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  1. I didn't want my team broken down to this mess of no names . I'll bet you don't buy season tickets , Mr We Wanted This .
  2. Because no team has any stripped jerseys to match his prison wardrobe
  3. Now , explain to me how PSLs are a good investment ?
  4. Bowles is dead coach walking
  5. I hope Eric Decker didn't pay the rent for next season .
  6. Go back to your cubbie-hole in the Chicago backwoods
  7. Son of a batch !!!!!!! What the hell are they doing ? If I wanted to watch a non-NFL experienced group of muscle-bound yahoos , I would have purchased season tickets to Columbia .
  8. Crawl back in your foxhole .
  9. I think that's called a Baseball fetish .
  10. WOODY ; BRING REX BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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