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  1. I couldn't agree more. 2 G, C? RT. that is 4 positions right there, not including a WR, maybe TEs and another RB... then there is QB. For F sake, build the dam team because your not going to PO next year with an entirely new coaching staff, schemes and players.
  2. I couldn't agree more and had a back and forth with a guy on another site about team building. He is all in on DQB ( I get it but..) I believe you build the team building in the trenches and then skilled players on both sides. WE have so many holes it looks like moths ate the roster... trade down stock up on picks try to fix SAM (evaluate SAM to see if he can be fixed - which seems to ne how they are leaning) and plug holes.
  3. My thought is they recognize the teams short comings on both sides of the ball. That is what RS stated during his presser and follow-up on WFAN...they need to get the coaching staff in place and start the evaluations to see "who" fits the schemes they want to implement and run. Who know who will be here, I certainly don't and I am quite sure most of you don't either; except maybe the few guys who post here that have an in to the org. Otherwise, most of these comments are baseless suppositions.
  4. You guys kill me... but this would be sweet wouldn't it.... LOL Oh yea, SAR can now go to the hawks site and torment them with his delusions!
  5. How many other teams have interviewed him and passed... Cambellm Jim H etc.
  6. The only way Sam stays is if the HC wants him and and this is a big IF, he renegotiates his contract so the LT affect is mitigated.
  7. Good another WPOS gets what he deserves....
  8. What about taking Sewell and trading becton to ciny for a draft haul?
  9. Thank God, this season is over. My god the same freaking plays week in week out,... same mental mistakes by the HC, OC, QB, LB, and other players. Get a dam coach in that can coach players UP...you know like make you QB watch Def game film and drill the him to see if he understands the concepts, or maybe ask why wheel routs always seem to be open ,
  10. Well I guess one out of 7 or is that really 12 he screwed the pooch on. As for AG, he is a losing HC period. Yeomen work LOL, he did exactly what he did in Miami exactly and failed there and here.
  11. yes, after re=engineering a company to take it's DSO (days sales outstanding) from 140+ fays to 32, I essentially put my self out of a job.... My boss the CEO and a friend - gave me 6 months salary, a bonus and medical. I found a consulting job 1 month later and banked the $. Sounds great but I got the notice on Christmas eve.... pretty harsh but that is life.
  12. Say what ? Hopefully, your kidding. AG and DL haven't done chit for SAM.

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