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  1. D - HC, team seems unprepared and uninspired in to many games and that is a bad look for a young tea that should be inspired by a HC that is essentially a cheerleader type... you know "AGNB" mantra. C-JD, because 2020 draft class maybe a bust (waiting on QW, Mims, ... 2021 looks better but next draft and FA he better nail it or the pitch forks will be out. JW - no and I wouldn't have drafted him to begin with. There are a lot of QB with good arms but fail to execute... until he becomes consistent and can execute the O, I am in the white camp. QW - w/o a doubt he is headed f
  2. didn't their D just give up 30+ points to the browns.... Oh btw, wasn't it 30+-10 in the 3rd Qrt? Just a thought, garbage time has a habit of making bad team look competent at times...
  3. According to the HC it hasn't so my concern is Wilson.... we'll see.
  4. SOJ


    hate to tell you but he grated out better then others on PFF..
  5. In White, I saw a guy that had confidence, knew the O, where to get the ball too and on time in the majority of throws. These are traits I have yet to see with Wilson... doesn't mean he can not develop them but I would sit him for the remainder of the year and let him watch and hopefully learn. Then next OTA/PS let them battle it out and best man win.
  6. Thanks but after 54 years, I didn't need the reminders... Why do you think my moniker is SOJ... different players, different FO, different CS but same results... Irrespective of some posters thinking the JD tear down is the right thing, they have not change the losing SOJ culture at all... and the platitudes and placebos espoused by this used car salesman HC is just that. here is a thought, try getting the team ready to play, you know like be competitive even if you don't win, if that is in your vernacular or capabilities.
  7. His record is almost exactly the same as AG 1st 6 games. his team is unprepared, continues to make the same stupid missed assignments and they LOSE. just reminding you he is a losing HC to date and contrary to what you think, state any facts you can that justifies your comments.
  8. Your leader of men is 1-5 and his CS, that he selected, is inept and are as incompetent as AG CS was. To be perfectly honest, they have actually brought ineptitude to new heights not seen since that great leader of men Rich Kotite. Finally, before you cast aspersions about the board's posters you may want to consider where your posting, how the sardonic comments are more accurate but funny... It seems to me, people who express race or gender discrimination are usually the ones who are the most biases. have a nice day...
  9. The article could be baloney, partly true or untrue. Does it matter? All I care about is winning. That being said, I have very little, maybe no, faith that this HC and CS can right the ship. After 54 years watching this team, I think I have seen it all... then as usual reality has a way of waking you up from your dream (competitive team, well coached, and winning). For me, It positively disconcerting to see the level of dysfunction we have witness to date. Having, said that, there are things contained in the article that this board and others, I might add, have exposed as issue
  10. If this doesn't convince JET fans that this HC and CS are bad nothing will. Thank you for posting this.
  11. here is the other side of the coin: Joe Douglas is in the third year of his honeymoon with the Jets as their general manager. The Jets record on his watch is 10-28, with the team having been outscored 991-599 in that span. The Jets were actually respectable (for them) record-wise in 2019, going 7-9. In 2020, Douglas’ first full year as GM, they went 2-14 and they’re 1-5 this season. For those of you scoring at home, that’s 3-19 since 2020, with the team having been outscored 632-323. Maybe you can embrace this new found era, but gotta tell you seem like its the same record being pla
  12. I posted this else where so all of you can read it: Robert Saleh’s New York Jets are on a historically bad pace With their gruesome 54-13 loss to the New England Patriots in Week 7, Robert Saleh and the New York Jets have fallen to 1-5. A 1-5 record is bad enough in itself, but the team’s overall performance level independent of the win-loss record puts them on track to become one of the worst teams – if not the worst team – in Jets history. Yes, even worse than Adam Gase’s squads. Let’s stack up the 2021 Jets against Gase’s 2019-20 Jets and some of the other brutal tea
  13. maybe you and the ones who posted the trophy's should read this and then get back to me... https://jetsxfactor.com/2021/10/25/robert-saleh-adam-gase-jets/ Robert Saleh's 2021 New York Jets squad looks frighteningly similar to Adam Gase's 2019 and 2020 Jets teams. Robert Saleh’s New York Jets are on a historically bad pace With their gruesome 54-13 loss to the New England Patriots in Week 7, Robert Saleh and the New York Jets have fallen to 1-5. A 1-5 record is bad enough in itself, but the team’s overall performance level independent of the win-loss record puts them on trac
  14. Well by you account there should be some progress, right? I see is a team that is a shell of what it was during the 1st game and the Titian game. Frankly, the team is regressing and may have hit rock bottom yesterday but I seriously doubt that with Cinn and then Indy coming in the next two weeks. I have no trust, that has to be earned, that this CS as presently constituted has the capacity to correct the dysfunction that they helped create. Stay the course but this is what I think of the HC: I stop listening to the HC pressers weeks ago when the same excuses were used for anoth
  15. and what is his WOW record? Right now, he is a loser QB, period. That may change and I hope it does but for now, he is not good.
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