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  1. bd71

    Joe being joe

    Can't just build through the draft Joe.
  2. Where's the big trades JD promised?
  3. With that contract this is a no brainer.
  4. Why not just stick with McGovern and spend on other needs? McGovern played well last season. He's only 28 years old. I just don't see a Center upgrade as a glaring need. If anything, draft a Center and groom him to replace McGovern at some point.
  5. Wait a minute clown, you're the one who dissected my post. I gave my explanation. Plain and simple unless you can't comprehend what that means.
  6. Bro it's my opinion. Sorry you disagree. I would take either. Prefer Ridley to Cooper. You prefer Cooper to Ridley.
  7. Also, not that i don't want Cooper on this team, but if I had the choice, I want Ridley. We don't know the cause of his mental health issue. People come back from mental health issues and are successful. Not that Cooper doesn't have his own problems. Ridley in 2020: 90 Rec, 1,374 Yds., 15.3 Avg., 9TD I'll roll the dice on that.
  8. Why? Because if he has his head on straight, he's a better WR than Cooper. Copper was the statistic equivalent of Corey Davis last season and he was on a better team! From what I read on this board, alot of people bitch about Davis. So would the team be better with another Corey Davis or a WR with more upside?
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