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  1. If anyone watched that game you saw #11 get targeted at least 6 times into the 3rd Qrt and he dropped three. I think he caught two passes, one being the last CP TD. Other RB and WR also dropped balls in the hands and the announcer kept repeating how they are dropping balls. Furthermore, the announcer kept stating how the WR were covered and there was NO dump off for the QB to go to... Or maybe the fact the the OL gives up pressure at a rate of 50% drop backs *that is an accurate state) and in this game it looked a lot like last years Jets OL.... they stink to high heaven. Conversely
  2. Great post! Couldn't agree more... and like sar1 says, they guy been playing ball since he was 5 so like not make excuses for SAM type mechanics, throws behind, below, etc. if they sucked with SAM they suck with this guy... BTW... What the hell is our HC doing to fix this? Just saying... oh I know, give them time, the scheme is fine, the PC is fine, etc.
  3. Agree, after the way the D played last week and then see their performance today was troubling. I get the newness... but after 5 games and PS, and OTA you would think that the O could execute better for 60 minutes and not take off 1st halfs. Anyway, the other troubling thing for me is the QB inaccuracy which if I recall correctly, was one of the reasons we wanted him?
  4. he dude those are his stats ... I'd say, he is doing very well with real coaching and real players.... 1st Quarter - 72.7%, 308 yds, 1 TD, 111.7 rating 2nd Quarter - 75.5%, 415 yds, 2 TDs, 118.3 rating 3rd Quarter - 43.3%, 164 yds, 0 TD, 3 INTs, 21.4 rating 4th Quarter - 73.6%, 302 yds, 2 TDs, 114.1 rating
  5. Sorry but I have to disagree with the D comment. We lost two games by double digits and we, and me in particular, roasted AG last year for the very same thing... ranger, what am I missing here? The TomS said it best about the LB, except for Mosley, they all suck. The CB are playing zone 75% of the time to mask the fact they can not man cover, just saying.
  6. What is galling is his analogy to boxing. That was insulting, Hey coach, how about coaching up your players, you know the guys that miss assignments regularly, make mental mistakes, drop passes, etc. QB that continues to do the same dam things SAM did (throw off back foot, bad decisions, etc.) Where the **** is the accountability here? I wanted this guy because I saw the passion but passion is useless when you fail to dripline players. Or for that matter coaches for failure to perform...
  7. There is a distinct difference between a narrative and facts, fact, JD is 9-25. Fact the team as presently constituted is his. Fact, he selected the CS that seems to be as inept at preparing the team to paly as say...Rex was. Fact, and this you can not dispute: 2021 3 games, 20 pts., 724 yards 2020 3 games, 37 pts., 791 yards which team is performing better? fact, the OL can not block simple stunts and pick up blitzers. fact, WR group drops as many balls as they catch. Fact, the new QB is exactly what some of us feared in PRESEADSON... that pressure would make him. Fact
  8. Well that was sobering... dam, if they do not get any better your going to have happy feet Wilson aka SAM2. Look we all knew this was going to be a rough ride but dam, they, the players and CS, do look bad. AS others have stated, JD's perniciousness (sp) has cost this team... Lets see, you win in the trenches,,, yea JD, I remember your 1st presser and your promise to SAM's parents and yet here we are.... maybe just maybe, your tendencies to be prudent have clouded your judgement abilities, i.e., last years OL and now this train wreck! Disgusted...
  9. 3-0 ... Darnold has thrown for over 300 yards in back-to-back games. He never did that in 38 games with the Jets. As for the poster that stated he is another jack D, because he doesn't think he can elevate the players around him,,, should go back and listen to Troy Ackman who commented that he did that in this game. One more point, Sam has the 31st rank OL in the league... just saying all you bashers.
  10. Sorry Paradis, not feeling your optimism. While our team got better from wk 1 to 2 via OL, run game. the D that everyone is touting will like last week fold like a cheap suit when the O can not sustain any drives into the third Q. Hell, it maybe over in the 1/2 half...
  11. Go back and watch the tape, most if his throws were off his back foot and as for the concussion, there wasn't one recorded but he took a helluva hit on the last sack resulting n his head hitting the ground hard. He even stated he thought he had whiplash. .
  12. lets see, New: HC, OC, DC, all new position coaches, new schemes, one of the youngest - if not the youngest - rosters in the league and the rebuild is a failure, really? having said that, what I expected was some dysfunction on the road to becoming a "legitimate" competitive team... Now they should get better every week and if they do not then you either have:1) the wrong players - and can fault the CS and FO, 2) Wrong schemes or are way to complicated for players (see #1 - remember they drafted high caliber players), 3) wrong CS, and 4) Wrong FO. Now maybe the schemes can be simpl
  13. Why is it that some of you just need to continue to harangue Sam, the guy is gone...let it go. Move on... BTW, Wilson may not have seen ghosts but the kid was flabbergasted, played hero ball and his mechanics were for sh*t. PS: For what it’s worth, Darnold improved to 2-0 in Carolina with an impressive 26-7 win Sunday over the New Orleans Saints. Darnold threw for 305 yards with a pair of touchdowns and one interception. In his first two games with the Panthers, Darnold has posted an impressive 100.5 QB rating.
  14. 6 sacks, 4 or more hits last week will do that. He threw off his backfoot mist of the game....
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