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  1. On 8/13/2020 at 7:59 AM, nyjunc said:

    Bill Parcells resigned as HC of the Jets on January 3, 2000

    Bill Belichick resigned as HC of the Jets on January 4, 2000

    Woody Johnson bought the Jets on January 11, 2000

    Just so you know the truth - it was announced a few days earlier just as it always 

    is when a purchase is agreed to in principle, why are people on this site so stupid?


    Why must people make things up?


  2. On 8/5/2020 at 3:22 PM, jetscrazey said:

    The guy showed upwTTTLards progression in every major statistical category from Year 1 to Year 2, with a bottom 5 O-line and a below average receiver group.

    Yeah, the mono thing sucked.  The MNF mic'd up moment sucked.  But people are talking about this guy like he regressed in year 2 when he actually improved in every area, at age 23.

    And now we're talking about jumping ship on him and drafting a brand new guy if a COVID affected season doesn't go well?  It's the stupidest thing I've heard in a while.

    Darnold is an excellent QB who would bring a huge return in a trade, but if the Jets have the number one pick in next years draft you take TL, the guy is another Mahomes, I can't imagine the Jets being the worst team in the NFL this year, but teams like the Lions and Cowboys, somebody should tank for this guy, he's going to blow people away.


  3. 14 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

    I was on board with the signing for sure.  But I didn’t realize how much of his burst he lost in the year off.  

    Wether I liked the signing or not doesn’t make it a good one.  Bottom line is, he’s too slow to be an effective NFL RB anymore.  I don’t care what type of game he had.

    Play calling had a lot to do with his failure last season, Gase ruined his season with predictable play calling and his

    constant 3rd down runs behind Beach who can not block, everyone knew what play Gase was calling, its his main

    liability as a coach and the reason Miami fans hate him, along with most Jet fans.

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  4. On 8/5/2020 at 8:03 AM, Sarge4Tide said:

    With Winters gone, there are now only 4 realistic starting offensive line combos (barring injury, illness, or some other bad outcome)

    OPTION 1

    LT - Becton
    LG - Lewis
    C - McGovern
    RG - Van Roten
    RT - Fant

    OPTION 2

    LT - Becton
    LG - Van Roten
    C - McGovern
    RG - Lewis
    RT - Fant

    OPTION 3

    LT - Fant
    LG - Lewis
    C - McGovern
    RG - Van Roten
    RT - Becton

    OPTION 4

    LT - Fant
    LG - Van Roten
    C - McGovern
    RG - Lewis
    RT - Becton

    One thing to remember is that Lewis is a good player but fragile, he will last 4. - 6 maybe 8 games, at that point

    you probably see two rookies starting.

  5. 3 hours ago, slats said:

    Running backs used to be drafted #1 overall, too, while offensive linemen made a fraction of what they made, but that's changed completely since Mark Bavaro won a Super Bowl MVP award. Now it's unusual for RBs to go in the first round and they make chump change compared to an OT. Why? Because the league figured out that RBs are essentially interchangeable as long as you have a solid offensive line.  

    Barkley went number 2. in the league for a reason, and Derrick Henry was MVP of some very recent and impressive playoff victories, and Lamar Jackson is a RB who can also throw the football, and a TE for the Patriots dominated the league in a way we probably haven't seen a tight end dominate before, Wille Parker completely dominated a post season not all that long ago.

    You don't need high priced RBs or draft them high, they just need to dominate.

    Marshawn Lynch was the reason for the season in Seattle, no one else.


  6. 2 hours ago, slats said:

    Safety and RB are low valued positions because of the nearly unlimited supply of guys who are 5'10-6'1", 200-230 lb. and run in the 4.55 range looking for a job in the NFL. The dropoff from a great RB or safety to an average one is not nearly as significant as the dropoff in all of the positions listed above with maybe the exception of guard. TE's get a raw deal, IMHO. I'm not putting major resources into either position, neither draft picks or money. Mac spent the #6 overall on a safety, which is dumb. Paying him would've compounded the dumbness. Joe Douglas corrected the mistake with his trade. Expect Bell to be shopped then cut for similar reasons. 

    Are you talking value as in money or to a team on the field ? I can name instances where a RB was MVP for a team throughout post season and  MVP winning the Super Bowl

     more than one. - kinda like Bavaro winning a SB MVP and becoming a legend, low value legend ? lol







  7. 22 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Tell NFL GMs that, because when you follow the money, your statement is 100 % false.  Not a myth at all.


    Position Franchise Tag Transition Tag
    QB $26,824,000 $24,837,000
    WR $17,865,000 $15,680,000
    DE $17,788,000 $15,184,000
    CB $16,338,000 $14,197,000
    DT $16,126,000 $13,143,000
    LB $15,828,000 $13,767,000
    OL $14,781,000 $13,505,000
    S $11,441,000 $9,860,000
    TE $10,607,000 $9,117,000
    RB $10,278,000 $8,483,000
    ST $5,019,000 $4,559,000


    And the median S, TE and RB salaries are even further away from the top paid positions.  

    Impact is determined by performance on the field, not position, again you are buying into a myth, the weakest link theory proves it.

  8. 22 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Macc was supposed to be billed as a talent evaluator.  He and a team of scouts spend nearly a full calendar year assessing these prospects while the HC is busy coaching his team.

    It is up to the GM to make the proper picks, regardless of the HC's wishes.  Period.  That's what GM's get paid big money to do.  

    Jets organizational structure was set up as a 50 / 50, I think Douglas made sure he got 100%.  That said, most GM's missed it on Mahomes, Bills actually traded the pick to the Chiefs, Mahomes talent was obvious to the chiefs coach and that is why they traded up for him.

  9. 4 hours ago, batman10023 said:

    Is his a career ending injury?  I did not think so. 

    Sure hope not, but it doesn't look good, its not like a knee which legitimately could take two years to heal, if a groin is not healed in a year, it just doesn't look good, see Arian Foster.

  10. 13 minutes ago, predator_05 said:


    It's a salary cap league. You have to carefully choose the positions you commit your dollars to. 



    If we're trying to be as honest as possible - and completely disregarding hyperbole and nuance - then we could simply say that all non-quarterback positions are 'non-premium' or 'low-value'. 


    The sky-high value of QB contracts in relation to other positions is evidence of this. It wouldn't be wrong. It would be (kind of) unfair, but not wrong. 


    Realistically though, there are tiers. In order of value, on either side of the ball: those closest to the QB, to those furthest from the QB.

    This is what we see from the more successful GMs. They build 'inside-out'. 


    Maccagnan and Idzik forgot this when they picked a safety in the first round when rebuilding the team (pryor, adams). This is why they were sh*tty, incompetent GMs. 

    Bowles and Rex had a lot to do with those picks, if Bowles wanted Mahomes, Mac would have taken him.

  11. 13 hours ago, predator_05 said:


    Ed Reed and polamalu served as cogs within a strong defensive machine. While they played an important role, the defense was never built around them. Their success was largely a reflection of their defensive unit's overall solidity and consistent play-making. 

    For example, Polamalu played on a defense featuring James harrison, james farrior, casey hampton, lamarr woodley, foote, ike taylor...etc. This defense was absolutely stacked. Was polamalu a difference maker? In some games, yes...but i could easily make the case that they would have been successful without him. 

    Safeties don't give you the advantageous game-changing plays that a cornerback, linebacker or edge rusher would. The nature of their position is reactive; they clean up mistakes as the last line of defense. They are, at best, obstacles at the 2nd level.

    Ed reed and sean taylor were incredibly rare because they provoked turnovers, but it takes a rare talent to play the position the way they did. Most don't have it. 99% of safeties - incl. elite ones - offer rangy coverage but little to no playmaking outside of what's schemed. And this is the category jamal adams falls into. He's not gonna turn games in your favor, it's not his fault...that's the limitation of the position, and his talent level. 


    Safety is a low value position. As is Tight end. And running back. I'd take a good o-lineman or defensive tackle over those positions. They play for longer and you can build around them. 

    There are no low value positions, that is a myth, 

  12. 1 hour ago, Untouchable said:

    They should have him giving blood to everyone in the facility.

    This might just be the edge we’ve been seeking 

    I saw a movie like that where they took blood from a guy because there was no more water on earth and could conver blood to water, in the movie the guy died instantly, hopefully Jenkins has not seen this movie.

  13. 32 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

    He's pretty amazing if you ask him actual football questions. But instead we get Manish asking him twice how he can become a better leader because Adams says he is shiite, and all sorts of useless questions. I might revoke Manish's press credentials if I was them. He goes too far. Leberfield sometimes asks douche like questions but sometimes good ones. Manish is just awful.

    Manish is the reason I don't pay $1.50 a month for the Daily News, life is better without Manish.

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  14. 19 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

    The Seahawks just traded two 1st round picks for a guy who wants $20M per year and can't wake up for a 7AM flight?



    Seahawks GM John Schneider:

    Parks And Recreation Reaction GIF

    Thats a good point, a true professional would want to be in the new facility for a crash course on the new defense, and appreciate that he is making what like 12m for two years work in Seattle, he's starting to sound like a diva wr and is now one step away from being a distraction, a problem that will significantly deflate his value and rep.

  15. 7 hours ago, kdels62 said:

    Fun fact: when the Jets signed Gase and Adams posted about it on Instagram, Devon Godchaux, DL on the dolphins commented saying, “you got yourself a real one.” Damning words.

    Gase is so wonderful he seems to have almost universal support among Jet fans, all those championships he's added what 4 Lombardi's to the collection, top offense every year, he's on the same level as Walsh, makes Holgrem look like an idiot.

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