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  1. How about finding the door and get out you loser.... Talk is cheap and that is about all you have been able to produce … because you team is bad coach.
  2. Why the F is he even playing if he wasn't 100% … sigh, lost season and another excuse not to fire AG!
  3. Expect a close game... A lot depends on if the OL can play the way they did against Dallas and Robby needs to win the match up with 24 on some plays not all just enough to have others make plays.... if they can run well then they have a shot. I think if the D plays the way they did last week, CJ calling the D calls and the forgoing comes to fruition then we win....
  4. I think this is more a financial dispute than health issue. Osemele knew he was going to be benched and released after the season. Suddenly the injury became to much to play with. Now he wants the surgery so he can claim his decline in play was injury related and hope to score a bigger payday next year. The Jets are likely looking for an out on the $5-6 mill remaining, so the fine and likely soon to follow suspension will allow them to void his remaining guaranteed money.
  5. Pre existing condition... that he has played through till now and it seems this guy wants to be on IR and collect a check and then sign elsewhere. I say cut his ass let him file for term pay...
  6. SOJ

    Let's go Yankees

    Pitching wins in OCT. IMHO the Yanks are a flawed team - with poor front line starters. Cashman needs to get some very good starting pitching and stop the Stanton type deals....
  7. Its one game. His record is 1-4. lets see if this team plays competitively going forward. Lets seem a team that is well coached, prepared and can execute the GP. Then ask the Q.... I have a concern about his resume,,,so until he changes that by winning then I 'll remain skeptical about him as the LT answer as a HC.
  8. It was a gutze call by Williams and I for one am glad he made it....
  9. I'll see if I can find the article but I read tpday that he only gets double team 17% of the time....
  10. Thank you.... Sam will improve things but you have a HC who doesn't even know who his starting OL is going to be let alone being on the same page... If Bells statement about people not knowing their assignments after how many pratices, games , film study then I think we have our answer about this HC and O CS.
  11. Thank you.... The posters who complain or state that some of us that want to can AG after 4 games call us fools or stupid (my emphasis). they seem to be missing the salient point that he was a losing HC in Miami and the pattern of his schemes and failed coaching is repeating. Lets look at his resume: I'll start by using his last 7 games (3 in Miami and they were outscored 170-74) all losses. If I go back a couple of years its 13-19. AG has now lost nearly 1/3 of all games he has coached. Think about that.... Fast forward to what Bell reportedly stated, people are "confused" about their assignment and responsibilities when lining up to execute in a game. In a game not practice a game. We are 0-4 and if those two things aren't an indictment of the schemes and coaching, then I do not know what is. No one is discounting the fact that this team this year is snake bit with respect to suspensions and injuries. However, his game plan for all four games has been conservative and frankly the same. Think about that, the same. From what I have seen he and his staff have not made any adjustments at half time or even during the game to mitigate game issues. By his own admission he says that everyone on O is playing badly... WOW! He has been outcoached in every game. His team has looked and seem to be unprepared each week and they have played without enthusiasm resulting is lackluster FB. Think about this last supposition.... IF they are playing this way after PS, Camp and four games...ask yourself why? They guys are professional FB players and want to win as mush or mores o then we do... maybe just maybe its because - and this is speculation on my part - some players have not bought into his philosophy or his leadership style ( if he has one) or worse, they think he is a bad FB coach. Ask yourself why the D and ST plays their collective tails off each week but not the O. Why are they so inept its called coaching, schemes and lack of leadership. Unless AG has a coaching epiphany about his schemes and changes his conservative tendencies regarding play calling... nothing will change. And no amount of personnel changes is going to change that...remember Miami (he had his guys playing).
  12. NO ITS NOT... I read this also and wonder why they were so open. Was it because the scheme (we know that the svjeme has cause major problems with OL, WR, etc... AG admitted as much) or their route running. Or maybe the opposing team D knew that the QB could not hurt them so they stack the box waiting for the inevitable Bell off tackle A/B gaps, and then the expected 3rd down pass behind the LOS. As one of the Philly D players stated they knew Bell was the focus of the O just like NE did. Posters who call out other posters for post AG's tenure in Miami need to understand that he was the HC and ( I'll remind people) GM for awhile! His record shows losing with his players and now stands at 0-7 in his last seven games. As AG stated SAM will help but there are other issues... Well coach its your scheme, your CS and if as reported, people are "confused" about their assignments when they line up, then that is an indictment of your own coaching ineptitude and your stubbornness to continue to use plays, schemes that are failing.
  13. I don't know there were quite a few times when the announcers stated there was no one open... I said the clock started on Fire AG last week and we will see what Sam does to open things up... My take is he will be running for his life which is ok because he seems more accurate on the run extending plays.... However, my concern is the OL blocking... he will not fix that.... Just hope Sam doesn't get hurt and we play competitively not the 105/128 O we saw the last two weeks. BTW - AG said that everyone was at fault meaning coaches, players and schemes. Lets see if Mr G is better then he has shown us …
  14. MM is an AH but he got that right ...AG is a loser and has shown to be totally clueless

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