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  1. I am not a fan of AG but the article is off the mark. My thoughts go along with some other posters who state that the O needs to be competitive, PC and adjustments better and Sam improving. If none of those things happen and they are as dysfunctional as they were at times last year, then I would think he would be on the hot seat or even fired if the team "performed poorly." That would be esp true of SAM regresses...
  2. Hope you get well soon... take it easy with the recovery.
  3. We shall see... If you and others are correct regarding his coaching abilities he should have a team - that may not win a bunch of games- but should "at least" be competitive offensively, not last in the league. Conversely, if the offensive is as dysfunctional as last year, then in MHO he is a goner. And, I will bet you on that...
  4. Thanks sarge for posting this... I say and 2 for sure, 3 he is a know commodity - abeit not a great one - but know and can fill both C/G roles.. so I think he may stick. As for Jekins and Andersen they will remain.... I do not think that Nathan Shepherd will be cut. His game got better as the season progressed and was in the normal rotation so I would be surprised if he is cut.
  5. really, wow what an ego manic…$45mm LOL. Good luck with that.
  6. Look the topic should be can AG get everyone on the same page and executing his schemes... if not then he should go.
  7. yep remember that game well.... it was a master piece.
  8. That's it fire everyone... I can not believe they sign this bum! 😎
  9. As others have stated, he was a pro that never complained, did his job and was loyal to the team. I'll miss him and dam if he didn't play well last year. Hope the door remains open but if not, I hope he hooks up with another team and plays well.
  10. Agree, Adams gets beat often and takes poor angles a lot of times.
  11. I rather stay put. if they plan to let mays go then Davis steps in and next year they pickup a FA or draft a guy.

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