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  1. Powell had 75 yds... Proves that bell is not suited for this team. Powell this year has been better at hitting the hole faster and getting more yards.
  2. The problem Joe is that Joe Miami Teams has a lot of injuries too. Also, IMHO CJ statement about AG being a "good" coach just shows how clueless he is... It is what it is, as you say he got another season to prove his worth. Frankly, I have no faith in his ability to coach but I hope he proves me wrong...
  3. Well, a week ago, I think, CJ twit that he is got defensive about the choice of AG. Now this. It makes sense because he has an out due to all the injuries. It doesn't matter that the same failed pattern AG created in Miami is repeating itself, losses and injuries. Like the fools running the impeachment inquiry his version of reality is what he wants it to be not what it is.... It seems it doesn't matter that AG had his guys the last two years in Miami and still lost in most cases by double digits, but what the hell.... Unless they lose all the games, sam plays poorly in each game and he loses the locker room he is here at least through 2020, sigh. Thank goodness I watch the Packers too. LOL what a twit.
  4. Of course what a Fking stooge...… lets see if he feels that way if they go 1-15...
  5. Joe good advice … and I'll use it.
  6. Not so fast... your statement was that he was holding the team together. What evidence do you have to support that supposition besides his daily statements about how the :guys" are working hard, practicing hard and are together. Please be specific …. Lets rewind to Miami game where NO ONE made any effort to recover the blown hike. Lets talk about a team that if they truly believed in the head coach would at least try to be competitive and frankly are not … except for the Dallas game which seems to be an outliner now, this team looks dead. They have assumed the demeanor of the coach. Essentially they play with no emotion and seems uninspired because maybe, just maybe, its because they see what a lot of us see... a HC that is a loser,,, IF you doubt that... look no further then his over all record for the last few years 13-26 I believe.
  7. he been saying that for weeks, just saying.
  8. Didn't JD say they need to protect SAM, that he is what we saw in the Dallas game. This speculation about them trading Him is ludicrous.... as other posters have stated - he needs to be flushed - he needs to be coached up (fundamentals fixed again - because last year he improved them...) Last season the OL which was consider mediocre (actually rated in the middle of the NFL) got him the best QBR scores in the league the last four games of the year, yet some of you seem to just forget about that. He has talent but needs help (coaching and protection) because right now he has NO confidence and is dejected (irrespective what AG says). Now I am going to speculate.... maybe he doesn't trust the schemes anymore or the HC because he getting hit on almost every drop back...
  9. This team has 1) no direction, 2) losing culture, 3) dysfunctional, 4) Bad O Coaching and 5) I would argue that the HC has already lost the team. You say no, well think about the safety... not one JET tried to go after that...not one. Think about how this team has played... uninspired, unemotional and undisciplined. Irregardless of the "bad talent" everyone points out... this team has better talent then last years team - which BTW played competitively in most games. This team is not competitive on O in every game except dallas and is totally dysfunctional. Time for a change and there is already a go fund me account to start bill boards https://www.gofundme.com/f/fireadamgase
  10. https://www.gofundme.com/f/fireadamgase Well maybe CJ will get the message and fire this loser...
  11. I truly hope this comes to pass... None of us envisioned a playoff team - well maybe some did - before the season but IMHO this team has totally regressed... how can you make a Todd B coached team look good? The answer is let AG coach the team. . I believe and have believed that AG was a bad choice because of his W-L record and how his teams played using his schemes. Christ - sorry God - even the B-team announces today stated how the Miami team started well and slowing and inevitably became bad (which is happening after how many games in year 1) under his tutelage. If they do not fire him asap then I feel SAM may never recover.... just my 2cents.
  12. I didn't want AG because of his tenure in Miami but when we hired him I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. Starting with the introductory PC, then the smelling salt thing on the sideline coupled with a team that looks - all season except the Dallas game - uninspired, unprepared and quite dysfunctional I have seen enough. Yes our roster is devoid of talent and the injuries have certainly had a deleterious effect on the team but they aren't competitive at all... Its like they do not believe in the schemes or this coach and that is a problem. Irrespective of what has been stated about the team unity, If they lose to Miami and it's within the realm of possibilities, then he may very well lose the locker room. If and when that happens, he should be terminated. One final point, he was brought here to improve SAM. So far SAM has regressed to the SAM we saw in the 1st half of the 2018 season not the one the end that season with the highest rated QBR. IMHO, that in and if itself should be reason to terminate him.

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