets


    The longer under the Gase, the harder it will be for the next coach to undo the bad habits Sam has learned from this guy
  13. Joe can fix this by saying "you're fired" That easy
  14. No way Macc ever gets another job. I friggin hate Charlie Casserly for recommending him. Every time I see him on TV, I change the channel. His analysis is worthless to me based on his recommendation of Maccagnan. I wish we could've just followed one of the mock drafts. Even a draft some kid created in his mom's basement would've been better. Painful
  15. Worth a read https://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/new-york-jets-fans-regret-hiring-miami-dolphins-former-coach-adam-gase-11309721
  16. I don't understand why Gase hasn't gone to tempo. It slows down the pass rush because of fatigue for one thing. Should have started the pats second half in tempo. Needs to improvement on adjustments for sure if he's gonna succeed
  17. Even the training staff fits right in with the Jets Org. What kind of training regiment do these guys have that they keep getting injured? What the heck
  18. I don't think Gase is the right guy but I recommend they wait on this a little bit. With the easy schedule the Jets have and maybe Gase tweaks things a bit. They could go on a run which would make the flyover not that effective and could even look foolish I would be patient and see how the next 4-5 games go, then pull the trigger if it's still a crapshow
  19. Every single analyst I've watched has given Gase an F- for coaching and I fully agree. I'm sure they all know he has no idea what he's doing. I'm willing to give him til the end of the season in hopes that maybe he'll wake up one morning and realize, he needs to make adjustments when plan A is not working, If something is working (ie quick passes) continue to do that until it stops working. Figure out how to protect Darnold, fix Darnold's fundamentals like his happy feet etc etc
  20. Notice how he said Douglas is doing a great job. No kind words for Gase Bell is great for sure though
  21. I like Douglas but I'm not liking Gase at all. My concern is if Gase can't turn it around will Douglas go down with him and not fire him. They are close friends.
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