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  1. 12 hours ago, Jetster said:

    My favorite is when Ralph was on some type of game show & Ed would warm up with a song that Ralph hated & it turns out to be the song & the question is who composed it.

    He can't believe he doesn't know it & says stammering Ed Norton? Lol.


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  2. 3 hours ago, SAR I said:

    I was deeply concerned about Bowles, now I'm getting deeply concerned about Maccagnan.

    Were any of his offseason moves good?  Lost Brick, lost Ivory, lost Snacks.  Free agent replacements hurt or not cutting it.  None of the young WRs stepping up to fill Decker's shoes.  Lee/Pryor not working.  Petty and Hackenberg [apparently] not qualified to improve the QB position.  Bowles looking like he's lost the locker room.

    Someone talk me off the ledge please.

    SAR I



  3. 1 hour ago, nyjunc said:

    Jet fans BOOED Chad when he got hurt in the 2007 opener.  jet fans did not like Chad by that point and most wanted Favre.  Certain fans on here still talk about favre more highly than Chad.

    I get the health frustration but when healthy he won and we easily win the div in 2008 w/ Chad.

    Chad was so much better than a washed-up Favre .

  4. 22 minutes ago, nyjunc said:

    obviously not all but most wanted Brett favre(who cost us a div title while Chad led a team w/ half our talent to a div title) b/c they were sick of Chad, Chad was not liked the last couple of years he was here.  

    The only one who wanted Favre was Woody , so he could sell jerseys . Chad was shafted .

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