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  1. I don’t care. Anderson Cooper might actually be an upgrade over Charone Peake.
  2. I hope I don’t read this tomorrow..... Hours after the tough Vikings loss, a seemingly intoxicated Mike Macagnan, was asked by a fan in the bar, if he was going to go after Raiders receiver, Amari Cooper? He said he was going to work the phones tonight, and get something done. And he promised it will cost much less than a first or second round pick. Unfortunately, the tipsy GM instead mistakenly acquired CNN news correspondent, Anderson Cooper, for future considerations.
  3. Happy Clouds

    So Odell Sr. reacted to John Mara....

    I wonder how much energy and fluids Odell expends during his numerous sideline antics? Maybe if he eliminated those, he wouldn’t need an IV at all.
  4. Happy Clouds

    Rishard Matthew works out for Sam's team

    Ok. You can call Dez. The way this thread is going, I’m going to call in a referee......
  5. Happy Clouds

    classless cousins

    The one paragraph that jumped out at me in Cannizarro’s article was this one: ”Cousins was apprehensive about playing for the Jets because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure and expectations of the fans and media. He was scared. Scared doesn’t play well in New York “ In the end, we ended up with a 21 year old kid, that seems to be handling the tremendous pressure and expectations of the fans and media probably better than most could possibly have imagined. Add to that, he was doing things like visiting children’s hospitals 2 days after being drafted. For a young guy to already be so willing to give of himself is impressive. If I knew more about Kirk Cousins, I might find out that he’s a pretty decent guy. But, I don’t care. I’ll take the cool, calm, and classy Sam Darnold anytime.
  6. I like that you included him on your list. He has been more than just reliable as a punt returner, he has also had some nice explosive returns in both punts and kick offs.
  7. After seeing the Jets auditioning kickers right up to the start of the season, (Dan Bailey, Roberto Aguayo....), I never would have thought that waiver wire pickup, Jason Myers, would be having such a solid season so far.
  8. In the last minute of the first half, right after we intercepted, he displayed the poise of a 10 year veteran, the way he calmly marched the team right down into field-goal range. You can sense his confidence is growing with each game.
  9. Happy Clouds

    Sam met Namath again

    I’m looking forward to the picture you post, hopefully in the near future, of Sam and Joe meeting again to compare their Super Bowl rings.
  10. Happy Clouds

    OT: So tired of Sunday Night Football

    The announcers mentioned a few times last night that Houston was going with a lot of max protections on the line, in order to give Watson some time to throw. To be fair, with sometimes only 2 receivers going out, Watson didn’t always have many available options.
  11. Happy Clouds


    Maybe sometimes you have to change how you deliver the message. I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more outbursts of anger like this woman is showing, and a little less of this on the sidelines.......
  12. Yeah, Fleet and warships are definitely better than their Fleet choice that came in “number 2” in the voting. ......(I’ll show myself out)
  13. Happy Clouds


    Don’t start finger pointing, Captain. 😀
  14. Happy Clouds

    ENJOY this football Sunday.

    I like you Creepy, I really do. Just know however, if Bowles and Mac ARE fired, the angry mob may still want a complete housecleaning, which could include you too, JetNation captain. I would personally sign you to an extension right now if I could though 😀
  15. No tomato throwing from me. Very sound analyses. I’ll save my tomatoes to throw at our defensive minded head coach and defensive coordinator, who couldn’t figure out a scheme to confuse, or at least slow down a rookie qb making his first NFL appearance.

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