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  1. You'll never be anything but an old curmudgeon .
  2. Try going to a game instead of whining about the team .
  3. As we begin to gear up for the 2017 season, opening at home for our first preseason game on August 12, we have three important announcements to share:Variable Pricing – As announced in the 2017 season ticket renewal package we sent in March, variable pricing will continue for the upcoming season. Variable pricing assigns different price categories to individual games within your season ticket package which better reflects the value of and expected demand for each game. To view the full variable pricing breakdown, click here. Do we look stupid ; the total price of the season ticket remains the same . DUH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Go back to the Windy City and take a dump in your Army helmet .
  5. Go back to your Cubbies foxhole.
  6. Enough of this Ramirez character . What does Terry see in him ?
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