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  1. Just curious. Are you James Morgan’s agent?
  2. I agree. I do not believe Peter King ever used steroids.
  3. Probably has a better chance to be the next Brady Quinn.
  4. I’m surprised Elflein’s numbers are so bad. I thought he played pretty well once he came to the Jets.
  5. I like it too, but it doesn’t necessarily make him the front runner. Remember, teams can’t bring coaches for in person interviews yet, if their team is still in the playoffs. There could still be other guys they are planning to bring in.
  6. I wonder which path in life is harder? Building a multi-billion dollar mega company like the father, or the son trying to win a Super Bowl coaching the Jets?
  7. Agree. Would love to see Mike Westhoff back as well.
  8. Just so you know jgb, I’m holding you responsible if this happens.
  9. This legit made me laugh out loud. I guess if any team could get negative points..... well, I guess we know who that is.
  10. As an old f**k that just turned 60, I’ve decided to step up on behalf of my fellow elder JetNation members, and give you the beating of your life........... .........TAKE THAT.......
  11. Dear Mr. Pointman, Thanks for considering us, but we are definitely NOT interested. They’re your problem. Sincerely, Utica
  12. My option to change the mojo, comes with a need to overhaul the entire look of the team. With that, we will now embrace the motto: ”IF YOU CAN’T PLAY GOOD, AT LEAST LOOK GOOD”
  13. He’s going to take some time off. Probably get together with ex-Jets coach, Jeremy Bates, who will explain to Gase how hiking the Continental Divide Trail will revive your career.
  14. Until yesterday, I didn’t think it was possible to only get four total yards of offense in an entire half either.
  15. Cascadden gave the Jets offense a “D” on his report card. THEY SCORED ZERO POINTS!!!!!!! As Bart Scott asked him, “What do they need to do for you to give them an F?”
  16. Sadly, there will probably be a lot more finger pointing before the season ends.
  17. This is what Joe Brady said after he was hired. Seems so different from Gase’s philosophy.
  18. I fear you may be right. Mix in the fact that we have so many injuries, I could see Christopher Johnson being convinced that things will get so much better when we have a healthy roster.
  19. How low are my expectations, when I would even CONSIDER that Freddie Kitchens might be an upgrade?
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