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  1. Yes, the pass was under thrown. But Anderson got 2 hands on the ball, and still absolutely should have caught it.
  2. Hope you’re right. We don’t want this to be Dexter McDougle 2.
  3. This line may also be included in a future article discussing Woody’s ability to put a football organization together.
  4. As I wrote in another thread, instead of ripping the “fake ass” fans, he should rip his organization for putting out a “fake ass” team.
  5. Hey Daryl, how about ripping your organization for putting out a “fake team”?
  6. Yeah, I agree, and I will always root for our Jets. But, it’s unfortunate that this division rival game is not exactly the equivalent of two lions squaring off in a fierce battle. Probably closer to this.....
  7. I appreciate your optimism. Just seems like every time we try to take baby steps...........
  8. Is it possible for something to be funny and depressing at the same time? I think that’s where I’m at.
  9. I think this a a great point. Even if the Jets can upgrade to, at minimum, an “average” o-line, the productivity of Bell should increase significantly.
  10. I’m not trying to be a wise guy here. But, I think the main reason we don’t have many stars, is because we tend to not draft very good players.
  11. Reporters Janae Coakley and Rich Cimini also said the mood in the locker was the worst they have seen in many years. Couple that with them saying that Le’Veon Bell was not around for them to question for the first time all season. Seems like the frustration level is escalating quickly.
  12. Time to move on from last week’s game. No better way, than to set the tone early in this one. Come right out and give the Jaguars a smack in the mouth. GO JETS!!
  13. I’m not willing to say they are completely inept, but I could at least understand why o-lineman Osemele is currently questioning the Jets staff about his ability to play through HIS injury.
  14. I posted a pic in the game thread of my pup, Layla, last week, and the result was great. So, I figured I’d try it one more time. So today, me and my dog, are going to watch Jamal and his dawgs, pound Brady and company. And Sam, just work some more magic with the offense. Let’s show the prime time audience that our season is just beginning. GO JETS!!!!!
  15. This is my 9 month old puppy named Layla. She is still dreaming of seeing her first Jets victory ever with me. Gut feeling tells me that it will happen today. GO JETS!!!
  16. I’m the old timer on the left with my family. Judging by the smiling faces, this pic was clearly taken BEFORE watching a Jets game, not after. Thanks to everyone here that provide me with a few more smiles.
  17. After shooting -2 in the first round of today’s PGA event, Romo is only 5 back of the lead. Another solid round tomorrow, and he just might do it.
  18. Nice to see that all of that time you spent posting pictures of gorgeous women in that other thread paid off for you. It obviously helped you perfect your keen eye for beautiful ladies. Best of luck to both of you in your future together.
  19. I hear you, maybe you can look at it this way. In the opener against Buffalo, the Jets won the turnover battle 4-0, and they posted a graphic on TV stating the Jets had a 99.5% chance of winning. Yet, somehow they found a way to lose. We can only hope that they defy the odds again, and become the 7th team to make the playoffs.
  20. You’re absolutely right that on the OBJ td, that the responsibility for the underneath coverage was Hewitt. Bart Scott said on the post game, that a more experienced linebacker reads the formation, and undercuts the route. To his credit, when interviewed, Hewitt owned up to his mistake.
  21. And right now, I’m not particularly confident that those are guarantees.

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