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  1. Happy Clouds

    Memorial Day

  2. Happy Clouds

    Word Association

  3. Happy Clouds

    Goal: 200,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    Doubt there are too many mom’s browsing here, But, if there are a few, I want to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day, while still trying to maintain a consistent feel to this thread.
  4. Happy Clouds

    Breer Nugget

    Apologies for not seeing that you had posted that somewhere else. Unlike Sam, I’m not as quick at catching all the information in front of me. 😀
  5. Happy Clouds

    Breer Nugget

    Thanks. Never hurts to try to keep the positive vibe around here. Rich Cimini pretty much said the same thing in his column today. He wrote, “ team officials were particularly impressed by Sunday’s practice, which was closed to the media. They noticed a considerable improvement in his command of the offense”.
  6. Wow!! It just keeps getting better. I can’t believe we drafted the most interesting QB in the world!!
  7. I really do understand what you’re saying, and I tend to agree with you. But, then I came across this family picture of a young Sam, playing in a pick up football game, and well, maybe he just has some “higher” connections helping him.
  8. Happy Clouds

    No pressure Sam!!

    This does not put additional pressure on Sam. My sources tell me, that Chris Johnson was not implying that we are becoming a great team because of Darnold, but instead because of 6th round pick DL Folorunso Fatukasi.
  9. Happy Clouds

    Dolphins claim Petty

    My parents were the same way when they retired years ago. Time was irrelevant to them. Clueless as to what day of the week it was. Found them a clock that didn’t give them the time, just the day of the week. I’m looking forward to taking that clock for myself soon.
  10. Happy Clouds

    Bowles is fired up!

    Yeah. I think a number of players have said that there’s another side of Bowles within the locker, that the media and fans really never get to see. Think we got a glimpse of it. And I like it!
  11. Also to Dave Gettleman and the NY Giants.
  12. Happy Clouds


    Well.....let’s just say Brady definitely has helped him be a better coach 😀
  13. Happy Clouds


    I agree. I believe an excellent QB can make the coaches look better as well. Not saying we will ever confuse Bowles with Lombardi, but strong QB play masks many deficiencies.
  14. This. ^^^^^ And, once Brady is gone, they REALLY will be vulnerable. Sorry PK, couldn’t resist. 😀 Peace and Love brother Jets fan.
  15. Happy Clouds

    PFF on the Jet's draft class

    PFF says our draft was Elite. Shaun O’Hara says the Jets were losers in draft. Seems like the post draft analysis, is as all over the place as the mock drafts before it.