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  1. gents with all due respect, this is part of the business. Players understand that and I disagree with JJ assessment that vets would not respect this. If anything its the opposite and they would be more inclined to understand and just go about their business. If it drags on - weeks - then you can make the case that it will hurt the kid and maybe the team.
  2. AS long as I do not see a RB on a wheel route running free, I'll be happy, tongue-in-cheek.
  3. How about competency, You know, execute the scheme without mind numbing penalties. If some of the veterans can perform like they have or better then the line should be improved... However, if they ca not generate the kind of pressure some folks think, then you better buckle up.
  4. From where they were... for me if we can achieve a competent O and D, then I am good for this year. I want to see progress each and every week so that end of season teams will not want to play us....
  5. Keep the faith... I'll add her to my pray list. remember its not just her that is suffering, so take care of yourself and family too. GOD bless.
  6. WF..I am with you. Lets see how the kid performs on the field when zero blitz comes from BB and others. Remember, we have New players, new coaches, new schemes, etc... PROGRESS in can they execute and are they collectively getting better?
  7. Same here... lets see the kid play and see how he does in the league. I get the optimism and all that but come on... posters making statement about the guy winning multiple SB.
  8. Its refreshing for sure and I expect some mistakes and mis-steps along the way but looking forward to Sept when season starts to see this team play and progress (I hope).
  9. Dude needs to get to the gym, get on a good diet and get to work.
  10. Speak for yourself... lets see results before we ship out new HC. OC/DC/QB to Canton.
  11. You all are very welcome. It took me a long time to get right. RIP my bros... Served 1968 -1974 all over the globe.
  12. Couldn't agree more... lets see how the team performs...do they get better each week? Will they be prepared and if so, will they execute w/o making arsine penalties? Etc.
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