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  1. This belongs in a thread titled: Tom Shane is Drama-nating
  2. So, Charlie Brown, you THINK you have issues? Please, allow me to CONFIRM that for you. 😁
  3. These names aren’t bad, but I still prefer the names from Key and Peele’s, East-West game:
  4. Coincidentally, I have decided to become a fan of a team in the Australian football league. . However, I need your help with my selection. I’m looking for a team that meets the following requirements: - they should not have won more than one championship in the last 50 years - they should not play in their own stadium. They instead should share a stadium with a crosstown rival - most importantly, they should have a fan base that isn’t sure whether to love them or hate them
  5. This is worse than I thought. Thanks CB for giving me info that I was unaware of. Until now, I knew nothing of these magnets we may have lost out on.😁
  6. Not signing Cousins last year turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We were able to save tons of cash and acquire Sam. Hopefully, not signing Barr will produce a similar positive result down the road.
  7. Spoken like a long time Jets fan that has seen it happen to us more than a few times, (Wilkerson, Revis.............) Can’t blame you for thinkin’ it. 😀
  8. I personally don’t care if it turns out well or not. Brown wanted a fresh start and more money. He’s getting both. The grass isn’t always greener, but after reworking his contract, his wallet definitely is. If he crashes and burns with the Raiders, so be it. He already got what he wanted.
  9. Well.......at least we can confirm one GAP is closing.
  10. That’s certainly one way to look at it. However, if as you say, the Jets cut everyone he signs as quickly as possible, then, his talent evaluation definitely needs to improve. Sign more guys that we want to keep around for awhile.
  11. Unfortunately, it won’t take until January before we hear about the Pats again. Just wait until the draft in April, and listen to the commentators gush over every selection they make.
  12. A player in a fist fight with the starting QB. At least we were first at something....
  13. I think you make a good point about really attempting to extend the coaching search. I have to give you extra credit also. As a 50 plus year Jets fan, I am never able to put the words, “comfortable”, “make”, “good”, “decision”, in the same sentence. 😀
  14. Not necessarily. Some of these guys might not want to have to deal with the input of GM/Owner, Jerry Jones.
  15. Sometimes, I think my life is like an episode of the Twilight Zone that could be called “The Dysfunctional Train”. The story is that over 50 years ago, my father gave me a lifetime ticket to ride this Jets train. And no matter how many times I try to get off, I just can’t do it. Something keeps me on it. I just keep going around and around.....
  16. Christian Hackenberg, most recently has played in the Alliance of American football league (2019). While there, in spot duty, he went 7-13 with 0 TD, 2 Int. He followed that up in 2020 in the XFL, in which, in limited playing time, went 11-25, 0 TD and 2 int. Jets GM Mike Macagnan says the Jets are going to bring Hack into training camp next year. He stated, “We feel Christian has gained valuable experience over the last couple of years, and has improved greatly since reworking his throwing motion for the sixth time. We promised him he has a legit shot at competing for the third string job”.
  17. After their last game against Buffalo, this pretty much summed up my feelings about the Jets.
  18. ^^^^^^^^^ If I were a forum referee @jetstream23, I would throw a penalty flag on you for a 15-yard taunting penalty.
  19. I hope they keep Webb on the 53 man roster for the rest of the year. Until we can see what possible role he has on the team moving forward, this move now prevents other teams from swiping him off our practice squad.
  20. Not sure about that. Playing Madden didn’t help Bryce Petty much.
  21. How about standing on the out of bounds line waiting for the pass? He did Sam NO favors today.
  22. Bowles SAYS HE KNOWS the trend is leading towards record offensive numbers, and playing with a more wide open style. But, he too often coaches like he doesn’t seem to really BELIEVE it.

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