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  1. I rather have him go to JD and CJ and say I have had enough with this loser and do not want to play for him.
  2. From Morton's lips to God's ears... let it be true. Frankly, after he was hired and stated that he didn't learn anything form the Miami job - show some humility and that with every life experience there is a learning lesson - but no he was and still is arrogant. Talk about an empty suit... the only thing he has accomplished is creating (with this help of CJ and to some extent JD) a losing culture. SO Congratulations Adam, at least you accomplished something. s.
  3. I am with you but live in Scottsdale AZso in spirit am end a letter to JC and JD about the state of the club... not that they will respond but need to vent.
  4. Frankly, IMHO it couldn't happen fast enough.
  5. How the hell can he evaluate him when he is still running for his life and the WR get no separation, no running game, come on man.
  6. I posted this before he needs to be more consistent. His mechanics at the end of his rookie year were better - and they were not great - than what we saw Sunday. my hope is that he will improve... we shall see BUT, I suspect this week he will get his ass kicked by the 49nrs D because this OL will not be able to handle the stunts and physicality. Plus, the GP will be a repeat of pass AG s*** shows as well as, PCing.
  7. No, we want someone who is a competent HC coach, not a loser. That is what he is and frankly, even if the talent is not great - which it isn't - it is better then last year's roster. Finally, he wanted his type of players and got them because JD and he are in sync and this sh*tty HC still can not get them to perform.
  8. I couldn't agree more... AG needs to be fired and suspect the heat will be turned up after this weeks loss to the 49ners.
  9. Agree but look, if you think their pass protection was better, I'll sell you some land in AZ: The Jets allowed a pressure rate of 44.7 percent in Week 1 – the highest of any team on Sunday, according to NextGen Stats. Darnold was sacked three times, was constantly flushed out of the pocket and was knocked down four times. The Jets also couldn’t gain any leverage on the ground. The running game finished with just 52 yards on 16 carries and no touchdowns – the worst performance in the Gase era since Week 8 of 2019 when the Jets rushed for just 46 yards on 14 carries. So unfortunately it looks eerily similar to last years OL performance. And what is the common denominator here, AG and his pathetic Playbook schemes that have resulted in the following: Rush attempts: 15 - NFL rank 32 Longest run: 8 yards - NFL rank 32 Rushing yards: 52 - NFL rank 31 Tackle for loss: 6 - NFL rank bottom 3rd Time of possession: 18:44 - NFL rank 32 Penalties: 9 - NFL rank 32 Punts per play (lol): .11 - NFL rank 32 So we can say one thing about AC HC, he is consistently bad. Oh, yea, he has the type of players he wanted and they still can not perform...but hell they try hard!
  10. Betty, you kill me. I almost fell on the floor laughing so hard. This should be the post of the year, that guy was and is terrible.
  11. How has he held his players accountable? It seems the coach who holds players accountable is on the defense side of the ball... at least when someone is not performing, they get benched. When has AG done that? BTW - what is his W-L record. That is what counts...
  12. Reporter asked Gase if he regretted any play calls from Sunday. Gase said that after watching film, he wouldn't change a single call. Perfection in his mind, apparently. Ever notice that when the Pats win by 40 you'll hear BB after the game say "we have a lot of work to do. Didn't tackle well, didn't' block well, left some plays on the field". Gase? His offense produces one non-garbage time TD and it was sheer perfection. No need to change anything. No regrets. I mean, he did coach Peyton Manning after all.
  13. Have to laugh at some posters who actually believe that AG is a good HC. he has a losing record and I believe he has the most losses buy double digit then any HC today. But what the hell, its the OL, its the players, the PC was perfect... what twit, but a rich one ...
  14. RIP all those souls who lost there life. I was studying with two other IBMers who were veterans like me, and someone came in and said a plane hit the towers. We laughed because we figured some numb nuts hit it with a small plane... then the same women came in a few minutes later pale faced and said the second tower was hit... we all new then what happened. We were in Paramus NJ and went to the buildings roof and saw the smoke.... More chilling was my wife was supposed to fly to Washington (her company was across the street from the Pentagon) but she had missed a number of Dr visits and I made he stay... by the grace of God. Never forget.... enjoy your freedom

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