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  1. Oh No The thin skinned wittle camel jockey blocked me at Twitter Gonna be fun watching him get shltcanned when the putrid DN goes under in 2017
  2. Another terrific poisoned HC fruit from the Belly Ache tree Crennel, Weis, McDaniel, Mangini, prolly a few other flops I missed
  3. Doubt it After all according to Fatso "Da Giandz our a clazzy franghize not like dose Jedz clounze"
  4. Think Giant fan base will remain loyal to their team unlike the SOJF dozen wallowers
  5. What a great NFL weekend 4 games 4 routs by the home team Hope Odell Dreck-ham and his other Giant pals had a great pregame boat and ho s trip
  6. Lil Mikey's crush on his Geno is undiminished. Facts and stuff about the turd have no impact
  7. Great weekend of football so far. Fourth one sided mismatch arriving at 4 PM or so on FOX Thank God for Rangers vs Bluejackets last night
  8. Deal I have him on block/ignore on tapatalk I will try hard to be more vigilent about not responding Thanks
  9. So easy to needle I'll let you get back to what you do best Inciting arguments, ridiculing other Jet fans and derailing threads
  10. There he goes again... Unbelievable thread killer
  11. Game over Go Texans next weekend Break Brady in half
  12. Looking forward to Hack leading the Jets to the playoffs next season Will it finally shut up the Genoids and the SOJF12? Of course not But it will still be fun to watch
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