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  1. My wife learned years ago to put me in “that special room” by myself for the draft.
  2. Dog or Cat Person

    Having been married for 28 years, I’ve learned you may need to compromise.
  3. The only way Mayfield to Jets is a “done deal” would be if they had the first pick! Nobody knows for sure that he’s not selected with one of the first two picks.
  4. Leo Williams: Taking the next step.

    Played most of the year with a lingering wrist injury suffered in preseason. I think that’s the biggest reason for him not coming close to the goals he set for himself last year. He said it was difficult for him to use his hands to shed blockers. I expect a healthy Leo, to rebound to more of the player we think he can be.
  5. The 2018 Draft and the mental health of Jets fans?

    Can’t give you a Wonderlic number, but I can give you my college grade point average.
  6. According to multiple reports, he wasn’t even offered an opportunity to stay with a pay cut. For a deep not exactly deep at WR, the Cowboys preferred to simply let him go. That’s a pretty good indicator that they feel his play has slipped significantly.
  7. Word Association

  8. I would have no problem if, on draft night, we replace Baker’s Bears shirt, with a NY Jets jersey! (The girlfriend would be a nice addition to the scene as well)
  9. Can a #3 overall QB in Rosen

    After waiting for 50 years, I won’t be greedy. Josh, I’d be EXTREMELY happy if you got us 1 ring on behalf of the NYJ.
  10. I think that’s a fair point. It just stands out more because of the extreme importance of the position.
  11. MMQB Draft Thoughts with Gil Brandt

    Gil Brandt is one of the most knowledgeable football guys around. His opinion certainly should be highly respected. But, for all his insight, evaluating player development is still an educated guess. Is Gil right, more than wrong? Absolutely. But, even he gets it wrong sometime. I recall the article he wrote for NFL.com in March of 2014 titled: “GENO SMITH WILL SHOW HE IS THE NY JETS ANSWER AT QUARTERBACK” You just never know.
  12. I’ve been on JetNation for a year and a half. Based on my observations, i feel pretty confident that this won’t happen. 😀