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  1. looks like there is a page out there already https://www.gofundme.com/f/armk9-fire-adam-gase
  2. Who's the person that coordinated the Fire Idzik banner. That's the person to get a hold of. He did it the right way
  3. And Tannehill had a 110 passer rating. . He's turning the Titans year around How did he do under Gase in Miami?
  4. The next banner that needs to fly is not Fire Gase or fire another GM, it's "SELL THE TEAM NOW!" Worst owners in sports
  5. 100% agree. People that post this are looking for attention. If you don't like it, don't read it.
  6. The proof is right here. Bates had Darnold playing much better with the same amount, well actually less talent around him!!!
  7. At least with Kotite, there was always hope of them finally bringing in a winner coach. I thought there might be hope with Darnold. Is there any hope right now?? This is the darkest feeling I've ever had as a 40 year fan. Stinks!!
  8. Even if you decide to draft another QB, no way you do it this year. You need to build a solid OLine through the draft and get some blue chip WRs first
  9. I can't believe there is a worse coach than Bowles. I thought at the very least Gase would be better than him but Bowles did better with the same amount of talent.
  10. What happened to those quick passes and the roll out that was working on the first drive?
  11. The longer Gase stays with Sam, the better chance Sam gets ruined! I hope Chris Johnson didn't ruin our franchise QB by hiring Gase. Moron. Sam looked better under Bates. Get Gase away from Sam now!!!!
  12. Meanwhile. Tannehill looks much better since removing himself from Gase. Awesome.
  13. Yeah, the NFL should be socialist. They should make a Lombardi trophy for every team, so everybody wins. Share the wealth! Seriously though, what are they supposed to do, not try to be the best? Teams need to step up and beat them
  14. This utterly blows my mind. How there was not one adjustment to the zero blitz. Gets beat over and over again for 4 qtrs with the same blitz. How is that possible?? This is as bad or worse than Kotite. I would love to hear Belichick behind close doors after this "I ran the same basic defense for 4 qtrs and this guy couldn't figure it out. HAHAHAHA" Astonishing!!!
  15. If you knew nothing about the Jets coach before this game and you watch the game where a defense runs the cover zero blitz schema all game and our coach makes ZERO adjustments to it, ZERO, not shorter routes because you have 1 second to get the rid of the ball, not bringing in an extra blocker, nothing. He just gets beat with the same scheme over and over again all game and gets blown out. What do you think of that coach???
  16. Do I think Sam Darnold can still be a franchise QB? YES Will he ever do it under Gase? Never. The longer Gase is there, the more Sam regresses, until eventually falling out of favor.
  17. Exactly. If they beat the Pats AND stay healthy, they will finish 10-6
  18. The concern for me is that there are things you can do to counter bad offensive line play 1. Roll the pocket 2. Get the ball out early,. Ie. Slant patterns Same thing week one when not once did he use Darnolds strength of throwing on the run. This is all football 101. I want Gase to succeed. I kind of like his "ahole" attitude but I don't think he knows what he is doing. Very upsetting times right now
  19. This is Macagnan's draft logic in a nutshell. I have a car that has 4 really good tires but the car won't start. Something is wrong with the engine. Let me go to the store and get the best available tires for my car. That's his logic for drafting Leonard Williams and Q Williams Beyond stupid!!! So annoying we could have better pieces on this team but had moron GMs. Please oh please let Douglass fix the broken parts of the car
  20. We need to sit Sam all year. Lose every gane and trade away the number #1 for a boat load of picks so Joe D can start his rebuild. Starts with the whole Oline
  21. Just stop. How did Simien look in Gase's offense in the first half against Cleveland?? So you think he would be lighting it up right now. Darnold wouldn't even be putting up these numbers these backup QBs are putting up in Gase's offensive. Dink and dunk GARBAGE!!!
  22. I'm watching all these teams utilizing today's wide open NFL era and we have an offensive guru that runs 1980's dink and dunk offense. I don't blame Gase. Theres only one moron here. The owner! This guy inherited all the money, he doesn't actually make decisions in the family business right?

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