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  1. Dude needs to get to the gym, get on a good diet and get to work.
  2. Speak for yourself... lets see results before we ship out new HC. OC/DC/QB to Canton.
  3. You all are very welcome. It took me a long time to get right. RIP my bros... Served 1968 -1974 all over the globe.
  4. Couldn't agree more... lets see how the team performs...do they get better each week? Will they be prepared and if so, will they execute w/o making arsine penalties? Etc.
  5. C U in 6 Boop... I'll wait and see how this team performs. If they are not progressing week in and out we could be in for a rude awaking.
  6. because you have New CS, new system, a very young team that will make mistakes.... Also, aren't 5 games out of your 1st 8 on the road? Finally, even Saleh said it during his interview that he is expecting bumps so ....
  7. If you look at AG tenure as a HC, his team was always the most injured. I am not sure why, but its a fact.
  8. Agree and what I liked is that he said, " just us by what we do now going forward, not the past." Season will be rough but like he said they drafted guys that want to play and are competitors .... should be a fun season even if the w-l record is not great.
  9. Every coach has a system and the good ones adapt. We are asking a lot form this CS and players... everything is new. let me repeat that, everything is new. Now is there enough Vet presents in CJ and davis (I think)... to make the system work? Maybe, but I am thinking it will take some time to get everyone on the same page and playing with "trust." I am with J23... what I like to see (said like) and i think we will at some point, is players that are smart enough to play the scheme without major mistakes. If the line can not generate the PR that the CS expects, then there will be gro
  10. If you recall he got injured when covering a rec down field in the EZ ... I think he can run.
  11. If I remember correctly he was a beast in the Buff game and he got hurt covering in the end zone. think about that, the guy broke-up a pass downfield and up to that point was the best player on the field. I doubt they trade him and like Joe12 said, he is a baller and would be a good solid vet presents on the D....
  12. For me its building a WINNING CLUTURE something that has been lacking for ...well a very long time. We have a very young team, new Coaching staff, and new schemes that have to mesh and will at some point. My expectation is they - coaches and players - get better throughout the season and be competitive. The team will FINALLY have speed and should have a good passing O set-up by the zone runs. I am excited which is something I haven't felt about this team since Parcells.
  13. I right with you. The kicker for me is the coaching... We know how bad AG was but we have no clue how the new coaching staff will perform. Indeed, I recall JD saying they had productive meetings prior to last years draft too, so what's the difference... New coaching staff, new scheme, new players, etc. IMHO at a min, I expect them to: 1) they can get this team ready to play wek in and week out and to execute like an average (average for now) NFL team, 2) coach players up or reprimand /Bench players for poor performance (when needed), 3) be physical, 4) be smart and cognizant of the situati
  14. Joe, before you harangue Jet Fans for not getting it, lets see what he does in the draft. last year's OL was the worst yet we have 2/3 of it back for another go but hey the new zone blocking scheme is going to help fix that even if the talent - except for LT - is average at best. I get what he is doing but man he better fix the OL or else...
  15. Thank you, and Joe, why would argue with Sar1 when the guy thought AG was a viable HC? The sheer fact that he predicates his rebuild argument on under MAC and tars JD with the same brush is ludicrous.
  16. If i am ot mistaken we plan Car this year so we'll see him again...
  17. Yrs he was and took them to the PO.
  18. SOJ

    Draft Wilson

    Wilson had two surgery's on both sholders... just saying.
  19. Well he may have because its been reported that he would move the line but the amount (remember price point vs valuation) of $ that Thuney got was crazy so maybe it was just to rich. Also, I am sure the coaching staff had input and agreed that as good as he is the cost to bring him in relative to the rest of the needs was to great. Just speculating so don't hammer me ... Sometimes your best efforts are not good enough - in other words, if their offer was reasonably fair relative to their valuation and he passed, then you lick your wounds and move on. This seems to be what happened and I am
  20. Nice move Joe... finally get someone that can get after the QB. Guys got power and speed. very good signing.
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