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  1. 4 hours ago, SAR I said:

    The "leaving early" phenomenon, I watch this very closely, I don't like it either, I have first row seats so I have a clear look at who is leaving on the lower level and around me in the mezzanine.

    The people getting into the stadium late and leaving early are the very "hardcore" fans that there are fewer of and you regret having reduced in numbers.  They have too much fun drinking.  So they party too hard in the morning at the tailgate, stumble to security at 1:05, wait on line to piss, and get to their seats by 1:20.  Then during the game, they do the up to get a beer, up to piss it out, up to get a beer, up to piss it out 3x or 4x, and by the fourth quarter they realize they can't get any more beer and their buzz is subsiding, they don't know what's going on on the field, they wish they were home napping on the couch, and they leave early to clean up their tailgate mess and beat the traffic back home.

    Point being, the fans that disappoint you because they arrive late and leave early are the so-called older hardcore ones, not the youngsters messing with their iPhone's.

    SAR I

    When do you have time to watch the game , Mr Football ?

  2. On 10/31/2016 at 1:23 PM, ASH1962 said:

    I heard Greg Buttle the homer say something so stupid last night on the post game to the effect that the CS is saving Powell for later on in the season. I almost crashed my car when I heard that! If this is even remotely true, I would love to know the rationale behind this.

    That's not the first stupid thing that Buttle has said . Buttle is the ultimate HOMER . He has chapped lips from kissing Woody's ass .

  3. 2 hours ago, SAR I said:

    Old Time Fans:  Yes, they were loyal fans.  They had it great for 30 years.  Now it's our turn.  Be happy for us.  You have the right to complain in 2040 which is the year that I'd have been in great seats for the length of time that you were.  That's the date that we start to see some unfairness.  Until then, we deserve your seats.

    Stadium Debt:  Who cares?  The team is not in default.  My ticket prices increased $5 in 8 years.  If Woody makes more money and it allows him to continue to make the Jets a first-class player-friendly organization for which we can attract top free agent and coaching talent, great.

    Single Game PSL Tickets:  Unlike you, I am not full of resentment, I'm not selfish.  I paid a fair price for PSL's in 2009 and I am content.  If new fans get single games with no PSL fee, I'm good with it, the more Jets fans the better, if it helps young fans join the family, even better.

    Opposing Teams:  This is a fact of live in the United States now and it has nothing to do with the Jets or their fanbase.  I'm sure you saw what went down in Cleveland the past two days, the joint was 50% Cubs fans off Stubhub in a stadium full of fans starving for a World Championship since 1948.

    PSL Success:  The stadium is filled with more Jets fans than ever in our history, we lead the AFC in attendance for 7 consecutive years, besides some scattered seats the PSL process was a rousing success.  What you have in the stadium today are fans grateful for the opportunity to finally have seats in our own name.  What used to be there wasn't grateful for anything, they had a feeling of entitlement, of privalege, and it was unfair.  That's been corrected.  It's our turn now.  Enjoy the couchlist.  You can complain in 2040 when you've paid your dues for the 30 years of easy-living and free tickets Leon Hess provided you.

    SAR I


    SAR 1 has GOT to be on the Jets payroll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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