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  1. I agree. Been a fan for 40 years. There is no way they are done giving us hope to only pull the hope away. That would too easy a year if hope is lost already. They will somehow bring some hope to only tear our hearts apart again. That's who they are.
  2. No it's not Gase's fault, its the talent he has on the field right now is the problem. If only he had Kyle Allen then he could for sure pit the numbers Carolina is putting up today. Gase is obviously the only coach on the league that doesn't have his #1 QB.
  3. I honestly thought he had character issues before he came to the Jets. I like him more and more now. He seems to have a great attitude in the worst place he can possibly be. I don't feel bad for him cause he's making millions bit I wish him the best and a quick exit from the Jets for his sake.
  4. Is that he doesn't ruin Darnold before he gets fired! I also hope that Douglas turns into a great GM which builds a good team and that he cans Gase asap
  5. This is why my biggest worry is Darnold regressing under this guy. Anypne else worried?
  6. Gase really is an idiot. 'Calm his QB down" why has he made a mistake. How about throwing the ball vertically for once and see if you need to calm him down. Haven't given him a chance yet. Dink and dunk. Offensive genius? Yeah. Darnold will regress under this guy. Watch
  7. Faulk complete a 15 yard pass then you don't let him throw again till 3rd down. F off gase. Let him throw again before 3rd down
  8. Luke Falk's Tom Brady comarisons come to fruition. He's the next Brady. The only question.. Will Gase have the forsight to stay with him over Darnold much like Beliceck sticking with Brady over Bledsoe? Jets win 6 SBs over the next decade!! I deserve this after 40+ years of utter pain supporting them.
  9. He's right. NFL is going downhill every year. Boring as crap. Too many commercials and you can't hit anybody any more.
  10. I'm not declaring Gase a failure bit I am a bit worried. I mean one of Darnold's strengths is throwing on the run and you don't call one play that rolls the pocket??? 1. Gives him more time on a day he didn't have time 2. Its one of his major strengths!!!! I'm worried about Gase
  11. Any chance Burns drops to the second round and we trade Darron Lee for a second round pick?

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