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  1. I understand the concept of "next man up". Geno has been the listed #2 qb all year. Stands to reason he gets next chance. That being said, Petty needs to start getting more reps in practice. Splitting scout team reps with Hack is not nearly giving him the chance to significantly improve his game. If the coaching staff wants to move Geno to #1, they need to move Petty to #2. This will increase his practice throws significantly. Since Fitz will probably not see the field again this year anyway, he needs to slide down the depth chart.
  2. Since he's been used out of position for much of the year, Bowles is probably thinking about using Sheldon Richardson on the o-line
  3. Uh oh. How long before we start hearing that Fitzy is getting "antsy" about not playing? He better not start stomping around on the sideline throwing water cups and clipboards everywhere, showing his frustrations.
  4. I heard even Goodell wasn't watching the game Monday night. Being reported that he was reading a book called, "How to Deliver a Head Butt", by Brian Winters
  5. Agree 100%. And I bet there were a few fans that really do care about the team, that had to shut it off anyway. It was that bad.
  6. I hear what you are saying. However, Bowles needs to take a big part of the blame as well. He was smart enough to realize that Pryor couldn't cover, so he used him at the line more. It was said at the time, that Bowles loved Lee at the draft and really wanted him. So if their plan all along was to use the SS in coverage more, that plan was doomed from the outset
  7. Hey Gas, the only 11-5 I can see, is the possible number of tight ends and qb's we'll be carrying by the end of the year.
  8. Don't think Pryor nessesarily needs to be benched. Just needs to play more in the box like he did last year. That's where he is most effective. This year, Bowles has been using him like Rex did, way too much in coverage. Gotta play to his strength.
  9. Congratulations to Super Bowl MVP Kellen Davis for his 8 catch, 3 TD performance
  10. Or, you could have Fitzpatrick insert the blade. No, better not. He'd probably miss and hit someone from the other team.
  11. To all the Geno fans that for the last year have been saying, "When Geno had been starting, he didn't have the weapons to work with that Fitzpatrick has". If he did he would have been at least as, if not more, effective than Fitzpatrick". IF, he fails. I don't want to hear: --his #2 receiver is hurt ---they are double teaming Marshall and the other receivers are young and inexperienced ---they really don't have a tight end ---the running game is non exsistent ----the offensive line is weak Geno needs to PUT UP OR SHUT UP
  12. On most losing teams, the most popular player on the team seems to be the backup quarterback. Everyone wants him in there. We go one better. We bypass #2, and crave #3.
  13. Best use of 4 tight ends and 4 qb's on a roster.......oh, forget it....
  14. They say teams tend to take on the personality of their coach. We have a laid back, show little emotion guy running our team. Unfortunately, that attitude is spreading. That's why it seems so unusual to see anyone showing any passion. How times have changed. A few years ago EVERYONE would have been furious at Geno's antics. Now, there are at least a few out there that appreciate any sign of life from anyone. Have we hit rock bottom yet?
  15. I was hoping that wouldn't come up. Bowles calls him his "hybrid" player. Think they did use Richardson a few times in that role near goal line a few years ago. Wouldn't put it past Bowles to try it again. Sheldon wins defensive rookie of the year a few years ago as a down lineman, now we play him everywhere but where he is best.
  16. Agree. Unfortunately, that might take a little time. Fullback can be added immediately.
  17. We obviously have problems everywhere with this team. One of the biggest disappointments has been the disappearance of the running game. Our offensive line has been unable to create any holes or forward push. Last year we had a punishing back in Chris Ivory, who was able to break many tackles and gain additional yards. We also had Tommy Bohanon as a fullback. I know he didn't get many snaps per game, but he was still useful in short yardage situations. This year we constantly go empty backfield, even in 3rd and 1 or 2. Forte and Powell are more finesse runners and might benefit from an extra blocker. Thoughts?
  18. Leberfeld reporting as his source, a man named Dean Wormer, that Woody Johnson has officially put Todd Bowles and Ryan Fitzpatrick on "double secret probation" Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  19. My sister texted me this morning. She was upset that she fell asleep and missed most of the game. I told her not to feel bad, so did the Jets. Quick side note. I discovered this site a few months ago. Enjoy reading the different thoughts and perspectives from everyone. While I obviously don't agree with everything you write, I greatly respect the passion with which you express it. Feel bad that I'm joining you at such a down time. But then again, when isn't it a down time?
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