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  1. On 11/6/2016 at 7:27 PM, Jetster said:

    When was the last time you truly hated the NY Jets? 

    This current team is easy to hate. I can't stand team right now. I can't stand to look at Bowles with his cigar store Indian act. I absolutely ABHOR Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets wasting time with him. I can't stand Chan Gailey, who has zero creativity, it's like I was transported back to the 1990s with his inside handoff for 1 yard, inside handoff for 1 yard, 3rd & 8, punt. I found it hilarious that he was so afraid to let Petty throw it in the redzone but they bring Fitz back in & he literally closes his eyes & throws a pick to a Miami defender with not a Jet in sight.

    I hate our new 85 million dollar man Mo Wilk, or the invisible man as I like to call him. I hate Kacey Rogers with a passion. I hate Calvin Pryor. I hate the fact we're paying David Harris 8 million dollars (I don't hate Harris but he's done as an NFL player). I hate Revis & his ole tackling, I hate Skrine who literally holds on every play, I hate Sheldon Richardson & his stupid comments, I hate Marcus (Charmin) Williams, I hate Woody Johnson, especially when he wears his Jet hat with a suit on. 

    I really hate this whole group but for a few youngsters. I hate the fact that Marshall, Decker & Mangold lobbied for the worst QB in football, stunting the growth of a guy like Petty. Nick Foles @ 1.8 million would have been a better decision than Fitz who will still cost us 5 million on 2017s salary cap.

    I don't even know who our special teams coach is but does he know you can squib kick if you think your kicker can't get it to the endzone. I've seen Belichick do that a few times in close games, I'm sure Ernie Adams figured, don't give up a big return. 

    I hate this team as much as I've ever hated some of the worst Jet regimes. Herm (barbecue) Edwards, Bruce Coslet, Rexs last year. I can't even put Rich Kotite in the mix because his team fought like hell, and he discovered Chrebet.

    This is for sure one of the unlikeable Jet teams in history. It's amazing with this group of misfits that we're right up against the salary cap! You can see there's too many players here that don't give a sh*t, well neither do I. Like others here I'm not even watching unless they move on to Petty. I hope there's 30,000 empty seats next weak if Fitz gets the start.

    It's more of a huge disappointment ; like when you don't get the fire truck for Christmas .

  2. 16 hours ago, j4jets said:


    Taunting? More like celebrating a good play. And then that flag on Antonio Allen's offside.

    The NFL ought to change its name to NPL. 

    What college coach taught these imbeciles to dance and celebrate after EVERY tackle ? This is the ME ME ME generation and IT SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. 32 minutes ago, Charlie Brown said:

    Interesting this is not on Bowles!!

    Why hasn't anyone mentioned our DC Kacy Rodger!!!!!!

    Kacy Rodger is AWFUL!!!!

    Bowles has had to step in and help him and he doesn't command the respect of the players!!!!

    How is it possible that this guy still has a job???????

    We have a defensive coordinator ? Could've fooled me !!!

  4. 5 hours ago, Jetfan13 said:

    Agreed no guarantee we would have won the game, but once again Uncle Walt Coleman's officiating squad f@@ks us in the u know where. How do you make that call to begin with? Not reviewable I guess. But lets continue. The taunt against Pryor? Really? give me a break. I am getting sick of ANY SPORT. with refs, the players bust their ass so some insurance salesman can screw them out of a game...

    The call against Pryor was correct . Pryor is a JACKASS . When are these clowns going to make a tackle and go back to the huddle without a song and dance ?

  5. 7 hours ago, Maxman said:

    I don't blame the coach for benching them. It is a circus and he has to reign it in, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt (no idea what they did).

    The penalties though. You have Calvin lecturing Sheldon on the field and a personal foul after he just got one. Can't make that up...

    The inmates have taken over the asylum .

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