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  1. Hopefully no catchy phrases this season. That’s amateur. Time to put on his big boy pants and improve as a head coach.
  2. I did pay attention to football this season. Broncos offense was historically bad. The thing is, some people are better OC’s than HC’s. It’s a fact. The thread asked if I would support Hackett. I’m supporting him until he gives me a reason not to. If you want to bash the hire right from the start, then go ahead and do so.
  3. Ok. Well, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. Regardless how bad he was as a HC, I’m hoping he comes in and is an exceptional OC. Not going to bash the hire until he gives me a reason to.
  4. Giving him the benefit of the doubt that he’s a better coordinator than head coach.
  5. This team needs a QB that’s committed to playing. If AR is unsure, you move on and find someone else.
  6. I’m partial to the old Rex Ryan tattoo.
  7. Not a good UFA class. Mediocre WR’s are going to be overpaid. It’s too bad that Davis isn’t good because if he was even decent, he’d be a bargain.
  8. If JJ and Clemons are ready for full time duty, that lessens the blow of cutting Lawson and JFM. If Davis and Berrios are cut, the team still needs to replace them. Looking at the UFA list, nothing too inspiring from that list. Maybe a trade to replace Davis and Berrios? They can try and trade for Hopkins but I think he costs about $19M. Douglas needs to nail the draft again. He has to get at least 2 starters from the draft. On top of that, he’s going to have to spend to get a QB. Missing on Wilson has really put this team in a bind this offseason.
  9. Brady’s legacy is already set. I don’t think bringing a Supebowl to the team means a whole lot to him. He does have a son in NY so that’s an incentive to play for the Jets. Other than that, I’m sure Brady picks the team that gives him the best chance to compete for a Superbowl.
  10. There’s so much to consider here. NY is a tough market to play in. Whoever the Jets bring in to play QB, he should want to play here, and have the mental toughness to play in New York. Douglas and Co. needs to do their due diligence when making this decision.
  11. If the Giants give Barkley the Franchise Tag, Jones could hit the market. He had a good season and would have to be a consideration. All options have to be on the table this season. A viable QB makes the Jets a playoff team.
  12. If Davis and Berrios are cut for cap savings, might have to upgrade through the draft. Weak UFA class. Best available: D.J. Chark Marvin Jones Allen Lazard Jakobi Meyers JuJu Smith Schuster Mecole Hardman Paris Campbell There’s others but nothing else really stands out to me.
  13. No. Huge collapse the second half of the season. Poor clock management. It seems like Saleh continues to make the same mistakes and hasn’t learned from these mistakes. Since it looks like he’s coming back, there needs to be a drastic improvement or this has to be his last year.
  14. Carr is the seventh highest paid QB in the league, with an average salary of around $40M, right there with Prescott and Stafford. Just below those guys are Goff - $33M avg., Cousins -$33M avg., Wentz - $32M avg. Bottom line is if the Raiders aren’t able to trade Carr, he’s going to get paid anywhere between $32-$40M. Why not trade a late round pick and get a quality QB in here and start fixing other areas of this team.
  15. Looking at the UFA QB’s, Brady isn’t coming here, Geno isn’t coming here. Been there, done that with Darnold. Leaves the following UFA options: Jackson Mayfield Jones Heinecke Brissett Dalton Bridgewater Minshew MW Garoppolo Jarrett Stidham Cooper Rush There’s been a lot of talk on the board about Jones, Garopppolo, Minshew. I think the Giants retain Jones. Does Lamar Jackson get tagged? Garoppolo and Minshew are viable options, but both have question marks. It’s possible that Carr is the best option for this team unless Lamar Jackson somehow hits the market.
  16. Do the Jets lead the league in having the most players parents posting about the team on social media?
  17. Wilson hasn’t done anything to warrant talking trash. He should just keep his mouth shut. Sick of this kid. Sick of how much the coaching staff coddles him. If he wants to prove his doubters - play better. That’s it.
  18. Bottom line - Saleh’s soft. Not the type of guy I want coaching my team.
  19. Reich would be a good option. Name him OC and Assistant Head Coach.
  20. Unfortunately, I have a feeling this is what he’s going to say.
  21. So sick of hearing about Zack Wilson’s mother. He’s a bad QB. She’s starting to be a distraction. Time to move on from the Wilson family.
  22. I doubt our clown of an owner cleans house. I’m sure shortly after this game, we’ll read that he’s given this staff his full endorsement.
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