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  1. I am not a big fan of excuses, I did not make excuses for Fitz's bad play, won't do it for Geno either, sorry if that upsets you and makes you want me locked, dumped and banned.
  2. cool, you are entitled to your opinion, even though I disagree
  3. Get ready to be called garbage, a troll, and a horrible poster. I have been getting killed for saying the same thing.
  4. I troll because I said Fitz saved the day? and that deserves personal attacks? I don't even like Fitz, and cannot wait until we have better, but I gave the guy his due for leading the Jets to a win. I enjoyed seeing the Jets win today, what a terrible fan and human I am huh?
  5. Did not say he was awesome, said he saved the day, Geno Geno'd today, Fitz cleaned up his mess, that is all. Give the man his due.
  6. Wow, All of Geno's yards came from a short pass that Enuwa did the rest, yet he did better. Gotta love Jets fans, root against the Jets....
  7. Geno's yards came from 1 short pass to Enunwa that he took the house, be fair man, I know it must have sucked to watch the Jets win with Fitz at the helm, but hey, its still a win.
  8. That is not nice, I am a garbage poster because I say Fitz deserves his praise for leading the team to a win? You say Geno did well, and Fitz sucked, yet Fitz won the game. No need for personal attacks, its only football dude, its only a message board, I am entitled to my opinion. Jets won, I know that must have really sucked for you since Fitz led it.
  9. Must have really killed all the "Jets fans" watching Fitz lead the team back from the dead against the Ravens today, all the negative reps are pretty telling. How does it feel to root against your team?
  10. How was he terrible? Geno led the Jets to a 6 point deficit, and got himself injured, Fitz came in and they won the game, just be fair man. Its one game, its OK
  11. Wow, the hate is really strong, Fitz came in with a 6 point deficit, Jets won by 8, he did a good job, it was one game, give the guy his due.
  12. QR is a garbage stat, Enunwa got him his 135 QR, come on man, just be fair, that is all.
  13. If he played well, how did Fitz play? Geno:4/8 95 yards most of which were earned by Enunwa on a short pass Fitz: 9/14 120 yards, no first team reps Both had 1 TD. Serious ??
  14. Fitz has zero future here, but he cleaned up Geno's mess. The whole team outside of Enunwa looked uninspired while Geno was out there, they just don't like him. You could see as soon as Fitz got out there it all changed. Too bad Fitz does not have a real NFL arm
  15. Not trolling, just not sure how Geno played really well, he was his usual enigma self
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