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  1. This was a furious Bart Scott reacting on the post game show, to multiple Jets defensive players, commenting  on what was wrong with the defense.

    The players were giving the standard, “we’ll watch the tape, and fix our technique”  type of answers.

    Scott said that wasn’t the main problem. He said the Colts just lined up man on man, and smacked the Jets right in the mouth. 
    He said nobody from the Jets smacked the bully back.

    Harsh, yet both truthful, and disappointing.

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  2. Is this a positive?

     Blake Cashman ALMOST made it through the whole game before getting hurt again?


    Seriously, why is this guy continuing to take up a roster spot?


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  3. 22 minutes ago, Rhg1084 said:

    did not expect him to emerge as the front runner, but I like it! 

    I like it too, but it doesn’t necessarily make him the front runner.

    Remember, teams can’t bring coaches for in person interviews yet, if their team is still in the playoffs.

    There could still be other guys they are planning to bring in.



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