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  1. 49 minutes ago, nyjets1969 said:

    Matt Rhule took a dumpster fire to this and the Johnson boys want to pick his assistants. What a joke no wonder why this team is a perennial laughingstock 

    As I watched Rhule speak during gameday this morning, I thought thank goodness the Jets didn't choose him. Why? Because he seems like such a good coach and a great guy, I felt really happy for him that he didn't come to this sh*tshow. Blessing in disguise for him

  2. 3 hours ago, Losmeister said:

    He has a poor feel for his own ability...   he could easily have thrown that away earlier...   in stead he holds onto the ball as if he can drift away from them on one leg until both D players are actually ON HIM...    



    That's why he's always injured. Never throws it away. Either takes a hit or forces an INT

  3. 8 hours ago, Pennington said:

    Orgeron is a figurehead coach who will only be successful when he has great coaches around him. Brady has made this coach not the other way around. LSU basically went from having a Jets like offense to KC or New Orleans overnight with the only difference being Brady added to the staff. 

    Oh. I don't care about his coaching. I just want to listen to his press conferences/interviews. He's straight out of waterboy. Love him and his voice

  4. 2 hours ago, Pennington said:

    You want a name that no one has been smart enough to bring up as the coach to develop Darnold and be the long term answer that this franchise hasn’t had in decades. Well this is the guy and I will be the first to name him as the guy I want to coach the Jets.

    I am sure that none of you have even heard of Joe Brady. Well this is the guy that has turned the LSU offense from complete garbage to arguably the best in the country and turned Joe Burrow from mediocre college QB to a Heisman trophy winner and sure fire first round pick.

    LSU hired Brady from the Saints where he learned under Sean Payton. Brady is only 30 years old and is basically the college version of Sean McVay. Hire him now while we have the chance instead of waiting until it’s too late. Yes it may be a year or two early and it’s definitely a risky hire but we will be kicking ourselves in a few years when Brady becomes a head coaching star elsewhere. Swing for the fences and hire Joe Brady as the next head coach of the Jets.

    Ed O is the guy I want but he would never leave coaching successfully in the SEC to come to this crapshow

  5. I love Alabama football and I love Tua, but he will not be a good pro. He is a product of extremely talented receivers getting open. As soon as he doesn't have a guy open he consistently throws it up for grabs. He also never throws the ball away causing picks and injuries. His injuries the last 2 years have been directly to him not throwing the ball away. Joe Burrow is the man that will be a great pro

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  6. On 11/3/2019 at 7:15 PM, RobR said:

    It would be nice if we ever get a head coach that can coach the entire team. Because what we're doing with all of these coordinators that don't give a crap about the other side of the ball is not working. Rex, Bowles , and now Gase could only coach half of the team.

    Gase can coach half the team?? Which half is he coaching exactly?

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  7. 15 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    You at least see what is going on.  Its crazy how many jet fans cannot see what is happening here.  Everything that happens is exactly what gase wants.  He is a control freak and found a franchise dumb enough to give it to him.  Wait till puppet joe tries to argue for a guy gase doesnt want.  I dont even think Joe knows what he has gotten himself into.

    Joe can fix this by saying "you're fired"

    That easy

  8. 12 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:


    Amazing.  We all knew the best options on draft day were Josh Allen, trading down for OL, or Ed Oliver.

    Macc takes the worst option instead.  

    No way Macc ever gets another job. I friggin hate Charlie Casserly for recommending him. Every time I see him on TV, I change the channel. His analysis is worthless to me based on his recommendation of Maccagnan. 

    I wish we could've just followed one of the mock drafts. Even a draft some kid created in his mom's basement would've been better.


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  9. Every single analyst I've watched has given Gase an F- for coaching and I fully agree. I'm sure they all know he has no idea what he's doing.

    I'm willing to give him til the end of the season in hopes that maybe he'll wake up one morning and realize, he needs to make adjustments when plan A is not working, If something is working (ie quick passes)  continue to do that until it stops working. Figure out how to protect Darnold, fix Darnold's fundamentals like his happy feet etc etc

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