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  1. The Jets fired the trainer because of all the hamstring injures, so what do they do, hire his assistant. The result, predictable. Gase is just a moron, this proves it.
  2. If you have any questions about woody Johnson the man, it was the day he took over the Jets that Parcels resigned as coach and started dismantling the team as GM, and the next day Belecheat resigned as head coach, the reason, wj
  3. How about an offensive lineman who struggles with pass blocking ? But if there\s another Louisville Slugger that would be hard to resist !
  4. Darnold is an excellent QB who would bring a huge return in a trade, but if the Jets have the number one pick in next years draft you take TL, the guy is another Mahomes, I can't imagine the Jets being the worst team in the NFL this year, but teams like the Lions and Cowboys, somebody should tank for this guy, he's going to blow people away.
  5. Play calling had a lot to do with his failure last season, Gase ruined his season with predictable play calling and his constant 3rd down runs behind Beach who can not block, everyone knew what play Gase was calling, its his main liability as a coach and the reason Miami fans hate him, along with most Jet fans.
  6. One thing to remember is that Lewis is a good player but fragile, he will last 4. - 6 maybe 8 games, at that point you probably see two rookies starting.
  7. Barkley went number 2. in the league for a reason, and Derrick Henry was MVP of some very recent and impressive playoff victories, and Lamar Jackson is a RB who can also throw the football, and a TE for the Patriots dominated the league in a way we probably haven't seen a tight end dominate before, Wille Parker completely dominated a post season not all that long ago. You don't need high priced RBs or draft them high, they just need to dominate. Marshawn Lynch was the reason for the season in Seattle, no one else.
  8. Are you talking value as in money or to a team on the field ? I can name instances where a RB was MVP for a team throughout post season and MVP winning the Super Bowl more than one. - kinda like Bavaro winning a SB MVP and becoming a legend, low value legend ? lol
  9. Impact is determined by performance on the field, not position, again you are buying into a myth, the weakest link theory proves it.
  10. Jets organizational structure was set up as a 50 / 50, I think Douglas made sure he got 100%. That said, most GM's missed it on Mahomes, Bills actually traded the pick to the Chiefs, Mahomes talent was obvious to the chiefs coach and that is why they traded up for him.
  11. great version of a great song, Marley was played on NY radio all the time, his is another voice we could really use in this time, like Lennon, Ali, moving the world forward.
  12. Sure hope not, but it doesn't look good, its not like a knee which legitimately could take two years to heal, if a groin is not healed in a year, it just doesn't look good, see Arian Foster.
  13. Bowles and Rex had a lot to do with those picks, if Bowles wanted Mahomes, Mac would have taken him.
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