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  1. Goal: 100,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    Evidently, one of someone else’s favorites also.....
  2. Word Association

  3. Pat Summerall On "Murder, She Wrote"

    That, was funny.
  4. Love this from Todd Bowles

    My name is Germaine Ifedi. I am an offensive lineman for the Seattle Seahawks. I am 6’5”. I currently sit atop the leaderboard as the most penalized player in the NFL. I would like to comment on Buster Skine’s claim, that shorter players are targeted more for penalties....... I STRONGLY disagree.
  5. Bill Cowher's Wife is a Huge Jet Fan

    Valid points. And I’m certainly not implying that Cowher couldn’t go somewhere today, and be a successful head coach. But, I do think you have to take into account, that back then, the game wasn’t as dependent on having a top tier QB. In today’s NFL, I don’t think too many teams would consistently be making deep playoff runs with guys like Neil O’Donnell and Kordell Stewart at the helm.
  6. Congratulations. Not a flashy player. Does his job though. Ironically, he was one of the only defensive players that was NOT dancing during the commercial breaks. I bet he’s Joe Klecko’s kind of guy.
  7. Would Eli To The Jets Be A Possibiity?

    If Eli were to go anywhere, I could see John Elway in Denver, grasping again at an aging Manning.
  8. Todays games...

    I read this morning that according to ESPN Stats and Information, the Jets wide receiver corps has the fewest drops in the league. They may not be flashy, but they are reliable.
  9. Jets D Dancing in 3rd Quarter

    Rex wanted them to “play like a jet”. Evidently, Bowles prefers them to “dance like a Jet”.
  10. It was nice to see that he listened to the players requests to run the ball more this week. Shows me that he’s flexible, and not a “my way or the highway kind of guy”. Considering he’s just learning how to be an NFL coordinator, I think he’s doing a phenomenal job. Big upside.
  11. Even though he’s 74 years old, I don’t think I’d mind it either joe. 😀
  12. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? That just doesn’t happen! Now, get the hell out of here!!!!
  13. I don’t think you can truly say he is a “ Darrelle Revis type”, until Lattimore threatens to hold out for more money, and that he also expects to greatly underperform the last couple of years of a big contract.
  14. Just a Feel Good Story

    Sorry if this didnt download. I’m an old guy still figuring out modern technology. 😀
  15. Safari - Oct 21, 2017 at 8:01 AM.pdf