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  1. OT If any of you Jets fans are coming to Cleveland for the Thursday Night Game, you are invited to come tailgate with GNATS Tailgaters. Below is an event link for Facebook. There is a fun video in the event from a few years ago when we hosted a group from the L7 Lot. Hope to see you all there Steve(Captain Weber) https://www.facebook.com/events/2048042338797648/
  2. Jets Fans, the time is approaching for you all to head to Cleveland to support your team. You are invited to tailgate with GNATS Tailgaters. A Facebook link to our event is below. There is a fun video in the event from the last time we hosted a group from the L7 lot. Our lot is friendly towards visiting fans. Don't let any horror stories from the Muni lot deter you from joining us for a great tailgate. That lot is on the south side of the Freeway, we are on the north side. https://www.facebook.com/events/2048042338797648/
  3. No, the Muni lot is on the other side of the freeway. We are located in the Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport Lot. Our group invites all visiting fans to tailgate. We are family and foe friendly. Hosted a large group from the L7 lot several years ago. Here is a Faceebook link to our event https://www.facebook.com/events/2048042338797648/
  4. Anyone going to Cleveland? You are welcome to come tailgate with GNATS Tailgaters.
  5. As always, GNATS Tailgaters extends a warm welcome to all Jets fans attending the game in Cleveland. Look us up on facebook. I will return later after the schedule is announced to extend another invite. You can see pics of previous Jets fans attending one of our tailgates on FB or the Web. https://www.facebook.com/GNATSTAILGATERS/?ref=bookmarks or on the web at http://gnatstailgaters.com/
  6. No parking pass needed, $35 to park 16 minute walk into stadium. If anyone is headed to Cleveland you are welcome to join GNATS Tailgaters in the Burke Airport Tailgate Lot. We are easy to find.
  7. If anyone is headed to Cleveland you are welcome to join GNATS Tailgaters in the Burke Airport Tailgate Lot. We are easy to find.
  8. If any of you are coming to Cleveland, look us up. You are all invited to tailgate with us. GNATStailgaters.com or find us on facebook GNATS Tailgaters. There will be more details as we get closer to game day. We hosted several Jets fans last year.
  9. Maxman we are a Browns Tailgate community that reaches out to all visiting teams , except pittsburgh. We invite any visiting fans to join us. Our tailgates are always AYCE and Drink. It is a fun way to meet other fans. We have a live DJ, corn hole tournament and loads of fun. I apologize for not seeking permission to post with a request for entry fee. We like to make it fun and simple in a safe environment for visiting fans. And a bonus for the ladies, we have real bathrooms not porta potties. GNATS Tailgaters is our facebook page feel free to check it out.
  10. Come join us Oct. 30th for our annual Halloween Tailgate. All you can eat Dirusso’s Italian Sausage and 1/5 Lb All Beef Hot dogs, all you can drink Beer/Beverages for $20 per person. We will also have an 8 team Corn Hole Tournament with cash prizes to the top 3 teams 80/60/20. Entry fee is $20 per team. We have a live DJ for all our music needs. All are welcome including Jets fans. Dress up in your favorite Halloween Costume, best costume wins a free admission to our 80’s tailgate in Nov. Send food/beer/beverage payment by paypal to sweber@oh.rr.com To
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